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It’s their strength that gives people like me strength. If there’s any way you can bring a smile or just give positive words of reinforcement, it’s worth it. 

A political AU where

  • Dean Winchester is an omega but he has to keep it a secret because his father is a major presidential nominee and having an unmated omega son would hurt his campaign
  • Dean poses as a beta and often attends night club scenes to pose as the “playboy” type
  • He gets into an argument with his father about it because he doesn’t like the scent blockers and hates hiding who he is 
  • It ends badly and Dean ends up drinking at the closest bar, his only desire to be fucked good and hard because he’s an omega and that’s what he likes
  • Its just his luck when the hottest alpha he’s ever laid eyes on, with a scent so enticing that his’s nearly drooling, takes a seat next to him and offers to buy him another drink
  • Dean accepts and the next thing he knows he’s up against a bathroom stall door being fucked within an inch of his life but its so, so, so good. the best sex he’s ever had and he comes (untouched) so hard that he sees stars 
  • When the alpha’s knot recedes he’s disappointed that he will probably never see the alpha again and will have to go about his normal, shitty life once more
  • They leave the bathroom separately and Dean never learns his name
  • Weeks pass since the incident and Dean’s life is miserable, until one morning where he starts living in a living hell
  • Because one morning, after weeks since being fucked by a stranger, he wakes up with a sickly sweet scent on his skin: he’s pregnant
  • For days he wallows in the news, thanking the gods that his scent blockers also block the scent of his pregnancy 
  • Until the night of the first presidential debate between his father and the rival candidate Naomi Novak
  • Because as her family takes their seats, he catches a whiff of a familiar scent, the one his nose was filled with the night after the argument with his father
  • He whips around to see the alpha from the bar sitting in the seat reserved for “Castiel Novak” the eldest son of his father’s rival, and Dean’s pregnant with his kid
  • And sooner or later, Dean’s going to begin to show it

Halflings Chapter 13 Now Posted

Ever since his wife Lisa died, Dean Winchester has been willing to do anything for his son Ben. When Ben decided he wanted to adopt a halfling, Dean said yes without hesitation - provided they did so the right way, by giving whichever half-human they decided to bring home the respect and dignity it deserved. Half-octopi Castiel isn’t exactly what they were looking for in a pet, but, then, they aren’t exactly what Castiel was expecting for owners, either.

Destiel. No Major Archive Warnings Apply. Tags include octopus/creature Castiel, tentacle sex, mutual pining, miscommunication, and social justice warrior mechanic Dean. See all tags on AO3.

Rating: Explicit

Current Word Count: 82,400 (about 6,000 new; projected: around 100k)

Read the whole story now on AO3 or FF.net!

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Counting Down the Days!!!

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In 4 days time, my tumblr blog will have reached 100K followers. Instead of writing some huge awardshow-esque speech talking about how I never thought I would get to this point and how awesome you all are, I want to have a promo. So what will be so special about this promo? I will select my top three favourite blogs. For the next month, these blogs will be continuously promoted. Aside from these three blogs, I will also release a list of all the other blogs that I like and who participated.

What are the rules?

  1. I will not promote any bodyspo/thingspo/proED blogs or blogs trying to sell weight loss products.
  2. You must reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  3. You must be following me (or I will block you because I am bitter)
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I have my eye out for a dragon who is 2+ years old and heavily bred, looking to pay 20-100k depending on color and breed, maybe a bit more for g1s

They would get lore as a pit fighter, I would prefer a male but I’ll look at any dragon 2+ years old with more than ten offspring!

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Things I love about this chapter: -Ginny, as a person -Luna and Hermione's conversation about capitalism -the safe sex talk -everyone's delight at the safe sex talk -Jane and Cynthia. I aspire to someday be part of a delightful lesbian couple who has Sunday roast and also takes in magical/homosexual youths in need. -Ron being on his third glass of wine -"Draco really had no idea if he’d be political if left to his own devices. He hoped someday he’d get the chance to find out." This is (cont)

(cont) legit Commentary on like, stuff beyond the wizarding world, said in such a concise but effective way. -Malfoy and board games. 100k more of this please. -“Really, none of them wanted to talk about their plans. They all wanted to make lewd jokes and tease each other and shout about who was the best at Cluedo.” This warms my damn heart. I am so fond of the characters and world you’ve written here. -THE BEST GENTLEST HAND HOLDING IN THE WHOLE WORLD SUCH A GOOD CHAPTER. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

what a DELIGHTFUL message to get, thanks very much. i am glad you are enjoying the work of my rampant I WRITE WHATEVER NONSENSE I WANT thesis in this tale of hijinks and agonising hand touches 

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I think we can all agree that a 20k fic consisting solely of Toni Starks beating the crap outta Assborn, icky Otto, and venomous Venom would be a blessing to this earth. -P.S. Black Widow is on the sidelines taking pictures and occasionally helping out with the beatdown. They make a scrapbook together, it's a good bonding activity

Anon, I would read 100k of Toni being absolutely terrifying with bared teeth and wild eyes, RUINING these monster’s lives. Natasha came along for funsies. Pen is… Confused.