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Sasha what is going on with Gigi? She posted the Elle cover magazine saying "a cover" on her Snapchat. Was she like suppose to promo for the new covers but forgot and messed up lol?

For reference:

Stupid ass, calculated, shit stirring by the outgoing team. I guarantee you this is what it’s about. Gigi is being used to sell the Zarry “feud”. So what she’s saying is that Zayn’s traditional high fashion pretty boy photoshoot > Harry’s quirky vintage style photoshoot. Fuck that. I love them both. 

Hopefully, in one of these upcoming interviews there will be some kinda statement that refutes this shadiness. But I won’t hold my breath. In fact, if we get 2 sucker punches in the form of Zayn and Harry’s interviews, I sadly won’t be surprised. It ain’t over yet. They’re not free yet. 

Keep in mind, the outgoing team has established a pattern of giving you something to celebrate, then shitting all over it. My tiny glimmer of hope is that Harry will be able to swerve in the way he’s swerved on a lot of foolery lately. Zayn hasn’t been so lucky. We’ll see tho…

Au (s) 2 and 3: Melon Sans and Sugar Sans
Au creator (s): @missladytale and @sugartalesans (it won’t let me tag them?? ;^;)
Requested by: @amber-acrylic
I have never drawn these two in my liiife, I hope they look okay-


For Hispanic Heritage Month, let’s take a moment to appreciate all the Latina lesbians on TV!

  • Santana Lopez on Glee
  • Luisa Alver on Jane the Virgin
  • Maggie Sawyer, coming to Supergirl in October

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tbh i dont care how much you know about the sensory system buckys expressio was totally of pain when his arm gets blasted off you cant tell me he didnt feel that

Listen buddy, I never “told anyone anything”.

I expressed a personal opinion on my own blog, and made sure I explicitly stated that it was just my interpretation and that no one had to agree with me. And I sure as hell didn’t go into anyone’s blog telling them what they should or shouldn’t headcanon.

You’re free to look at his face and believe that he’s in excruciating pain judging from his expression, and I’m free to think about what I know about pain and the brain and interpret it as him possibly reliving the trauma of having lost his arm once and being somewhat in shock due to the sudden loss of all other kinds of sensory information (aside from pain), especially considering that:

  1. People who’ve lost a limb will actually tell you that pain comes after, but that right away the body usually goes into shock and the area feels kinda numb. Pain is a signal coming from the brain, not the body, and brains can “protect us” from excessive pain (f.e. soldiers who get wounded during a battle and don’t feel anything and are able who go on). The amount of damage and the intensity of pain aren’t equivalent.

  2. We can actually see him deflecting bullets (among other things he does that would’ve also been quite painful) with that very same arm in a previous scene and he doesn’t even flinch, so

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You already replied something similar for Fushimi but what if Munakata was the one to faint from overwork and/or sickness in front of his subordinates and Fushimi was the one to catch him?

So maybe this is a post-S2 thing, like Munakata’s never really been prone to getting sick because as a King he had a supernaturally high immune system and things like illness and overwork didn’t affect him at all. But now that he doesn’t have King powers anymore he tends to overdo things because he’s just not used to being vulnerable. One day he comes into work feeling vaguely sick but he just ignores it, assuming that it is a passing feeling and anyway there’s a lot of work that needs doing so he certainly couldn’t take a day off. Everyone can’t help but notice that something seems weirdly off about the Captain, like isn’t he a little pale and even his sparkles are a bit sickly. Fushimi notices it but when he mentions something to Munakata about not looking well Munakata just laughs and blows him off, like I assure you Fushimi-kun I am perfectly fine. Then in the middle of the day Munakata comes into the office to check on everyone and he suddenly starts to get dizzy, he uncharacteristically stumbles a little and then just faints right there. Fushimi’s on his feet the minute Munakata stumbles and ends up being the one to catch him, staggering just a little under Munakata’s weight and clicking his tongue because how irritating.

