isitandwonder replied to your post “Unsurprisingly, Moffat disagrees with critics who have suggested that…”

Really? I thought the ratings were the lowest ever?

The overnight ratings, yep. I think he means that consolidated ratings and sharing were good (and that consolidated ratings are more important than overnight ratings, as he often says). Actually, the ratings of TFP are similar to those of TLD, only slightly lower, but pretty lower than those of TST. Here are S4 ratings.

TST: 8.1m overnights, 11.3m consolidated

TLD: 6m overnights,  9.53m consolidated

TFP: 5.9m overnights, 9.5m consolidated

But what about the other seasons? Here are the averages of the four season.

Season 1: 8.36m

Season 2: 10.23m

Season 3: 11.82m

Season 4: 10.12m

Make your own conclusions. What made me really roll my eyes was the assumption that because people watched it that means that they liked it. The “voice of the audience” is not just ratings…


Never Ever M/V Views: 12m / Flight Log: Arrival Physical Sales: 149.000


Schilt P4 flamethrower

Manufactured c.1917-18 based on the previous Portable series started in 1915.
8L capacity gasoline tank, 10-12m effective range, 5mn long fuse, spring-loaded lever trigger.

A much more bulky design than its German counterpart, but with a very sexy lance. The P series was derived from the larger static Schilt No1 and No2 flamethrowers.


B-VI-307 underwater pistol

Designed by Dmitry Shiryaev in the late 60′s.
7,62mm proprietary flechette rounds, four-barrel cluster, top break double action, ~12m lethal range against a standard diving suit.

The predecessor to Vladimir Simonov’s SPP-1 underwater pistol, the B-VI-307 was probably the first effective underwater handgun to be developed. Its successor did away with the sorta-rocket cartridges and was overall much simpler and cheaper to produce.

We Were Gods - Chapter 4

Pulling Strings; Meet Ariadne

FROM: Medusa [snakesonthehead@gmail.com]
TO: Theseus [thebeastslayer@gmail.com]
I don’t think Ariadne would ever tell you, but her birthday is May fifth.
Don’t fuck it up.

Information like that has the potential to drive someone insane.

Theseus blinks several times before he reads the message again.

And again.

He’s disgusted with sweat that clings like a fine, wet sheen on his skin; it glues the thin fabric of his shirt to his neck and shoulders. He takes a long gulp out of his bright neon yellow plastic bottle - half water, half isotonic - before he continues with his running session.

thebeastslayer: just in case anyone thinks looking this good is easy, here’s a photo of me #takingashower (12m ago)

thegirlwiththethread: @thebeastslayer, I’d say flawless as usual (11m ago)

snakesonthehead: @thegirlwiththetread girl you have it hard (8m ago)

huntressofthewoods: @thebeastslayer are you doing a competition with @thesun again? (8m ago)

Orpheus: @thebeastslayer Everyone needs to believe in something and I believe I’ll have another drink #Humphrey Bogart (2m ago)

“Mum bought you earrings again. Pearls.”

Ariadne rolls her eyes, provoking, and pushes the comb through her straight hair with more force than necessary. Perfect white teeth bite down on the soft cushion of her pink underlip while her hands are busied to tie the long strands of her hair in a complicated looking knot.

Asterion watches from the other side of his room, frozen on the childish office chair their parents bought him years ago; his fingernails drill in the ripped cotton that’s washed and bleached down to a hideous sea-green by now. His eyes never leave his sister’s body - how she sways, how she bends, how she fucking moves  -

He wants to chain her up. Strap her. Strip her. Cut and purge and caress her wild-kissed brown skin that glistens golden and warm as soon as stray sun-rays cast their bright shine on her. He wants to bite down in the soft flesh of her thighs and choke on the blood that he will taste there. He wants to moan. To unravel her. To rip the delicate layer of her skin with his bare hands. He wants to fuck her, to control her, to trust into her, deeper and deeper, he wants to -

“Do you think Theseus will gift me something?”

Asterion blinks.

Ariadne has turned around and faces him, her lips shiny and luscious and pink.
Ariadne, his sister.

He swallows.

Turn on the tv!


Turn it on!

