Fallout 3 Ficlet: “Roadside Refuge”

Alternate Title: Fluff Happens at Night
Word Count: 2,382
Summary: Butch and the LW have a very interesting relationship, in that it is mostly banter, cuddling and Butch being jealous of the LW’s trust in Dogmeat.

The sun was setting rapidly over the Wasteland, tinting everything orange and pink as the Lone Wanderer and their companions made their way tiredly along the seemingly endless stretch of the Wasteland. They’d just gotten through dealing with a group of raiders and were in the process of making their way back to Megaton, but the chill in the air was taking the energy right out of all three of them– both humans, and the dog. Wild fall wind was blowing head on, flinging waves of dust at them and making the idea of camping in the open even more unappealing than usual.
Butch could swear his hair was starting to frost over, hugging his jacket tighter to his body and trying to tuck his hands deeper into his pockets while trotting along through the swirling dust. If it weren’t for the fact he was following the person he was following, he’d have been complaining more. Currently he was saving his breath in the event something popped out of the ground and the only downside to the long walk wasn’t just that he was freezing and too tired to care too much. At least he had good company, even if said company was also dead on their feet and looking for a place for them to crash. 
The Lone Wanderer was, to their credit, looking for someplace that wasn’t entirely made out of Supermutants or landmines to sleep for the night. The problem with the Wasteland, however, is that there are lots of places– just never when you need to find one in a hurry. They’d been able to patch up all the wounds the Raiders had got in, then limp out– but now it was getting dark and they were only going to be able to keep their eyes open for so long now. their bones were aching and while they were warm– they were usually warm after the first chapter of the Survival Guide– the wind didn’t seem to get the memo that it wasn’t welcome to stay in their bones. They just wanted to drag their dog and their stupid freezing partner in crime somewhere warm and sit there till they were rested; was that such a difficult request?

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