jojisfangirl  asked:

uhmm you and your followers have to realize there are millions of other youtubers out there and a big amount of their followers are children... youtube isn't just cancer or whatever there are more channels out there so stop trying to sound fucking edgy by talking shit..you could literally just ignore it and not get salty just cause your faves arent in the dumb ass video

Well scroll a bit down my blog and you will see that I mentioned youtubers that are not “edgy”
I’m not salty because my fave didn’t end up in a fucking youtube video, I’m salty how youtube is changing into something they simply can not be. Trying to be all happy and innocent while your recommendations recommend fucking porn. Trying to be all positive while the biggest thing on youtube is clickbait. Trying to look perfect while they fuck up millions of youtubers with their algorithm.
I’m seeing people like cinnamontoastken or uberhaxornova getting so little views now and they are such great youtubers with such beautiful personalities, while people who don’t have a single drop of personality clickbait daily and get +5 millions of views.
I’m not fucking salty that ian or anyone else I mentioned didn’t get on youtube rewind
I’m salty and sad that personality and originality is dying on youtube. If you don’t like what I write and think I’m talking bullshit you know where the door is.