I swear to God Medi
if it’s the trailer of the new
Orange is the New Black season again…

Oh for fucks sake Ariadne just turn the tv on!



sex&drugs&wine: scientifically it’s really fucked up that humans drink the milk of another animal when we make our own (23m ago)

sex&drugs&wine: i’ve never seen an elephant sucking on a cow for milk (23m ago)

thegirlwiththethread: @sex&drugs&wine how high are you? (5m ago)

sex&drugs&wine: @thegirlwiththetread yes (2m ago)

Ariadne sighs. She tries to get her brother’s attention while waving her phone in his general direction.

“Is Dionysus crashing at Hypnos’ place again?”

“It’s Saturday, where else would he be?”
Her brother doesn’t turn around, his eyes still fixed on the screen where his current ego-shooter game is flashing in different bright shades.

“Why are you even playing this?” She asks at the same time he puts a bullet through a zombie’s head. She observes the way he tenses, the way how he grits his teeth and when he answers, it’s low and raw and dangerous.

“Because not everyone can be a hero, little sis. Sometimes you need to be the monster you are meant to be.”

She can’t find the words to disagree so she rises, puts a kiss on his cheek and breaths into his neck while her hands are caressing his jet black hair.

flowersinmyhair: Can’t sleep. Can’t figure out how waffle fries are made. I think I need ice-cream. (30m ago)

thegirlwiththethread: @flowersinmyhair have you tried a deep fryer already? (27m ago)

snakesonthehead: @thegirlwiththethread @flowersinmyhair trust her, there’s nothing Ari doesn’t know (24m ago)

flowersinmyhair: @thegirlwiththethread :D :D :D (14m ago)

godoftheunderworld: @girlwiththethread @snakesonthehead don’t encourage her please (8m ago)

Sometimes she dreams of being dead.

It’s not as horrible as it sounds; a grave may be dark but a grave is silent, a grave doesn’t judge, a grave doesn’t care if you’ve put enough make up on your face or if your dress is long enough to cover your thighs but short enough to show your knees.

A grave simply is.

Instead she wakes in the mornings and is too exhausted to try living again.

Hey Medi, wanna go to Ikea on Sunday?

Sure, anything special in mind?

How about we hide in the closets
and wait until customers walk be.
When they do we walk out and say
‘I’m back from Narnia’ :))

I love you.
This is why we’re best friends.

FROM: Hephaistos [hammer_man@gmail.com]

TO: Asterion [the_minotaur@gmail.com]


You should have stayed until the party started. You missed out the best parts. Also, your sister missed you. I made a picture when she opened your present. She liked yours the most - thought you’d want to know.

There is Ariadne looking down on the small silver wrapped present in her hand, the paper carefully picked apart. A golden ring glimmers between her delicate brown fingers but that’s not what catches Asterion’s breath and pushes it down his lungs again.

It’s her face.

The smile on her lips is utterly sincere, bright and cheerful and loving.

Something in the center of Asterion’s body aches.

“Yeah”, he whispers softly to the vast darkness of his room.
Ariadne still smiles brightly from the picture on his phone.


Frommer Patent Pisztoly 12M ‘Stop’ pistol

Manufactured by Fegyver es Gepgyar in Budapest, Hungary c.1917 for the Austro-Hungarian army.
7,65mm/.32ACP, 7-rounds removable box magazine, semi-automatic, long recoil.

Austria and Hungary’s service pistol. That’s at least one thing they did right.

i fucking love physics book comparisons “you’re playing catch with your friend. the ball comes at you at 20m/s. Except now imagine it’s not a ball. It’s a grenade. You run away at 12m/s but it’s still coming towards you at 8m/s. ok so now it’s a super laser. cant run from light, bitch”

Molinere Bay - Grenada

Construction on the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park began in 2006, shortly after a hurricane devastated the bay, wiping out much of the tropical reefs. The park is made up of 65 sculptures, that now aid in relieving pressure on the remaining natural reefs in the area. With an average depth of 12m, the bay is popular with snorkelers & divers, and is easily accessible from Grenada’s capital city, St Georges, by boat.

The most famous of the sculptures, Vicissitudes, depicts 26 children holding hands in a ring, facing into the current. The ring symbolises lifes ongoing cycle, and the importance of preserving the environment for future generations.