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"She has your blonde hair and your blue eyes." You said as the boys starting cooing and fighting over baby Hemmo.

Our little girl was in Ashton’s arms, giggling at Michael and clinging to Calum’s finger. Luke was sat on the edge of my hospital bed, letting me lean on his chest while he played with my hair.

I almost forgot that four hours ago our child wasn’t born.

I was exhausted - I needed sleep and painkillers, I’d had stitches in places I never ever wanted them. On one hand I wanted to hold our baby and love her and look after her but on the other I really wanted to sleep.

I felt Luke’s lips on my temple, his arms tightening around me. “Go to sleep sweetheart. We’ve got her.” He whispered. 

I cuddled into him, watching my beautiful husband’s band play with our gorgeous girl as I let my tired eyes fall closed.

I felt so happy.


Frances Bean!” the little girl’s mother Courtney Love calls from where she watches in Forman’s director’s chair. 

You have to be nice to Woody because he’s my movie pretend-husband.” Turning, Love whispers, “She doesn’t like Woody because she’s seen us kissing and she flips out about that.”

Courtney and Frances on the set of “ The People vs. Larry Flynt”, 1996.

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I saw the suggestion of sandcastle asks so can you do the male shepherds burying f!robin in sand while she taking a nap or something. Thank you!

And Summer Scramble week begins! All day today, addons and asks will be answered with the topic of sand.

Gaius: “Hey, Bubbles,” your sneaky husband whispers in your ear. You flail around, and find that you can’t hit him, thanks to the sand you’re encased in. “I have to say, _____, I’m liking the look. You glare daggers at him, as he pats the faux breasts he’s built on your chest. “Gaius you pervert, let me out!” He shakes his head, and pokes out a tongue. “Negative. You see…” he climbs up over you and leans in, “this situation has quite the advantage…”

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ROAR... like a chicken.

Here comes yet ANOTHER review of a movie I loved. I’m boring I know. Easily impressed too. There’s not a lot of negativity in this review. Because last week, I got off the train at nostalgia station! (Spoilers coming your way! Obviously.)

Jurassic World. Back on the big screen where it belongs. My inner 90′s child was screaming with joy. The first Jurassic Park is a classic. The best. No arguments. The second… we don’t talk about that one. The Third; a guilty pleasure of mine. Then stomps along Jurassic World. Booming onto the screen in all its glory!

My husband and I spent the whole movie whispering like children at each Easter egg from the previous Jurassic’s. From the obvious to the not so obvious; the movie was full of feels. (50 points to anyone who noticed the Dr. Ian Malcolm book and Mr DNA)

There’s not a lot for me to review. Because it’s a movie about Dinosaurs. And if you don’t love Dinosaurs - you’re wrong. Don’t waste your time wondering if you should pay to see it. JUST GO AND SEE IT!

This movie is freaking wonderful. It’s fun and highly entertaining. See it once, twice, take your friends, your grandmother - I’ll be taking mine to see it! Thank god T-Rex is back and that all too familiar sound of the Velociraptors’ chirp meets my ears again. It’s long overdue in my opinion. 

This is a well put together blockbuster. It has its moments of predictability, and stereotypes, etc, etc, etc. But it also has it’s unpredictable and perfect moments. I am referring when Vincent D'Onofrio was revealing his evil doings. Just when you thought his brag would cont – AND OH SHIT VELOCIRAPTOR ATTACK IN THE FACE YOU’RE DEAD. Spoiler alert, by the way. Sorry. But seriously - that scene was perfection. You’ll see what I mean when you watch it.

Acting was great - really nothing to fault here. Forever a fan of Bryce Dallas Howard**. Chris Pratt… well he’s Chris Pratt! He thrives in this sassy save the world kind of role. (See Guardians of the Galaxy) And Katie McGraths Death was the best death I’ve seen in a long time. Bravo. Talk about brutal. I enjoyed watching the main kids of the flick (Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson), they were fantastic and looked like they had fun during filming. I also enjoyed the brotherly moments. It almost verged on two brothers who hated each other - but luckily, I was pleasantly surprised. Finally, kids in a movie that didn’t irritate me. I am a bit of a ‘Kid Grinch’ when it comes to Hollywood movies to be honest.

^ Look at that terror! Well acted, boys! Football with a Hybrid Dino WOULD be horrible. But comical for us viewers.

