@rafespeaks, @sparklermun, and @chocolingthroughthepixelands guessed what my last drawing was referencing (Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch) so as promised, here’s the context

basically there was this short for Mountains We Haven’t Climbed that i never wound up writing called “Rancis’s Sweet Race” which would have been an, uh, more canon-accurate version of One Sweet Race set in the Ghost Boy-verse. (seriously, the picture book is gorgeous, but it makes no fuckening sense.) honestly Turbo wasn’t gonna be in it that much and it was just Rancis going through a racing slump, thinking a new kart will help, crashing into fucking everybody and pissing them off, and then Vanellope helps him get his groove back.

but anyway at the very beginning of the short, a Random Roster Race has just finished up, Vanellope won and Rancis is in 12th place or some shit. he goes up to her and asks how she manages to win all the time, and she gives him a pretty normal answer about practicing and perservering. and then this happens:

(they work things out in the end ofc)

but yeah there you have it. a good friend knows when to hold you back, a best friend knows when to step away and let you hit a bitch.