The Maya invented dentistry. But not for teeth health or cleanliness – they were all about aesthetic. Mayan dentists would drill into patients teeth and precisely place gemstones in the cavity. So precisely, in fact, that most skeletons’ teeth still hold their gemstones, a thousand years later. And Mayan dentistry was not just for the wealthy or powerful.  Citizens from all classes had their teeth filled with gemstones!


Taylor & Selena @ the VMAs - Cool for the Summer


Horia Dociu Delsin concept art | Hero Design | Tackling the visual design of the main character, Delsin Rowe, was one of my first tasks on Second Son, and it’s an endeavors I handled directly. This character is a person with extraordinary powers, but he’s not a “super hero”, he needed to fit in our believable world. I reached a good balance between a distinct costume design that elevates him above normal pedestrians, while also grounding him in the northwest, and reflecting his rebellious, artistic personality. Also taken into consideration were opportunities for character customization that would allow for some player choice but not sacrifice Delsin’s distinct design and personal aesthetic. It took some iteration to find that balance and get the design approved, because Delsin was not only a new IP-front-man for inFamous, but he’d be part of the PS4 launch marketing (appearing on magazine covers and the PlayStation 4 box itself). So, from my initial rough sketches and visual exploration, to the final concept illustrations, all the way through overseeing him to model complete, Delsin was a personal project I put a lot of pride and investment in.


rocking my unwanted frizz and crushed curls; 7 day-old fro, baby.

school is starting tomorrow so I won’t post a lot :-( But I have a lot of questions and messages and I’ll answer to all of them ! Much love for all of you xxx

Rick and Marcy
  • Marceline:Rick, what's this crown?
  • Rick:It's a wish granting crown.
  • Marceline:Oh wow! Can I make a wish?
  • Rick:Don't get your little demon ears in a twist, Marcy. It's not that kind of wish granting, Marcy. It's a shit crown. You don't know what shit is, but it's bad, Marcy. Almost as b[burp]ad as this crown.
  • Rick:It only grants you one wish, and it's a garbage wish from a mutant din[burp]aur 65,000,000 fucking years ago. He wanted to be like his ice wizard master or something. Don't put it on, Marcy. It'll make you kookoo.
  • Marceline:Like you, grandpa Rick?
  • Rick:*laughs* What did you say about me you little 7 year old hybrid piece of- *chases after her out of the garage laughing*

Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne & Karlie Kloss At The 2015 MTV VMAs