I know this is like day old bread maybe, but I rewatched this episode and I never realized how incredibly unhappy Lucas looks right here in this last shot. Especially important that he’s looking at Riley

I mean seriously, just stare at it on a loop and it just gets more and more awkward. Especially when you think about the situation- Both girls had ‘big declaration moments.’ 

One continued with a near-kiss right after and a sweet conversation right before this moment.. The other’s ends like this- (refer to gif). 

I mean if someone I really genuinely loved and I had been in an ‘unofficial thing’ with for over a year, told me they loved me after ‘bro-zoning’ (or I guess sister-zoning) me, even if the other person who had also said they liked me was on the other side, I would  look a little more pleased than this…

Riley certainly looks pleased, but she’s the only one which is so telling. Of course she looks pleased, she said she has feelings for him and they’re out now. …But wouldn’t he look the same? 

I dunno, just my thoughts. But that’s not the look of someone who’s super pleased about that information. 

I can’t believe I’ve hit 1000 followers this is insane? Thank you everyone? I really didn’t expect people to like my shit anywhere near as much as you all seem to. I’ll continue to be stuck in hell for as long as I can :D

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Taoism Week!

Modern Yin-yang symbol

Zhou Dunyi
China (1000s)

Zhao Huiqian
River Chart spontaneously generated by Heaven and Earth

China (1370s)

Lai Zhide
China (1525-1604)


William Alexander Parsons Martin 
A cycle of Cathay, or, China, south and north

US/China (1897)

In my last post I talked about the history of the concept of yin and yang. Now let’s talk about the yin-yang symbol, or taijitu:

While the concept of yin and yang dates to Chinese antiquity, the interest in “diagrams” (圖 tú) is an intellectual fashion of Neo-Confucianism during the Song period (11th century), and it declined again in the Ming period, by the 16th century.

The original description of a taijitu is due to Song era philosopher Zhou Dunyi (1017–1073), author of the Taijitu shuo 太極圖說 “Explanation of the Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate”, which became the cornerstone of Neo-Confucianist cosmology. His brief text synthesized aspects of Chinese Buddhism and Taoism with metaphysical discussions in the Yijing.

Zhou Dunyi
China (1000s)

Zhao Huiqian (趙撝謙, 1351–1395) was the first to introduce the “swirling” variant of the taijitu in his Liushu benyi (六書本義, 1370s). The diagram is combined with the eight trigrams (bagua) and called the “River Chart spontaneously generated by Heaven and Earth”. By the end of the Ming period, this diagram had become an widespread representation of Chinese cosmology.

Zhao Huiqian
River Chart spontaneously generated by Heaven and Earth

China (1370s)

Lai Zhide’s design is similar to the gakyil (dga’ ‘khyil or “wheel of joy”) symbols of Tibetan Buddhism; but while the Tibetan designs have three or four swirls (representing the Three Jewels or the Four Noble Truths, i.e. as a triskele and a tetraskele design), Lai Zhide’s taijitu has two swirls, terminating in a central circle.

Tibetan Dharmacakra or gankyl / Lai Zhide’s Taijitu

The Ming-era design of the taijitu of two interlocking spirals has been reported as “yin-yang symbol” in the first half of the 20th century. The flag of South Korea, originally introduced as the flag of Joseon era Korea in 1882, shows this symbol in red and blue. 

External image

Flag of Korea (1882-1910)

Since the 1960s, “yin-yang symbol” is most widely applied to the He tu symbol which combines the two interlocking spirals with two dots. In the standard form of the contemporary “yin-yang symbol”…

The modern symbol has also been widely used in martial arts, particularly t'ai chi ch'uan (Taijiquan), and Jeet Kune Do, since the 1970s. In this context, it is generally used to represent the interplay between hard and soft techniques.

Jeet Kune Do emblem
US (c. 1970s)

Of course, today it’s pretty ubiquitous. It’s a common Western signifier for anything spiritual or mystical, even if it’s got nothing to do with East Asia. 

And I’m not really mad about it! By worldwide standards, Taoism is not oppressed, and Asians have been using the symbol to convey non-Taoist ideas for ages. Appropriating it might be silly, but it doesn’t do very much harm.

Yin-yang/dreamcatcher tattoo

… Appropriating Native American culture is another can of worms, though, cos they are hella oppressed. Ugh,

Interestingly, one could argue that white folks invented the modern yin-yang symbol first. Numerous prehistoric and ancient European images of the symbol have been found:

Celtic mounts from Mairy, Marne, France (early 300s BCE) and
Santon, Norfolk, UK (40-60 AD)

But they don’t seem to have the same symbolic meaning:

Unlike the classic Taoist symbol, the “Celtic yin-yang” whorls consistently lack the element of mutual penetration, and the two halves are not always portrayed in different colors.

So if you’ve got some nonsensical yin-yang logo that you’re emotionally attached to, don’t throw it away. You can actually defend your PC cred by saying you’re appropriating the Celts or the Ancient Romans.

‘Cos really, in the end it’s a pretty sweet-looking symbol. :)

Mosaic from Roman villa, Sousse
Tunisia (200s BCE-500s CE)

So...One Thousand Followers, Huh?

 I don’t really know how to go about this so I’m just going to blurt it out and hope I know what I’m doing.

Yesterday, I hit one thousand followers and it put me in a bit of shock for a good few minutes. I remember seeing the numbers and I even did a little jolt as my eyes went wide. I couldn’t believe it but I was tired, it was late and I had school the next day! Came back to it today, still one thousand and I’m like’ what the hell?’ because really, how on earth?

I never expected this amount of people to be following me and even when I hit one hundred, I was still like ‘a hundred people following me?? No way, wow!’ but now, nine hundred of you have added on and it’s this big number. I’m still in disbelief to be fair because I never would have imagined that people actually like my blog as well as what I do on it. All I do is write headcanons, drabbles and the occasional fic with my OTP and my favorite ships. I joke around with my awesome friends and just do random shit, how can you guys even like that??

But all I wanted to really say is thank you so much because all of you are the best. You always make me smile with your messages, make me scream with you and even just tag me in posts. I LOVE it and it’s one of the best things about being on this site. You’ve all helped me reach this amazing milestone and it wouldn’t have meant anything if it wasn’t for you guys for thank you, thank you, thank you!

I’m probably going to do something to celebrate this but I don’t know what! But just thank you and you’re all wonderful, amazing and just URGH, love you guys SO MUCH. 

1,000 followers…wow.

valentine’s prompt #12

Surprise date while working late

1,000 wc - another damn chef AU

His shift was noon ‘til midnight, meaning Loki expected to be home sometime closer to two instead, perhaps even later on such an auspicious day. The senior pastry chef had called in his retirement months before, but somehow Loki never truly expected the day in question would arrive, that tonight the senior chef would plate his last desserts, and tomorrow Loki’s kingdom would come.

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Vincent Price || Outfit || “The House Of 1,000 Dolls” || 1967 || 4 pix

I haven’t watched all this yet, but that outfit needed to be capped. First I was like, “Those rolled up sleeves!” And then I was like, “I see suspenders!” (Which, as you may know, are two of my weaknesses.) And the way he fills out that shirt and vest! Does he not look super dashing here?! And now, much like with “Ligeia” and “Masque,” my brain can’t wrap itself around the fact that this movie and “The Jackals” was the same year, lol!