• Peter:I would prefer you stop referring to me as “that pudgy lummox”.
  • Sirius:Now when did I do that?
  • Peter:The tower, the Great Hall, Zonko's, you said it to Rosmerta as we left the Three Broomsticks.
  • Sirius:Hmm. That does sound like me.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you like Stiles? Do you think he deserves to be happy and should be able to be happy? Of course you do, and hate to break it to you but he's happy with Malia. He smiles whenever he sees her, he looks at her like she's his moon. Stiles is finally happy, and has what he's wanted since season one. And yes, he did envision himself with Lydia at first, but then he met this amazing girl who blew him away, and y'know what? He doesn't want Lydia anymore. He's happy with Malia and he loves her

well then i guess we disagree!! 

i do not think stiles doesn’t want to be with lydia anymore just because he’s with malia. his feelings for lydia couldn’t have just disappeared after ten years because now he has a girlfriend, just like how even if scott is happy and dating kira and eventually falls in love with her, scott will ALWAYS love allison and hold her in a special place in his heart because she was his first love. i think that it’s unrealistic for the girl of stiles’ dreams, lydia, who he’s had a crush on for literally ten years, to be his one and only girlfriend. it wouldn’t be believable, especially because the first season and a half lydia barely knew he existed. i’m glad they’ve become friends because now he’s taking her off of her throne (which was unhealthy to look at her like that with nothing in return) and viewing her as an actual person instead of a prize or trophy

in season 2, stiles was supposed to have a thing with erica and then in season 3 with cora. obviously that didn’t work out and instead they worked on stiles’ friendship with lydia. i don’t get why they would a) dodge all of stiles’ possible love interests and b) build up stydia’s friendship and c) even have them share a kiss together if they weren’t going to date or get together later in the series. sure, he looks at malia like one would at his girlfriend, but he looked the same way at lydia for so long and i just don’t think it’s possible he’s completely over her after only a few months with malia

i get that stiles is with malia now and he likes her a lot and is happy right now, which is great for him, but i can’t see them working out and i don’t think they’ll be endgame. it’s hard for me to watch them together when they literally had no foundation and weren’t even friends before they got together. don’t get me wrong though, i love malia, she’s made a nice addition to the pack and is so independent and badass and hilarious and beautiful, but there is just no way i will never ship stalia just because i will always believe stydia is endgame. 

what stiles has ‘wanted since season one’ was always LYDIA. not a girlfriend. lydia.

[Dan was sitting curled over with the laptop on the table. He was typing so fast his fingers were pretty much sprinting across the keyboard, and the digits and letters on the screen moving just as fast. His foot tapped on the floor in a sort of habit kind of way, and his tongue slapping against the roof of his mouth quickly too. He was buzzed on what he was focusing on, only tearing away whenever he messed up somehow, which you could tell because he would make a small noise at disapproval.]