EXO-CBX - 161208 NCSOFT x EXO-CBX x yoonsang ‘Crush U’ Music Video Teaser

Credit: plaync.


Could friendship turn into the beginning of a love story? Don’t miss the official fanmade trailer of ‘The Gift Of Riley’, as @lucayahs say subtle as a hallmark movie.

Cr: koemi, _EATME 

This is the same guy whose tongue technology sets me on fire every damn time he raps???? But he’s so freaking adorable and squishy here what the bloody hell??????? I legit almost forgot that he’s older than Namjoon??? MIN YOONGI YOU DANGEROUS MAN I WILL SUE™ YOU!!!


Baekhyun - 161206 SM Super Celeb League - Full

Credit: namja1to4. (SM 슈퍼셀럽리그)