There is only one issue I have with this movie. And it’s the public’s reaction to the fact that our leading lady was wearing heels. Listen up ya’ll. When I go to work; I dress to rule the world. Heels and all. I don’t dress thinking - Gosh I bet there will be a dinosaur break out today. NO. STOP. Bryce TRAINED to wear those heels, to run in them, to SAVE THE DAY IN THEM. You people are never happy. Always finding something to complain about. Have you seen the terrain on that Island? Would you want to run around barefoot? No, I didn’t think so.

So stand with me as we applaud this movie and those heels. And that guy who saved his Margarita’s when the Pterodactyl’s attacked. (Movie rating: 9 out of  2 Margarita’s. EXCELLENT VIEWING MATERIAL)

Credit goes to ‘Enerjax‘ for this on point Gif. If anyone knows the actual OP please message me and I will credit this with his link. (Only found this on Google)

** Check Bryce out HERE- she can cry on command and is basically perfection.

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|| Dark Murphy after Connor dies, 'kay? :3 || He stared down at her blankly, his eyes bored as his arms crossed over his chest. "I don' have time fer ye," he said neutrally, letting out a soft sigh and just turned around to start gathering his weapons. "Don' know 'f I'll be back. Migh' wanna start lookin' fer a new husband."

“I-I thought you loved me,” she whispered, missing the way he’d been. The man she’d married would never speak to her like that. Just leave their family. “What do I tell Annie? What did I do wrong?”

Nyaz II

Part I can be located here

“I’m worried about her,” you whispered to your husband. Avery was sitting in the living room on a Friday night, curled up with a cup of tea and a book. “She doesn’t seem to be very social, and Zayn, I love her as much as you do, you know that. I would never change her…I’m just worried.”

Zayn smiled fondly at you. “And that’s why you’re the best mother in the whole world, bird,” he kissed your temple. “She’s fine, I’m not very loud if you recall,” he said knowingly. Zayn had to be fair to your worries. He was very grateful she didn’t go out much. If she wasn’t going out, she wasn’t meeting boys. And if she wasn’t meeting boys then Zayn was very happy. But he did find it odd she didn’t go out much. Just because she was so very beautiful in his eyes and he knew that her friends constantly asked her to go out.

You sighed softly. “Will you talk to her?” You asked. “She talks to me all day long but never tells me anything…that might be bothering her.”

“Bird, I truly believe you’re reading into this,” he cupped your face and gazed into the eyes that he fell in love with so long ago. “Can I paint you again sometime?” He asked after a moment.

“My yearly portrait,” you snorted graciously. “Aren’t you sick of painting me yet?” You wondered. “Can’t you do it by memory yet?” You questioned.

“Why would I do it by memory, my beautiful girl, if you’re here to look at for a few hours?” He asked and slipped his lips against yours. It made your toes tingle still. His perfect lips smothered against yours. He was perfect. Your perfect match. He gave you a perfect child. Even if Avery never went out. Zayn pulled away and you were embarrassed to say–but not really–you were panting breathlessly as his lips grazed your earlobe. “And don’t think I don’t know you’re worried about our seventeen year old daughter going out because you want to have grandchildren way earlier than need be,” he hummed into your ear. “I’ll talk to her. But she’s not having S-E-X until I’m dead,” he reminded you. You smirked. That wasn’t your major concern. But Zayn knew how much you loved babies and he knew you would be heartbroken if Avery didn’t have children that were as beautiful as she was in the future. You were a worrier. And that’s why Zayn loved you.

But genuinely, you were worried about her socially. She had a few friends, you think, but you just weren’t sure. She preferred to be alone, and while you were okay with that, you just wanted to know she was alright… “Zaynie,” you whined softly.

He sighed heavily with a smirk. Just looking at you made him weak. You had him wrapped around your finger and he was absolutely in love with that spot. And when you used that whining little tone of yours… “I’ll talk to her, bird,” he promised and kissed your forehead. “Because I love you and I expect a reward later,” he winked at you and smacked your bum playfully as he walked to the living room. You blushed at him. He was so cheeky.

“Hi baby,” Zayn said softly as he sat near Avery’s feet. “Whatcha up to?” He asked.

Avery grinned at him marking her spot in her book. “Nothin,’” She shrugged.

