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In all seriousness though, how much are the events of DR0 supposed to be portrayed in the anime? I guess they will be briefly mentioned, but while they are important to the series, I'm not entirely sure how important they'd be for zetsubou-hen itself.

Question: Have you read the Danganronpa/Zero?

Because I think it fits pretty perfectly within the confines of the rest of Zetsubou-hen.

Junko Enoshima is planning on getting Izuru Kamukura to kill the Student Council members–the aftermath of which is the entire focus of Danganronpa/Zero. 

I’m pretty sure the 77th Class slowly sinking into despair is going to have something to do with the fact that people at their school are dying left and right. Remember, the “Parade” of Reserve Course students is going to lead directly into Enoshima convincing all of them to commit suicide by jumping off the roof. That’s traumatizing. That’s fucked up.

As I’ve said several dozen times at this point, Kodaka said that it would be important so people should really stop debating whether or not it’ll have relevance.

The series creator said it would be important. End of. It’s not an opinion up for debate.

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prompt- SMH does Pokemon go + 0%-110% Jack Zimmermann :)

anon, thank you for this adorable prompt omg :)

The only Pokemon Bitty could ever catch in his neighborhood were Weedles and Rattatas. He’d resigned himself to this fate after only a week of playing, and happily curated his pathetic little menagerie. The closest stop was on Main Street, so he found himself offering to do grocery runs almost every day just so he could stock up.

Though his collection was pathetic, it was certainly colorful. He named every Pokemon he caught after one of his friends, and once he ran out of friends he began naming them silly things like Frederick and Ratatouille. Bitty probably would’ve lost interest in the game by now, if it weren’t for a certain boy…

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