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Update the interviewer at the SAG-AFTA event last night said Tom had to be back in Australia in 48 hrs. Taylor's plane hasn't left RI and the plane in CA is still there so he's going back to Australia without them seeing each other. That makes me think the IG follow was as friends and their relationship is done.

????? why would they follow each other on insta if they had just split i think there is a 0.00000000% chance that is what happened 

Group Exercise Registration has officially started for the Fall 2016 Semester! Registration opens 24 hours before the start of class. Currently 7am Spin, 7:30am Yoga, and 10am Yoga are live and ready for sign ups! At 11am today (Sunday) you will be able to register for 11am Total Core happening tomorrow, Monday 8/22. 

Please log into the link below using your NID and password. Then click Fitness, scroll to your desired class, and click “Register.” Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of class to claim your spot. See you tomorrow!