“You staying in tonight, sweetheart?” He asked pulling her blanketed feet into his lap. He loved her so much. He was thrilled she wasn’t pulling away like most teen daughters did. He was overwhelmingly in love with his little girl. From the first day she took a breath of air until now, he adored her more each day.

“Yeah…” she trailed off quietly. “I wanna paint later,” she said softly. “Will you paint too?” She asked him.

Spend more time with her? Of course he would. “Sure, baby girl,” he said tickling her toes so she smiled gently at him. Her eyes finally turned from blue to hazel and he was so happy because he swore between her eyes, her hair and her skin, there was no girl as beautiful as her. (Except you of course.) He bit his lip as Avery continued her reading. She had probably organized her room tonight and set up a study group for tomorrow as she usually did. “Don’t you wanna go out, baby?” He asked her softly.

She shrugged not moving her eyes from the book. “Not really,” she said softly.

Zayn looked at her curiously. “You can go out if you want,” he said simply.

She looked up again from her page. “Do you and Mum want me out of the house for some reason? Because I could go to the museum…I told them I couldn’t work Fridays but they said if I ever change my mind. And I could go out with Lucas, but I think he might be going to see–”

“Why did you say you couldn’t work on Fridays?” He asked curiously. He loved that you worked there. It was something the two of you shared. Your love of art.

“Well, we paint on Friday nights, Dad, I can’t go out,” Avery said knowingly.

Zayn’s heart swelled. Avery didn’t go out on Friday nights because she wanted to paint with Zayn. “Oh,” he said. His whole body was tight with his emotion. He was thrilled Avery were willing to stay in and hang out with her dad. It hurt his heart, really. “Well…if you wanna go out on Friday nights, we can paint a different day,” he suggested.

“No, I like Fridays,” she said. “I mean if you don’t like Friday, that’s fine, but it works for me right now,” she shrugged. “Is something wrong Daddy?” She asked softly.

His stomach twisted. No, nothing was wrong. He loved her so much and she apparently loved him just as much. It was so thoughtful, she wanted to stay home with him. “No, it’s fine,” he said softly. “Just…erm…if you ever wanna go out, you can,” he mumbled. 

“Okay, Daddy,” she smiled softly at him and then got off the couch. “We can paint now,” she said simply.


She wore the very same smock she wore when she first painted with Zayn. It was still big on her, but she could at least wear it. It was covered with years and years of paint that she played with and used while she created drawings beside her Daddy. He still aired out the room for her precious little lungs but she wore a mask too, for when she did use spray paints. Zayn took one wall and she took the other.

“I think I wanna go to art school, if that’s okay,” she said softly.

He turned to look at her. “You don’t need my permission, baby,” he said simply. “I want you to go wherever you’ll be happiest,” he tilted his head at her. She grinned softly.

“Well, it’s not set in stone yet, I would like to check out a few art schools…and probably some with a good chemistry program. I have to say, Mom got me hooked a bit,” she smiled wryly. You had walked by the room at that moment and you blew a kiss to your two loves as you carried the basket of laundry. “You know, I heard you and Mum talking,” she said eventually. You froze in the hall and quietly crept back to stand in the doorway and you looked at Zayn with apprehensive eyes.

“Oh,” he muttered and continued his painting. They were both quiet and it was nice to just be near her and know for absolute sure she was okay. But it was also nerve-wracking because she knew you two were worried. “Well, we’re just–” Zayn started, but Avery interrupted her.

“I know I don’t go out a lot, but you don’t have to worry. I have friends. And Mom doesn’t have to worry either about grandchildren…if that’s what she’s freaked out about…I do in fact, have a boyfriend,” she said quietly. Zayn dropped his spray can as she kept painting. Your eyes widened and you thought Zayn was going to pass out. You watched more and Zayn kept catching your eye as Avery pretended that this was no big deal.

He loved to watch her paint. She was a great painter. It was delicate, smooth, and just always so perfect. She like landscapes most with rolling fields and tumbling waves. She usually used the spray paints first and then moved to acrylics. She loved acrylics. Zayn adored her work. Almost as much as he adored her. Which is why he was freaking out.

“You do not have a boyfriend,” he said lowly. You held your breath in case he started screaming.

“I do, actually, it’s not a big deal Daddy, it’s just Lucas,” she shrugged as if it really wasn’t a big deal. As if Zayn’s entire world wasn’t shattering because his little angel was dating. You thought he was about to have a heart attack.

