Important OMGCP information!!!

I live in samwell. like, obviously not actually, but my town is exactly where samwell is on the map. i have noticed some things that people don’t rlly know are real things, so i decided to make a list
- andover is a real school. most ppl i know refer to it as phillips, but there’s also exeter which is also phillips so ????? it’s a hella nice private boarding school in andover.
- stop n shop is a supermarket and there are So Many of them it makes sense that there’s murder stop n shop and smelly stop n shop
- it’s honestly not that weird that nursey is always surrounded by leaves like as a person who is a Mess when there r leaves on the ground there r leaves on my body bc they stick to ur hair and ur clothes like mad
- probably everyone thinks the haus is haunted bc legit everywhere around here has at least one place where ppl swear there r ghosts - okay that’s it for now small town ppl feel free to add shit if u want bye

Okay so - 412.

Abby knew she was going to try to die when she said goodbye to Clarke.

So when she told them to take care of each other, she was basically giving them her blessing and trusting Bellamy to take care of her daughter. FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE.

Aaron is so good to us, I can’t even process this right now 😭


Like if you want to study/work in here!

I know it doesn’t make sense and I am so behind people but should I watch 13 reasons why?

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The Man who goes from 0 to 100% SEX GOD
Definition of Fluff, Kim Taehyung Ver. 😍😱

  • Alana: I want to show you a picture from last night that really upset me.
  • Jared: Okay, but in my defense, Zoe bet me 50 cents that I couldn't drink all that shampoo.
  • Alana: That's not what I wanted to- YOU DRANK SHAMPOO?!
  • Jared: What? No. You're the one farting bubbles.