Gonzo aka G | Son of Shere Khan | Wharf Rat

- G never knew his birth parents. They were murdered by Shere Khan when he was barely a year old.
- Shere Khan couldn’t have his own cubs on the Isle but still needed an heir or else fall into obscurity. He also needed the man cub to liaison with the other humans of the Isle.
- Only has one scar from his dad, bite marks around the base of his neck when the tiger figured out that human infants didn’t have the same scruff as cubs to carry them by.
- Never attended school until he was much older, educated in the laws of the jungle instead.
- Shares his father’s fear of fire.
- He doesn’t have the right vocal parts to sound exact but can roar almost like his dad.
- Can speak with the animals of the Isle, English being his second language.
- Does occasionally speak in a more “upper class” dialect and vocabulary because of Shere Khan.
- Has a deep dislike of the hunters on the Isle: the Gastons, Claytons, and especially the McLeaches (stupid poachers).
- Can disassociate individuals from the hunters if he has the opportunity to get to know them (i.e. Gil)
- Never really found a place with any of the other gangs until Uma started pulling her rag tag group together.
- Extremely protective of the crew. Even if he knows most of them can take care of themselves.
- Uma will occasionally let him go full wild on someone.
- Did learn how to sword fight but prefers these gloves with metal claws to fight with.
- After a particular incident Uma insisted that he had “earned his stripes” and took him to be tattooed. Tiger stripes on the back of his legs, arms, and back.

um dia tu me disse que essa vida é solitária demais e que tinha medo de perder as pessoas que ama

e eu continuei aqui, mesmo quando não fazia mais sentido ou quando tu nem fazia mais tanta questão que eu ficasse.

tu me amava e eu apenas tentei te proteger desse teu medo de me perder

mas a gente acabou se perdendo e o desencontro foi grande

tão grande.

continuei protegendo e isso me perfurou.

mas agora que tu não me ama como antes, acredito que o medo tenha diminuído bastante.

ou talvez ele nem exista mais.

12 de out.