Munakata wakes up some time later back in his own bed. He looks around a bit in confusion and then hears a familiar tongue click. Fushimi’s sitting there at Munakata’s bedside with his arms crossed. Munakata is all amused that Fushimi is here with Munakata in his room and Fushimi’s like honestly you idiot what did you think you were doing. Munakata attempts to get up and go back to work and Fushimi kindly awkwardly but firmly pushes him back down, saying that Awashima will kill him if he lets Munakata get up this easily (which is of course the only reason, Fushimi himself totally isn’t worried nope). Fushimi also tells Munakata that he fainted and Munakata’s a bit surprised by that, what a new experience. Fushimi mumbles that Munakata should remember his own limits too, he’s making everyone worried by overdoing himself so he should just stay put for now and let everyone else take care of him for once. Munakata’s a bit surprised and then he smiles and lays back, like very well, Fushimi-kun, I suppose I will let myself relax for now. For the rest of the day Fushimi tries his best to take care of Munakata, like Kamo makes some soup and drops it off and Fushimi ends up being the one to spoonfeed Munakata. Munakata of course finds this all amusing while Fushimi’s totally embarrassed. Fushimi doesn’t really exactly know what he’s doing so he’s all cute and awkward and of course Munakata is totally touched by the whole thing despite feeling sick.


So I made one of these because I thought it would help as I get asked these quite a bit and ya’ll are lazy and cba to scroll down!

Are your requests open?

Yes, always open. I may not reply to the ask’s as I like to keep them in one place. I love hearing all your idea’s but I do prefer the slightly wacky ideas rather then typical boring ideas.

Requests I delete = Luke requests (or i screenshot them and give them to other people if they’re really good, but I hardly get any which is good) I also delete requests that are basic. Like ‘Can you do a nerdy Calum smut?’ like that’s to basic, I want a storyline to inspire me!

Are you a boy or a girl? and are you gay? Is your name actually Freddie? and who’s Maxine?

A girl, I’ve always been a girl and I may sometimes say I want a dick but I’m glad I’m a girl. I am gay. I’m like 90% lesbian and 10% Michael clifford. And yes my name is Freddie not fredrick or fredinosaur, just Freddie. Maxine is my Girlfriend and I love her lots.

When are you going to do another porn spam?

Porn spams are pretty normal on this account, they happen whenever I get time to scheduled them. When I do I usually inform you all and give plenty of warning’s. I do suggest if I warn you and you’re under 18 that you unfollow for it. 

When is your next smut?

Usually I post smuts on Saturday’s at 8pm (GMT). Sometimes it might be a surprise, sometimes there might be a post about it if it’s not on a Saturday. 

Why don’t you like Luke or write about him?

Ok, lets get this straight. I love Luke so much, he’s got one of the most amazing voices I’ve ever heard. He’s so talented and if I had just 2% of his talent I would probably be famous. He’s also extremely attractive with his stupid face and I just wanna kiss his cheeks but thats just a bonus. 

The reason I don’t write Luke smut, I have nothing against him I just find that it’s hard for me to write about him. It takes me 3x more time to write about him and I try to update every week. I just don’t get the feeling when writing about him like I do the others. I wish I did, but I find it so hard and uncomfortable. There are plenty of accounts that are dedicated to Luke! I ALWAYS see the majority being Luke smut in the tag and I want to dedicate my blog to Mashlum. 

I also hardly post Luke in pictures or mention him. But I do stick up for him if needed, like he’s not just invisible to me. I just want to be a Maslum account and appreciate my babies. 

Can I send you a picture/moodboard/fan art I based of your smut?


Can we be friends? I want to message you?

Of course, literally you can message me anything and I will love you. I’m super awkward and like pizza, 5sos and talking about pokemon. You can message me after following me for a week I think? If not send me and ask saying it won’t let you message me and I’ll say hi! 

I feel sad…

Happy Tag

Your Masterlist isn’t working. 

That’s not my problem really, it works perfectly every time someone says this. I check it everyday and if it suddenly stops working I’ll sort it out. 

Where is ‘this’ smut? 

Everything is on my Masterlist. There are a few different links, all my Disney smut is on Disney Masterlist, all my Malum smuts are in the Male masterlist. You just need to look to find, I can’t link you up every time I’m not your mother. 

