My contribution to Week 4 is the Core Four (Feat. Turbo) as Pokemon trainers. This was probably cooler in my head. I modified their outfits a bit just to make them seem more like trainers you might encounter in the game, but without changing too much (although Felix pretty much looks the same). Ralph is sort of a garbage man that looks like a lumberjack (?), Vanellope’s one of those kids you fight at the edge of a forest or something, Calhoun is basically just cosplaying as Lt. Surge (I literally used him as a reference), Felix is a construction worker, and Turbo is… Turbo (tbh I just wanted an excuse to draw him without his helmet).

I honestly like this pokemon based crossover way better that the last one.

The Pokemon featured are: Garbodor, Porygon-Z, Genesect, Timburr, Whirlipede


OOC -  New video bc it’s been forever.

i needed this song to cheer up and it’s Chocolate’s best tribute along with Silent Scream

„.. Wir sind keine Freunde, wir sind auch kein Paar. Wir sind irgendwas dazwischen, was wir dennoch nie waren. ..“

Aus dem Text „du“ - Antonia Schories @antoniaschories