“Lucas. As in, Lucas Payne, whom you spend all your time studying with and all?” He asked his blood boiling. No matter how much Zayn loved Liam; he was going to kill his son. You knew Avery had no idea how much she was hurting Zayn. He was going to die.

“The very one, Dad,” she shrugged. “It’s really not a big deal,” she sighed. “I knew you’d get upset, so that’s why I didn’t tell you. But Uncle Liam knew,” she said softly. “He told me not to tell you because he knew you’d kill Lucas and he said he planned on doing that anyway,” she said softly. “You guys are weird,” she muttered. He didn’t know what to do. Before his heart was all over the place because his little girl was still his little girl and stayed in and didn’t want to go party or anything because she wanted to paint with her boring old dad. Now it was beating out of his chest because she was dating his best friend’s son. “Daddy?” She asked softly. You peeked up at him and her as she looked at her dad. Zayn was leaning against the wall she was painting on. He was scared, terrified really…

“What, baby?” He muttered after a moment. He contemplated screaming, calling for you to get in the room and help him ground her for absolutely nothing. He couldn’t lose her. You saw it in his eyes. He was scared Avery was going to leave him.

She wiped her hair out of her face getting a red streak across her cheek. Zayn grabbed the rag in his back pocket and softly brushed the pain off her soft skin as she spoke.  “I know you’re scared to lose me or something crazy like that,” she said softly. “And I didn’t think you were afraid of anything,” she whispered to him. He smirked sadly and licked the rag so he could get the color off her before it dried in her skin. “But I can see why that would be scary…and you don’t have to worry. I’m not going anywhere. Even if I have a boyfriend or a husband…one kid or ten kids…as far as I’m concerned, Friday nights are for Daddy and me,” she said so sweetly, Zayn actually felt like crying. You teared up. That was so sweet and kind of her. You almost sobbed.

“Baby girl,” he sighed softly. “I love you,” he said and wrapped his arms around her and tucked her beneath his chin. She sighed against him. She loved her dad. He was her first best friend the one she did everything with. He constantly encouraged her and made sure she was safe and loved.

“I love you too, Daddy,” she mumbled into his chest and she hugged him back. She was a bit oblivious as to the fact she had probably just made Zayn fall in love with her again. You felt like you were intruding on them so you wiped your eyes and got up from the doorway, leaving them to have their father daughter moment. She silently promised him through her words that he was the most important man in her life.

And always would be.

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could you add virion to the ice cream post?

Virion: It’s rather difficult to enjoy ice cream when your husband is whispering things in your ear. Interesting things. He tells you all the things he could do with you and the treat, and you’re heating up with embarrassment; despite the cold dessert in your hand and going down your tummy. Eventually you just shove it against his mouth to get him to shut up and leave you alone.

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*whispers innocently* Murder Husbands in Europe Headcanon: Frederick finds out for the first time Abel speaks French when they visit some fancy diner. ("I didn't know you-" "Of course you didn't. It wasn't in the case file, and you never asked.") Abel ends up ordering for them, and gossips in French with the cute young waiter about he and Frederick being on a honeymoon. Freddo barely bites back a moan at the audio porn happening in front of him.

Yes, but also the stereotypical double-bed sharing thing happens and Abel laughs it off and offers to sleep in the chair because “I’m hardly gonna get cramp, am I?”
But Frederick can’t just leave him there and ends up wrestling him onto the bed and there’s ///a moment///, a really wierd moment where they’re just two humans sharing the same room before Frederick realises they’re in the wrong room, there’s a twin room next door. Cue visible disappointment and Abel muttering dark curses and chat up lines in French.

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Steve smiled as he snuck into the bed and wrapped his arms around his husband. "Do you know what time it is?" He whispered into his ear. "It's after midnight!" He whispered loudly. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!"

Chris, turned over in Steve’s arms laying his forehead on Steve’s chest. He smiles big when Steve told him happy birthday. “Thank you, Baby.” Chris says kissing Steve’s lips. “You know what makes it even better?” He pauses before continuing. “That I get to spend it with you, my soulmate.”


-whispers- Au Ra house husbands 

Dazkar Household duties such as cooking, cleaning, and childrearing are handled by the males of the Dazkar who, other than when on the move, rarely ever leave their family’s yurts. Female Dazkar are tasked with hunting, and are known across the steppe as being some of the most accurate archers in the realm.