Do you take requests other then 5sos?

I’m up for it if I know them and if theres a good plot with the request! (But the only other person I’ve done is Bryana and a made up person) 

You suck/You’re such a bitch.

Ye fam, sucking Michael dick unlike you. I’m sorry if I come across as a bitch and I’m really just a sarcastic shit and sometimes I try be funny and I’m not. I never take things to far as I know my boundaries, but if I’m ever rude/sarcastic to you I apologise. much love x

Alright guys listen…..you may not know it but I am a professional bullshiter. I am also the greatest artist who ever lived

We had to draw the sunset at 7:30 for my Astronomy class. This is my 100% accurate rendition of my backyard–which I have not seen since last Friday.



And I put a clock on the wall of the other house so he knows I’m legit and that I was drawing this while I was definitely at my house, at exactly 7:30

And that fucking chain work on the fence, too….I deserve a goddamn award.

Little Battleborn Things #523

I like how unclear Toby’s age is. He sounds like he’s a 12 year old yet he has a genius level intellect and apparently enough funds to make Berg. Yet it is also implied that he was old enough to join the UPR and I guess old enough for Orendi to openly send live letters to him.

*another birb submission from the ponderous Battleborn scifrice. 

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Hi! Can you do Ideal types and Age range for NCT DREAM? If not, thanks anyway :)

Hi dear, it’s hard for me to decide their ideal types because we didn’t get a proper idea of the members true personality yet, since they were limited to few appearances…NCT Life would have helped a looot believe me! But as I studied this book recently about body language communication and micro-expressions (but these are really hard to identify), I’m gonna give it a try for you! (I am much better at matching people in real life ahah) (note: this is not real ok, I only tried to guess from their expressions, but look in the future for when they’ll name their real ideal types…maybe it’ll confirm some of my theories)

Mark: As a guy who often avoids the gaze, his ideal type would be someone who could break his “defense-barrier” and make him feel more comfortable…And if it happens to have a great sense of humor like him, that would be great, as long as it completes him! Someone 2 years older/younger would be a good match, with whom he could share his common interests easily.

Jeno: He would love having a girl who could make her smile, regardless his bad sense of humor he has sometimes. Because he is wise and passionate for his work, a girl who would give him support and share his dedication and passion for everything he does would be his ideal half. Of course, he doesn’t seem to mind about dating a girl younger or older, a 5 years gap or even a bit more won’t make difference for him, if she makes him open his heart and care about him sincerely.

Renjun: Renjun is still at the stage of day dreaming, he loves cute things, he is still a child deep down in his heart even if he’s slowly approaching his adult stage, it feels like he won’t let go of his pureness so soon, maybe not even in 10 year from now, so a girl who is calm, pure at soul and genuinely kind is what he would fall for..as for her age, someone who is cute, who could protect, younger than him…but maybe not more than a 2-3 years difference.

Haechan: You know he laughs a lot and is the mood maker for people around him, but smiles can hide feelings of needing attention, being protected and cherished. A women who would make him feel like this is what completes him. He would definitely love an older woman (in the future don’t be surprised if he’ll choose as his ideal type an actress or a singer 7-8 years older than him).

Jaemin: Jaemin also would look forward a woman who could treat her like a gentleman, someone he could talk comfortable and be always happy around him. Someone with whom he could make-up easily after small incidents and make him feel better when he’s down. An older woman for sure, as long as she’ll see him as real man…as he is of course!

Chenle: Whoever makes him feel good, laugh and be comfortable with his quirky actions is a good catch for Chenle. He wouldn’t mind get a girlfriend 5 years younger or older than him in the future, as long as it loves him sincerely! Yes, he wants a girl who would love him for what he is, not what he does!

Jisung:  He would fall easily for a same-aged girl, but he won’t dare to make a move since he is too shy…maybe someone who would make a move on him would be his ideal type since many guys nowadays expect to be confessed first than confess. And if she acts low-key about their relationship and keep their lovey-dovey for themselves would be even great!