i was talking to my mom yesterday nd she said “if i had the money id let u start hormones, hopefully your great grandmother leaves some money to me so that we can start u” 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

What they don't teach you in undergrad

The number one rule I wish they taught me in school was the reality of not becoming successful overnight. I think that’s what previous generations keep implying to totally fuck us over. “If you’re a hard worker, you’ll make it!” The reality is sometimes life has other plans. I strongly believe that everyone has a purpose and everyone contributes to the world in their own beautiful way. But sometimes you want to be a rocket scientist and find out you totally suck at physics. Sometimes you’re planning on getting your PhD and end up postponing it for years because you started a family. The first time I applied to medical school two years ago I didn’t make it. I thought I was the biggest failure out there. That’s until I realized that out of 4,000 applicants I was in the top 20% of people who actually got an interview. And because only 100ish people make it in each class, there were about 3,900 other people who felt the same way I did. No one tells you this shit in undergrad. Instead, you wake up on a daily basis looking at facebook and judging yourself based off of everyone else’s success. No one puts their problems online. No one puts “today I went to a coffee shop and reevaluated my life before binging on cookies and Netflix while on the verge of tears.” No. In the words of Dr. House: “everyone lies.” People aren’t going to post their greatest insecurities or fights with their spouse online for the world to see. Chances are, the person you’re jealous of for making it to (whatever place in life) is behind the computer screen wishing they were you. Life is funny that way. I can’t remember one professor who told us most people have to retake the MCAT or most people don’t make it their first year. You don’t just come out of college and have the world handed to you. And I wish most 20-somethings would realize how many others are just like them. If you didn’t make it to your dream college or graduate school or job, you aren’t stupid, and nothing is wrong with you. You’ve been lied to. Please know that your 20s are transitional years just like your teenage years were. You aren’t supposed to have everything together yet. Stop comparing yourself to more “successful” people your age. You’re going to do awesome things. Don’t doubt yourself.

Game On

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Request: I see that your requests are open! Huzzah! Could you do a deanxreader where the reader loves spicy food and has a really high tolerance. And has the caveat that any man who wants to date her has to attempt a hot wing challenge (like the really spicy wings and you have a time limit to eat them without drink or cooking agent) the problem? Dean has very low spice tolerance, but wants to try anyway. Fluff and/or smut. I trust thy artistic vision because you’re stuff is amazeballs. :3

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,100ish

Warnings: language, implied smut

A/N: Hope you enjoy!…

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Drabble Requests? :0

HEY SO I wanna write stuff but also I don’t wanna like… Write a full fanfic?? So if anyone has really quick writing requests (preferably to do with CQ’s stuff- Gloomverse and Mortifer I’m most familiar with) then feel free to send an ask!!

some post apocalypse economics for you:

a single tobacco plant produces between 3 and 4 ounces of tobacco or between 85ish and 100ish grams. a cigarette usually contains about 1 gram of material, so a single plant produces 85 to 100 cigarettes of pure tobacco and probably double that if it’s ‘puffed up’ with blended materials like sage, lavender and peppermint.

a small garden of 20 plants would net you 1700ish grams before adulterants every year. that’s a cash crop.

The Boy Next Door

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Summary: Reader wakes up one morning to find her uninvited neighbor in her kitchen…

Pairing: Neighbor!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,100ish

Warnings: language, injury

A/N: Love angsty neighbor Dean. Quote for this one was, “Uhmm… it’s not what it looks like…”…

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Bagging and boarding and organizing comics should not be as satisfying as it is.

I spent most of the night organizing all our comics with the storage boxes I bought. Still only halfway done, but everything looks nice already.

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I am not really sure if I believe that Philphobia is as big of a problem as some people make it out to be. But that could be just my dash and who I am following. It makes me so happy that you were brave enough to do it. Thank you for making me smile. I am definitely looking forward to the next 100ish days. Also, any dan/phil blog recs that do post some of just dan?

haha @dannyhowell makes amazing edits but i think they do a little bit of both also maybe @glowinghowell and @pseudophan??? they make good gifs :))

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Oh my with the bowling theme: I HAVE A FIELD TRIP TO GO TO A CANDY SHOP, THEN BOWLING. The candy shop is an HOUR away. On a bus, With obnoxious people. And I really hate bowling and I like a -different- music style than the people at my school, so I won't like any of the songs. And it will be 100ish kids in a tiny bowling alley. (6-10 lanes?) I'm going to have a panic attack and I don't know what to do, Zoo!

that’s too much dont die try to make the best of it <3?


