Fans of Saint-Étienne (French football team) waved Palestinian flags during last night’s match against Beitar Jerusalem - an Israeli team who refuse to sign Arab players. You’ll be pleased to know Saint-Étienne knocked them out on the pitch too, winning 2-1 on aggregate. 

See also: Celtic fans raise over £100k for charity after UEFA fined them for waving Palestinian flags


Marquette Trail 100k Race Report.

This one’s going to be all over the place and long.

First, a disclaimer. The pics are from our day after recovery hike up Sugarloaf. Those sections of trail were much more wet on Saturday. but you get the idea. Also a common question. Why is it called the Marquette Trail 50 if you ran the 100k/62 miles? Well, my best guess is because the 100k only debuted last year. The 50 mile and 50k have been around a lot longer.

Pre-Race- Possibly the biggest stressor leading into the race (besides the weather forecast) was knowing that the race started at 1230 a.m. and it was going to be tough to get some sleep because 1) I’m a terrible napper and 2) I know I’d be too anxious to get a few hours of sleep before the race. Both turned out to be true. In the end I got about 1 hour of sleep between 7 a.m. on 08/19 and 10 p.m. on 08/20. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel all that tired until late Saturday night. I guess that’s adrenaline for you.

The weather- Even 10 days out the forecast showed rain for race day and it never budged. It rained and sometimes poured from approx. 6:30 a.m. to the moment I crossed the finish line (and even beyond). Marquette got about 2" of rain on race day. The weather definitely made an extreme event even more epic. I was soaked almost all day. It didn’t pay to change socks, shoes or anything else because the replacement would have been soaked in a matter of minutes. This was a great reminder from the race director the day before the race, “Again, a concern will be that conditions on the trail will be wet and challenging in the rain. Some sections may be EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS with slippery rocks, roots, and boardwalks… The steep climbs and descents may be quite treacherous. Use good judgement and be cautious, as taking risks or having an accident could have severe consequences. Realize if you are injured it may take emergency responders a long time to rescue you, depending on where you are and when you are found. Even with the temperatures in the 60s. If you are wet for an extended period of time, then you may become hypothermic. Stopping at aid stations can cause your body temperature to drop rapidly. Consider carrying a light jacket for the rain or garbage bag (to be converted in to a poncho)… Consider caring a cell phone.

Bonehead move of the race- Guess who forgot their awesome rain jacket at home? Yep, that was me. So I made due with a $2 rain poncho, but surprisingly it held up and did the job. I wore it for the final 20 mile loop and I’m pretty sure it saved me from hypothermia.

The course- I’m having a hard time finding the right words to describe just how hard this race course is. Technical, rocky, rooty, 7000ft of climbing, just brutal and relentless. Add in the mud and water just for extra fun. The 100k consisted of 2- 11 mile loops (one clockwise, one counter clockwise) and 2- 20 mile loops (one counter clockwise and one clockwise). The 11 mile loops were hard especially since they were run in the dark, but the 20 mile loops had segments I can only describe as extreme. On the 20 mile loops we had the climbs up SugarLoaf, Bareback, Top of the World and Hogback. I can’t believe I did each one twice. Hogback definitely takes the award for most extreme but the views from the top even in the rain clouds were awesome. There were a few spots where you had to keep 3 points of contact on the rocks in order to not fall several feet to a certain broken bone (think class 3 scrambling). At the top of all of these climbs are these massive boulders that became pretty slippery when wet. Route finding was also pretty challenging up there but the race staff did a great job with flags, cairns, and ribbons hanging from tree branches. Of course on my first ascent of Hogback it was probably raining the hardest it had been all day. It was crazy. There were also very runnable sections of the course, especially amongst the pine trees on the Lake Superior coast, but you didn’t go long before you were back into the rocks and roots. Somehow, I have no idea how, I did not have a bad fall all day and I only rolled my ankle once. Overall, this course was amazing and the trails are definitely some of my all time favorites. Amazing in its beauty with the climbs and views of Lake Superior and amazing with its challenges.

