She looks so lost and doubts her own existence and duty as Ladybug, but since the beginning Chat has always been there to support her and give her the strength to keep moving, because of him, she was able to confront Hawk Moth, and give this amazing speech in front of all Paris, he is her courage and she knows it.


DO YOU SEE NOW HOW MUCH HE’LL LIKE TO OPEN THAT DOOR AND TELL HER HE IS OK, TELL HER JUST HOW THANKFUL HE IS FOR HAVING HER BY HIS SIDE. CHAT IS TIRED… TIRED OF HAVING TO HIDE WHO HE IS IN FRONT OF HER, and we know Adrien wouldn’t think twice in telling Ladybug who he is, but he knows that she prefers to keep that a secret, he respects that and that’s why he hasn’t asked her again, but it still hurts… for him and for Marinette…

I was afraid of what
I might see
If I were to slice you open.
But I was intrigued
So I cut you up,
And I found me-
Curled up inside.

I realised I was watching myself
From another angle
And that when I looked
Into your eyes,
I understood you.
All because
I was somewhere there
Within you.

And I think it’s like that
With all the people
We fall in love with.
We climb inside
And light their bodies up
And shiver at the glimmer
In their eyes
Because we found ourselves
In someone else.

I know if I ever go missing,
All I have to do
Is find a craft knife,
Open you up.

Then I’ll know
At least, somewhere,
For now,
I’m safe.

—  I’m The Bulb, You’re The Lampshade, You’re The Shelter | W.J