Underrated Mangas
[2/?] 07-GHOST by Amemiya Yuki & Ichihira Yukino

The magic realism and usage of entity themes won my heart when I first started reading this. The bittersweet scenes crushed my heart but the amount of humor made up for it. There wasn’t anyone I considered a “villain”; merely just two sides wanting to get the same “thing” for different purposes and the motivating drives of the two factions are just asdfghjkl (don’t get me started on Verloren and Eve). I don’t want to spoil much but the main highlight for me was the bonding process between Frau and Teito (and if you didn’t scream in the apple and smile scene, you’re clearly lying). 

I’m going to crawl into a hole and cry over how miserable everything makes me like why do I love things that sink me in misery like, 07G, ph, cg, all my old long loves inflict so much pain on my soul manga and anime damage me so much like they claw out my heart and I’ve become incapable of loving properly.

Is there anyone who’s in love with these three main things/is part of these three fandoms please let’s be friends and cry together.