Running in the dark- Miles 1 to approx. mile 24 were run completely in the dark. My light worked well, but let me tell you this. Running 6 hours in the dark is incredibly difficult. The course was perfectly marked and I still made 4 wrong turns. Thankfully, I quickly realized I made a mistake and backtracked to get back on course. It did get a little lonely out there. There were times when I was running with a few others but the majority of the night was spent completely alone. Only 35 people started the 100k so it didn’t take long for things to get spread out. Remember the quote, “The night is darkest just before the dawn,” well I can now say that it’s definuitely true. Towards the end of lap 2 of the 11 mile loop I was feeling pretty awful both mentally and physically. I’d be lying if I didn’t have thoughts of quitting the race once I reached the Forestville Aid Station which is also the start/finish line you see 3x before it’s the actual finish line. My legs felt like bricks and I kept questioning how the hell I was going to run another 40 miles. I was also questioning how I thought I could run 62 miles just 25 days after Ironman Lake Placid. Part of me actually was hoping I’d make a wrong turn, get lost in the woods and then I’d have an excuse to end my race. Not my proudest moment. So I got to Forestville, actually sat in a chair at the aid station for a few minutes and drank a cup of Coke. I was 5ft from the guy who was keeping track of runner’s numbers and actually watched a guy walk up and quit. I don’t know what happened but at that very moment I decided to get up and keep moving. I know one of the things that kept popping in my head was how much I’d hate myself for quitting especially since I didn’t have a good reason. I was uncomfortable. That’s it. No injury, no serious issue. Plenty of time to finish this thing. I had to keep going so that’s what I did. I went from defeated to determined in a matter of minutes. It’s cheesy but one of the things I had stuck in my head was from the pre-race meeting at Leadville last year. Ken Choubler made everyone in the gym repeat several times, “I commit I will not quit.” That became my mantra for those next few hours.

20 mile loop #1- One thing I did from the Sugarloaf aid station (mile 26) on was ditch Tailwind and move to real food. I think it was one of the best decisions I made all day. My body just operates better on real food. My menu consisted mainly of PB&J on bread and tortillas, bananas, orange slices, a few cookies, pickles, water and most importantly Coca-Cola! At this point I really started just breaking the race down…get to 50k, get to the start/finish line aid station at mile 42, etc. That helped. Again, the Hogback ascent on the first loop was just crazy. So steep, so technical which equaled a very slow pace. That was probably my slowest mile of the race. Actually, I take that back going down that same way on lap #2 was even slower. I actually ran quite a bit of miles 35-42 with the same guy. That was probably the first time all day I actually talked with someone. It was kind of nice to share in the misery of the weather. As we neared the 42 mile mark he kind of surprised me when he said there was no way he was going back for lap #2. At this point it was raining even harder and the trails were really starting to get muddy. But I was in a pretty good place. I’m not sure how. I was cold, wet but looking forward to seeing my Dad at the aid station and then getting back out there for the final 20 miles.

My lucky day- As I was running into the aid station I was meeting some 100k and 50 mile runners heading back for their second lap. A few of them had trekking poles. Then the light went on in my head. My pair of trekking poles were in my car parked 100 yds from the aid station. I didn’t bring them for the race I just happen to keep them in my car for some reason. As soon as I saw my Dad I had him go get them. In the end they ended up being a huge help especially on the slippery rocks and steep downhills. My Dad gave me some great encouragement, I finally put on my cheap poncho to help trap some body heat and I was off for the final 20 miles. My Dad asked how long I thought it was going to take to do the final miles. I won’t lie it hurt a little when I said “If I’m lucky around 7 hours.”

