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1/8/2015 (Other twitter) Seohyun, Hyuna, Yoonggun visited Uncle JJ at the army (Private 1st class Kim Jaejoong) ^_^

.♥ ♥ ♥

(Trans) “All of us together. On this hot day! Working hard for the country. We had a date with uncle who is on army duty. Army uncles who are protecting Korea, cheer up! Strength! Have our smile instead of the heat!”

(trans: katheartsjj) Private 1st Class JJ, cheer up! fighting! ^o^

[PICS] 150801 Fan shares screencaps of a friend’s KakaoTalk with photos of Jaejoong


TVXQ’s Youngwoong Jaejoongㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

It’s Kim Jaejoong

Anyways entering our oppa’s unit

Source: 180.70 via DC JYJ Gall
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

[Trivia] Jaejoong as a Kid Had His Arm Pop Out of Its Socket (T_T)


Some readers here know the story already– When Jaejoong was a kid, a foreigner who was playing with him (probably because JJ was so cute) was too rough with him and ended up dislocating Jaejoong’s shoulder.

Below is a fan-made cartoon that parodies the incident.


Below: The actual story was told on a radio station a few years back. Here is the the radio and the translation of the transcript:

JJ: (At the MC’s prompting) Yes, I have a story (to tell).

JJ: I’ve actually had quite a few incidents and accidents (growing up)… So, behind my house, there was a Presbyterian church… where many foreigners would come and evangelize… Because I was young when I saw these foreigners… when I saw blond hair, I just thought they were American. So (one day) I went “wow, an American~!” and I went about playing in the church—so I was playing in the church, and… (at that time) I was really small. And (then the blond man) took my hand and he started to spin me around, to play with me (for my sake). So (for me) it was just so much fun… so it was so much fun, but suddenly… he… suddenly powered up! As the speed went up, my head started to hurt, and I slowly couldn’t see anything. And then, at that moment, “pop,” my right arm went out (of my joints)! And the man, he went “oh, sorry” and ‘the end’. That was the end, and for me, I carried about as if nothing was wrong, and went “ow…” and just went home. (Mom said) “Jaejoong, what’s wrong?” (I said) “Mom, this (my arm) won’t move. So then I put on a cast.

^^… Jaejoong must have been a very cute kid <3…

Radio Source: Daum
Cartoon (Secondary) Source: DC TVXQ Gallery, 백년해로님.
Video Creation and Transcript Translation Credit: JYJ3

Can we just talk about Tim in S2Ep8 of Young Justice when Jaime and Bart are talking down by the memorials. How Tim just stands there looking at Jasons hologram?

Cause I’m having major YoungJustice+Batfamily feels tonight. Look how timmy just stands there looking at him, (and this takes place a few episodes after dick told him “just dont die” right before a mission). This little puppy obviously looks up to his predecessor alot. Also can we talk about how Jason looks pretty late in his teens from this shot of his memorial we usually see around tumblr

But then if you look closely

Look how teeny tiny he is

I just really need more seasons of this show, preferably with a live and kicking jason todd

[PIC] 150731 Junsu’s signed ‘Flower’ CD for a male fan

I received great singer XIA Junsu’s signed CD as a gift when I got married at this time.
I would say the more I get to know him, the more attractive he is as a singer…^^

Source: solist2000
Translations by: rilanna of JYJ3
Shared by:

“ doesn’t she have the power to enthrall most men?” 

“and some women.”

guys it makes me so fucking happy that young justice explicitly does not exist in one of those weird straight people fantasy worlds where nobody is gay. 

also, batman pointedly reminding wally of the existence of lesbians is one of my favorite moments in the universe.