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Hi ~~ I want to prove for my friend that kaisoo is REAL so can u help me ? have an idea or somthin ? T-T

Hey anon :) wow you got a big task on hand!!

(firstly.. credit to gif/vid/pic owners!!! some gifs are my own tho)

well.. One of the biggest proofs as to kaisoo being real is still the jagi/jagiya (darling, honey) incident (when Nini called Soo jagi, that accidentally got caught by a microphone)

With most of the jagi videos you need earphones to actually hear it, but in this vid you can actually hear it through your pc’s speakers pretty clearly (at least I can) you just gotta raise the volume a bit. Look at su-ho’s expression while you’re at it! (he’s not happy)

BUT there’s A LOT of other reasons too anon!

This vid is a personal favorite of mine. Nini is obviously flirting with Soo in this one. and it’s also been said that it’s pretty much a fact, cuz Nini switches from formal to informal speech (and back again) throughout the entire conversation which apparently is a flirting technique(??) and the babo “stupid” part is very important.. not only cuz of how cute Nini looks but the implication of it. 

The eskimo kiss! bros don’t do that if they’re only bros.. it’s highly intimate (at least in my opinion) to press up your nose against another bros nose while smiling lovingly (might I add) at each other?!

Asian idol awards brought a lot of bts kaisoo (which is the best and most genuine kind). I could put all the moments from that day here, but i’m going to especially highlight this moment, when Soo gave Nini’s finger a massage handjob. Let me just tell you.. a bro doesn’t react the way Nini did (moaning and groaning) if it was only his bro touching him. It’d be weird. This is erotic tbh.  

(funny story.. they were huddling up, and instead of putting his hand on top of the others nini decided to ONLY reach for soo’s hand instead)

touches that aren’t meant for the world to see… 

A lot more under the cut!!

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fuck everything else ive done i want this to be my legacy

shoutout to @klanced bc fuck the garrison

Calum sitting on the bed with his legs crossed while you’re sorting through your laundry and you’re letting him help fold your t-shirts while you work on putting your other clothes on hangers and you washed some bras as well and Calum starts picking them up one by one, saying which ones are his favorites (”this color goes well with your skin tone” or “I really like lace” or “this one makes your boobs look amazing” or “you were wearing this the first time I saw your boobs”) and he’s just kind of being a dork about it and holding the cups up to his chest and practicing hooking and unhooking the bras and you’re done with putting away your laundry and he’s still messing with the bras and you give him a confused yet amused look and he just kind of smiles at you sheepishly, handing over the bras and he says he likes things that make you pretty and you ask him which bra you should wear tonight and he’s like what? it’s almost time for bed and you lean over and press the most sultry kiss against his lips and say that you’ll wear it for him, put on a little show, and his eyes light up like a kid on Christmas morning and he’s hastily pulling out the bra he likes best and handing it to you, watching as you slip off the shirt you were wearing and put on the bra, easily hooking it behind your back before situating the straps and arranging your boobs in the cups and he’s always in awe of it because you’re just so good at putting on a bra, like it’s something he has no idea how to do but you do it without second thought and soon enough you’re on the bed with him, practically shoving your breasts in his face and his hands move to cup your boobs and he kisses the skin just above the fabric of your bra and he’s pretty sure that the bra won’t be staying on long tonight.


Chanyeol - 160925 Instagram account update: “뱅글뱅글😖 #집에가자이제”

Translation: “Round and round😖 #Let’s go home now”

Credit: real__pcy.


Jay Park the chronic tongue wagger prankin Pumkin who thought they were posing for a photo lol. as always their derpy shenanigans backstage at the AOMG concert in Guangzhou

Na na….na na….la la….. What on earth is he singing lol. Simon D’s turn to record and of course, Jay never fails to wag his tongue.

even when its Gray’s turn he just can’t keep his tongue in xD

and then watching their own dorky videos on instagram haha…

that naughty laughter…

dancing above you…..what a view.


[2016.09.24] 😍😭😂😝💕

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This is one of the best reactions to The 7th Sense I’ve seen so far