20 mile loop #2- The best part of the early part of lap #2 was meeting several other runners heading in the other direction. This is where ultra-runners are just the best. Every single person I met offered some encouragement and I did the same back. It was pretty cool. I think the 100k runners (yellow bibs instead of white) got a little more love because people knew we’d been out there all night. On our way back up Hogback for the second time I ran a bit with Jason from Rhode Island. We actually laughed at just how crazy it was what we were doing. Sliding down massive, slippery rocks on our butts just trying to stay upright. As awesome as the other runners were the volunteers throughout the course were even better. They stood out there all day in the rain to make sure we had everything we needed at aid stations and were able to cross roads safely. Speaking of roads- another awesome part of this race was that it was 99.999% on trails. The only time my foot hit pavement was when I had to cross a road which I think happened 4 times. I kept plugging away and before I knew it I was in the final 10 miles. It was definitely satisfying going past the 50 mile mark which was previous longest distance run. The final miles were very lonely. I put in one headphone for the first time to hear something besides the rain hitting the trees. So it was just me the wind (which picked up significantly along the lake), the rain and the trails. The final big challenge of the day was making my up the backside of Sugarloaf. I’d never done this side before and it’s definitely harder than the front side. On top I actually took out my GoPro for the first time and snapped a photo. I wish I would have stopped to take a few more photos during the race but I’m sure the lens would have just been fogged up or covered in water drops anyway.

The final miles- The final 4 miles took forever. I actually wanted to run more but the terrain just wasn’t allowing for much of it. There was actually flowing water on the trails. I was a little extra cautious because now was definitely not the time to have a fall. Believe it or not I actually had the thought pop into my mind that someday I might just actually be able to do a 100 miler after surviving this race. Crazy considering the way I was at mile 22 when I was sitting on that chair. It’s definitely true what they say about ultra-marathons. You’re never going to feel the same way long. There will be the highest of highs but also probably the lowest of lows. Just keep moving forward as long as you can. It was only fitting that I crossed the finish line in an intense downpour. What a day.

I ended up finishing the 62 miles in a time of 16:38:53 (16:06 minute mile average!). That’s a long time but it really didn’t feel like I was out there that long. I guess that’s how it should when you’re doing something you love. I was 14th of 21 finishers. 14 people DNF’d. Would I run this race again? Absolutely. I love Marquette. I love the trails here. It’s where I spent 4 years going to college and now it got even more special for me because of this 100k finish.

Gear- Hoka Challenger ATR shoes- worked great. 2XU triathlon shorts- this was a last minute change instead of traditional running shorts because of the rain. I think it was the right move. Still had some chaffing but not terrible. Under Armour compression shirt. Asics running socks. Ultimate Direction hydration vest w/ soft bottles, Snowdrop buff, UltrAspire belt light, Black Diamond trekking poles, CEP calf sleeves.

Fast forward to now and 5 days since the race. Soreness is pretty much all gone. Body feels pretty good. Appetite has pretty much been nonexistent but the fatigue is the real struggle. I’m pretty sure if you gave me a pillow at any moment during the day and I’d be out. I guess that’s what happens when you skip a day of sleep.

Self Rec Meme

When you get this, post your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿). Do multiple fandoms if you want!

I was tagged by @meleedamage - thank you!! It was surprisingly hard to pick 5…I think I’m too critical of myself!

All the Time in the World. I like this one for two reasons: it was my first attempt at writing Loki’s pov, and the tone is completely different from my usual humor-based stuff. This fic also contains what’s probably my favourite line I’ve ever written: “His voice cracks and he wonders when he became so undeserving of his title of Silver-Tongued Liar.” 

Make Your Move. This fic is the equivalent of my child. I nursed it from a tiny, fleeting idea into a full-grown 100k word story. Yikes. I remember exactly how it started too - @usedkarma had reblogged a list of soulmate AU prompts and as I was reading through it I thought ‘huh, I should try out this soulmate thing’. So basically this is all her fault ;)  I never imagined that I’d be able to write a fic this long, so even though it was a sad day when I finally marked it as complete, I’m pretty proud of the fact that I made it to the end. 

Black Eyes, Bandages and Bloody Knuckles. My first stucky fic! I’m still so pleased with the characterization and dialogue in this one. It’s one of the few fics that I can re-read without cringing over my own writing (see above re: too critical for my own good).

Tight Spaces. One of the things I love most about tasertricks is the epic levels of snark that would ensue if you were to shove these two into the same room. So that’s what I did. I still can’t believe how many lovely comments and kudos this fic has received, especially considering that it’s only a oneshot.  