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Hello cutie! Could I have a cute, lovey blurb with Harry? :) Much love <3

“Harry, stop. Hensley is just fine. The pediatrician said it’s healthy for babies to cry a bit before going to sleep so she can be independent enough to be able to sleep in a crib. You have to leave her there. I know it’s killing you, but it will save us lots and lots of trouble when she cannot sleep in her own bed when she’s older,” you whisper to your husband as you lay on his chest in attempt to stop him from soothing your daughter.

“But, baby, what if she needs a nappy change. Just let me go check,” he says, trying to sit up once again, only to have you push him back down lightly.

“H, you need to calm down. You’re making yourself ill over this. Your daughter just had her nappy changed, was nursed, and will be asleep soon if you stop fussing. Go back to sleep,” you say lightly, your own eyes falling shut at the sound of Harry’s heartbeat. He waits for you to be completely asleep before shifting you over gently, and walking into his daughter’s nursery where the blanket had been mushed against the side of her cot and tears had dried on her face.

“Sunshine, don’ cry, baby girl. Daddy’s got you, now. It’s okay,” he whispers to his four month-old daughter. “Let’s rock a bit, yeah. I’ll sing a song, okay?” he asks, knowing he won’t receive a response. He sits down in the rocking chair next to her bed and gently rocks, singing one of his band’s songs quietly to her as her whimpers fall silent and soft breathing is the only sound in the room.


You walk in your daughter’s nursery early in the morning to see your husband sitting in the rocking chair, your daughter splayed across his chest. You hum contently, picking up your daughter as her mouth opens and clothes, feeling hungry once again and in need of a proper feeding. You nudge your husband until his eyes open, then signal for him to follow you into your bedroom, where you both immediately sit on the bed. You let your daughter latch onto your breast, her sucking noises being quiet sounds to fill the large room, and Harry’s hand is rubbing Hensley’s back lightly.

“You’re a complete softy, y’know that?” you whisper, looking towards Harry as a tired smile plays at his lips. “It’s gon’ be your job to put her to bed when she can’t sleep in her own room,” you chuckle, eyes drifting back towards the little girl who had fallen back asleep after finishing her meal.

“Yeah, I know. But it’s so worth it,” he whispers, pressing a soft kiss to his daughter’s mouth before all three of your falling back asleep.

Are creatures attracted to my dolls or something!?

Alright, yesterday evening I had a bit of a surprise awaiting me in my bedroom.
My dolls have found their temporary home on top of my fireplace furnace in my room. It’s always kept dark in there because my hubby sleeps during the day. Well, I was headed for the shower and passed my dolls on the way. I froze because I caught something out of the corner of my eye that seemed off where the dolls were sitting. I turned and my thought process was literally, “omgwhat is that is that moss? No thats not moss why would moss be in the house on Kit? WTF IT BREATEHZ!”
I calmly turned heel and shut the bedroom door behind me. Finding my husband I leaned close to his ear and whispered, “there’s a bat on my doll.”
Somehow, someway, a little bat no bigger than an MSD head was clinging to Kit’s chest. I’m guessing he was sleeping until I disturbed him when he chirped at me.
I regret not taking photos but I was more concerned with the little guy flying around and hurting himself. So I broke out my leather gloves and he flew into the bathroom where I trapped and caught him after about 10 minutes of standing on the toilet lid trying to reach him.
He was so freakin’ cute! He was so fluffy. And good Goddess was he ever mad! He wasn’t agressive but he did let me know that he didn’t appreciate being petted and called adorable. I let him go under the eve of our shed where he stayed until I walked away.
That was so fun, I’ll have to admit. Gods only know how long he’s been in our house. Here I thought that my son had been scraping and poking holes in the fruit on the table, it was that little bat the whole time!
Kit was completely unharmed during this whole ordeal.

3.) Name one scar your character has, and tell us where it came from. If they don’t have any, is there a reason?

Alissa roughhoused a lot as a child, and has a few minor scars from knicks that never healed properly. Overall though, she doesn’t have very many notable scars. As an excellent illusionist she is able to distract her enemies in a fight with her multiple clones. However, there is one notable scar from recent times when she and her then husband, Illiya were on a Whispers mission and got ambushed by Jackdaws. Despite being clever and good with clones, a poisoned dagger hit her left calf.