*makes a Taiwan account just for the old events they redid*
*Taiwan server set to merge with worldwide server, so there will be no competitive point to this account anymore*
*pull 3 URs by rank 70 because fate is C R U E L*

Perfectly Fine

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Request: Could you do a dean fic where he saved the reader on a case long ago and they’ve been dating since. But then on djinn hunt dean gets captured and put into the dream world and while their he finds the reader. She’s living an apple pie life with another guy and two kids. When the reader and Sam saves dean from the djinn he feels guilty for pulling her into the hunting life. The end like an angsty/fluff mix where the reader promises she wouldn’t want that life. 

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,100ish

Warnings: none

A/N: Angst & fluff? This definitely leans to one of those…

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the last 100ish or so; message me if you want your individual!

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ZODIAC SIGN: malignant tumor cancer


ORIENTATION: moneysexual




FAVORITE BOOK: too many for me to choose from

FAVORITE FLOWER: honeysuckles 

FAVORITE SCENT: chloe by chloe

FAVORITE COLOR: shades of blue and silver



AVERAGE SLEEP HOURS: approximately 4-6 hours on weekdays and 7-12 hours on weekends

CAT OR DOG PERSON: both!!!!!!

FAVORITE FICTIONAL CHARACTER: i can’t choose but they probably have glasses

NUMBER OF BLANKETS YOU SLEEP WITH: one sheet in the summer; four in the winter

DREAM TRIP: tour of european countries 



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  1. Who’s your ultimate bias out of all the groups you stan?
    Hahaha this is starting well.. /nervous laugh/ don’t ask me such difficult questions :( I’ll go for Tae from BTS, but it’s so difficult ;-;
  2. What is your favourite item of clothing?
    Sweaters. I like warmth :3
  3. If you could time-travel, what period in history would you like to visit?
    The future, like in 100ish years, so I’m not too disconnected. That’d be amazing.
  4. If you could live in any fictional world (of a book/film…), which one would you like to live in?
    As a kid who grew up with Harry Potter, I got to say Harry Potter.
  5. If you could save any fictional character from death, who would you choose to save?
    Fred Weasley. As a twin I do NOT like his death at all :( :(
  6. What’s the first kpop song you ever heard?
    An OST probably. It will be difficult to pinpoint which one it was exactly.
  7. What kpop group/artist made you get into kpop?
    Infinite, Beast and Epik High were the first groups I looked up songs of (ages ago). GOT7 got me into the deeper levels of fandom (2 years ago).
  8. What’s the thing you admire or like the most about the idols you stan?
    Their endless talent: singing, rapping, dancing, composing music, making choreos, acting,… and they not only do it, but they do it well. Also, how can they do everything so well and be lucky enough to be so stunningly beautiful?? And finally, their big cohesiveness as a group, it’s such a pleasure to see all of them together, see them interact and be so comfortable with each other. 
  9. What’s the thing you’re most passionate about in life?
    Watching dramas and listening to kpop is probably not something I would give up easily :P
  10. What was your favourite song two years ago?
    Actually, let me look that up. I can’t find anything specific for March, but in May 2015 I really liked Heart by IU, which as an OST for The Producers.  
  11. Theatre or cinema?
    I’d say cinema, just because it’s so much easier to go to. 

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  1. What other things are you fan off besides kpop?
  2. What drama or tv show are you currently watching?
  3. Which fictional character resembles you most or which character do you identify most with?
  4. Who do you look up to most?
  5. What b-track song would you like your followers to listen to at least once?
  6. What do you miss most from your childhood?
  7. What little thing that you’re currently not doing could you do to improve your daily life?
  8. Where would you see yourself ideally in 5 years?
  9. Favourite ice cream flavour?
  10. Kittens or puppies?
  11. Who is your style icon?

i really hate the argument that Hussie abandoned the idea of wrapping up any character arcs because “real people dont have character arcs”

hes not writing real actual people that exist in real life, hes writing kids that we’ve seen grow up and face conflict and keep going

why write rose’s alcoholism if you are just going to handwave it away

why write dirk’s whole fucking deal if he’s never shown maturing and overcoming his urges to completely fuck with everyone constantly

why even write the combosprites if their entire existence is just for a couple of one off gags, and then completely forgotten about

why write characters with clearly defined conflicts and then tell us that no they arent characters and we dont deserve to see how they overcame the conflicts to obtain happiness

i have 16 readings in my ask all they’re all for tarot readings and i wanna do them but my body is just like “babe,,, no sleep time now”