Wolves and Girls. I’m usually a painfully slow writer, but I was in the zone with this one. It was a case of the words coming at me quicker than I could get my fingers to type. The same with the sequel - I think I wrote about 6000 words of it in a single day.

I’m not sure who has already been tagged for this, so consider this an open invitation if you want to do it!


For Sale: Unnamed Mirror!

I decided to try drawing this little mirror a doll! As you can see, it’s not 100% accurate, as most plush toys minimize certain aspects of the design. This is the first piece of art this dragon could potentially have!


Hatch Date: August 25th, 2016.
Element: Light.
Parents: Victris and Conk.
Primary: Royal Cherub.
Secondary: Maize Butterfly.
Tertiary: Mulberry Spines.

When You Buy:

If you decide to buy this dragon, I can help you with Lore! Seeing as her parents are lore dragons, I can help you with lore whether you want her to relate to the parents or not. I will also code you a custom bio for free, with a smaller version of this art! Currently there is no bio as I would want to ask you what you want first. I can code pretty much any kind of bio?

Price: 100k treasure or 110 gems.

Reason: Well, this dragon has art, and should you buy you are getting a custom made bio too! The price can be negotiatied.

Should this dragon not be bought, they will be leveled and I will try to sell them again. But the price will be higher as they will be closer to 10/20 or even 25.

Please send me a crossroads at Dejan # 258650 if you are interested!


Here we are celebrating another big milestone for New Girl Board on @fanforumcom.

New Girl Season 1 premiered on Sep 20th, 2011 and Season 6 will premiere on Sep 20th, 2016! Five years of a great show and five years of our little family here. Nevertheless it’s not just five wonderful years that we are celebrating, it’s that New Girl Board keeps the love growing.

We are also celebrating upcoming 6th season with more than 100 episodes, more than 100k posts with more than 550 threads here, our twitter (which is followed by Max (Schmidt) and Lamorne (Winston)) and our tumblr reaching more than 1.000 followers less than a year. Here’s hoping for more of all…  

Thank you to all mods, to all of our posters and to all of our followers. ❤️

Let’s party!

- Apartment 4D

unovas-gambling-elite  asked:

“<3″ ?


          At the age of 15, Marshal had been taking Karate officially for two years and had finally earned his black belt. Unofficially, he had been leaning the fighting style of Systema, and due to his dual fighting style, he was able to enter the ring as a Mixed Martial Artist. Now kicked out of his home, living on his own, he needed to make money in some way shape or form. And he found The Ring.

          The Ring was a MMA tourney back in the day that would pay out 100k to the winner. Figuring it was worth a short, Marshal entered. At his young age, he was underestimated and booed, but made it to the finals. In the final round he was up against someone a little over twice his age who continuously mocked him for his bleached hair and, at the time, semi-scrawny physique.

          Marshal did not hold back and refused to be counted out no matter how many times he was knocked to the mat. In the Third Round of the Final Match, he dealt three consecutive devastating blows, resulting in a broken rib to his opponent that pierced his lung, a heart attack, and a concussion to the older man. He wasn’t taken to the hospital in time and was pronounced dead in the EMS.

          His opponent’s family never blamed him and it was ruled an accident. Marshal won the 100k, but lost a part of himself. For months and a little over a year afterward, all he could think of was the man coughing and sounding like he was drowning in air. He had killed the man with his own hands- three decisive blows- and he knew then that he had to learn restraint or it should happen again.

          Even after training, it happened once again at the age of 20. This time, though it was ruled accidental as well, Marshal was forced to permanently resign from MMA Fighting and, to this day, has never stepped into another ring to fight physically another person. Sparring aside, killing two men prevents him from officially fighting another being.


dejacarter: In honor of 100k followers here’s a video of @tomholland2013 and I to make your day, you’re welcome💁🏽😂

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Just a few words to thank all of you: almost 100 thousand of people following,supporting and pushing me to give a bit more every day. ❤️thank u .


