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I’m so hype about working on my part for the YGO reel soon so for now i’m just doing some test doodles to find the right pixel style i want to use so far i’m happy with my chibi like steven universe style ///Easy for me to work with more then most of my styles lol

Illustrator positions now OPEN

Limited positions, first come first served!!

If interested, email me at phuiscribbles@gmail.com with the subject “YGOREANIMATE ILLUSTRATOR” and you must include the following:

1) your name, email and website link
2) your familiarity with Yu-Gi-Oh!
3) Can you render video clip? (show me examples if you have done any) 
4) Can you do a simple BG panning? (show me examples if you have done any) 

Those who fail to follow the guidelines above and any links to websites that have little, to none, of your own work will not be considered (this is so that I know you can follow instructions, plus it will save me lot of time and trouble).

The illustrator positions will be reopened again once we get near to the ending credits, so don’t feel bad if you can’t make it this round.

- Phui Jing Ling

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aint-summer-here replied to your post:every time zev is sorted into slytherin a piece of…

i thought hufflepuff. can i ask why you think gryffindor?

hufflepuff is good too bc that boy is loyal as hell. i just think he fits gryffindor a Little More 

1. bc of his chaotic neutral kinda behaviour (rlly doesnt give a shit what your warden does except for if ur a terrible asshole ie letting those elves be taken as slaves etc) 

2. he is Very Chivalrous despite nobody in the party really seeing it. i dont think any other da romance has ever revolved around consent as much as his?? he so?? kind and accepting of whoever u r?? plus 11/10 would hold a door open for u lbr 

3. u cant say that going back and Single Handedly Dismantling the organisation (which is so powerful that it stands as a country’s ARMY) that essentially enslaved u to make sure it doesnt happen to any other children isnt anything short of incredibly brave (also u could slide determination into this point too since the grand master (?) eamon dude is killed SIX MONTHS after the blight ends. SIX MONTHS. boy works fast) so basically, boys got a lot of courage, a lot of nerve And a strong set of morals to boot

4. i like to think hes a bit of a show off (i know his whole ‘im amazing and the best’ thing is a defence mechanism but i think hes still cheeky and fun even without that) and that just says gryffindor to me idek

5. this is more of a counter argument but a hufflepuff trait is ‘fair play’ and im pretty sure zev says something along the lines of using poison isnt playing fair but it helps u win or something the boy’s playin for KEEPS yo