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A: Sarah, Rachel, Heather, Victoria, Marie

B: Elizabeth, Jessica, Lisa, Kimberly, Michelle, Stephanie, Shirley, Angela, Emily, Nicole, Maria, Emma, Julie, Jacqueline, Hannah, Sara, Julia, Grace, Natalie, Virginia, Sofia

C: Jennifer, Susan, Karen, Ashley, Helen, Melissa, Deborah, Laura, Sharon, Amy, Anna, Brenda, Pamela, Catherine, Christine, Samantha, Debra, Carolyn, Diane, Christina, Kelly, Lauren, Megan, Alice, Ann, Olivia, Rose, Beverly, Amber, Danielle, Brittany, Tiffany, Kathy, Amanda, Cynthia

D:  Mary, Margaret, Betty, Sandra, Carol, Rebecca, Kathleen, Ruth, Katherine, Evelyn, Martha, Cheryl, Jean, Gloria, Teresa, Janice, Theresa, Denise, Marilyn, Madison, Diana, Abigail, Lori

F: Patricia, Linda, Barbara, Nancy, Dorothy, Donna, Janet, Joyce, Joan, Judith, Andrea, Judy, Jane

F-: Frances, Doris, Kathryn, Mildred


A: Christopher, George, Vincent

B: James, Michael, Charles, Daniel, Jason, Jeffrey, Jonathan, Frank, Jack, Aaron, Jose, Zachary, Nathan, Jesse

C: Robert, William, David, Joseph, Thomas, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Christian, Paul, Steven, Joshua, Timothy, Ryan, Jacob, Justin, Brandon, Gregory, Samuel, Benjamin, Alexander, Tyler, Henry, Peter, Kyle, Joe, Ethan, Bryan, Dylan, Alan, Juan, Noah, Phillip, Gabriel, Johnny, Louis

D: Richard, Anthony, Andrew, Brian, Kevin, Gary, Nicholas, Eric, Stephen, Jerry, Douglas, Adam, Carl, Jeremy, Sean, Austin, Bruce, Jordan, Wayne, Russell, Bobby, Howard

F: Donald, Kenneth, Edward, Ronald, Larry, Scott, Patrick, Dennis, Walter, Arthur, Gerald, Roger, Keith, Albert, Willie, Billy, Roy, Eugene, Harry, Randy

F-: Raymond, Harold, Lawrence, Terry, Ralph


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I can’t even begin to describe how amazing you guys are! I never imagined I’d reach this milestone when this blog started out. What began as a root of passion for Disney animation has blossomed into one of the best experiences of my life. A big THANK YOU to all those who took the time to share their thoughts and send the sweetest appreciations. Scurviesdisneyblog never would have grown without you. You guys are the best followers ever! 

Post Colonization / AU Tuesday

Some authors write so beautifully, that we would happily and eagerly read their novel length description of paint drying.  Some authors are just that talented, that poetic, and we are lucky to have so many in our fandom. We had heard whispers of Revely’s writing here and there over the last few months, but hadn’t really listened.  Our fic queue’s were overloaded with fic to read, fic we were in the process of reading, and fic that we’d already rec’d and forgotten to close out of.  Revely has the ability to make even the most mundane daily task seem artistically brilliant, written to utter perfection. We finally took the leap, putting every other story we were reading on hold, and dove head first into today’s AU recommendation.  We were smitten with this writer’s changes to the end of the series, the emotional journey the reader takes with Mulder and Scully.  It’s a beautiful ride, philes, one we know you’ll enjoy. 

Title:  The Unfinished Universe

Author:  Revely

Rating:  PG-13

Length:  100K / word count: 51,000+

Synopsis:    A beautiful, literary story of Mulder’s return from abduction, to be reacquainted with Scully and William in a two-week journey from Oregon back to Virginia. Mulder adjusts to fatherhood & his changed relationship with Scully, while Scully muses about her prayers and personal anxieties. Together, they seek emotional and spiritual renewal.

Spoilers:  Through Badlaa

Possible Triggers:  None