Urf. Hera rolled over onto her front, splayed out on her bunk. She must really be sick to have a stomach-ache– Twi’leks were known to have tough stomachs. She had known that traveling through sewers was a risky venture, but it was better than risking being sighted on the streets. Now, though, she was paying the price of that decision. She wanted to move onto the next part of their plan, to work with the data they got; but she was in no shape to be doing any of that at the moment.

At a knock at her door, she glanced up. “Come in.”

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Sci-Twi x Sunset, Princess-Twi x Sunset or both? :>

Sci-Twi x Sunset ?

Princess-Twi x Sunset ?

I want all the SunLight (o´罒`o) I can’t decide because they are all cute . <3
But for now I will say I love Sci-Twi x Sunset more because she seems to need more care from Sunset. (๑´ڡ`๑)
Hope human Sunset come out to get her Sci-Twi later so that every Twilight have their own Sunset. (つд⊂)

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hey there! I saw ( and like & share ) your nalu fanfic. recommendation post and wonder if you could do the same for gruvia, gajevy, stingue, jerza and nalu? it dont need to be as long as your first one! Just 5 fanfiction per ship were super nice! *shy away*

Ahhh thank you sm for actually liking my post! I never thought it would get much attention. Here some fanfiction I really recommend everyone to read [2]

Gajevy [ Gajeel Redfox x Levy McGarden ] 
⤹ No Peeking! by @epeolatry // fanf.net // 17 chapters
⤹ A Rough Start by @aya-eise // fanf.net // 20 chapters
⤹ Fighting Redfox by fanf.net // 35 chapters
⤹ Monster by @msktk // fanf.net // 12 chapters 
⤹ Fairy Tale Twist by @blackthunder1221 // fanf.net // 9 chapters 
⤹ Ravaged by by fanf.net // 13 chapters
+ Dark watrer // 9 chapters + Adamantine // 17 chapters
⤹ Interwined by @ilovecardcaptorsakura // fanf.net // 9 chapters
⤹ Assisting In Love by @galevyredfox // fanf.net // 30 chapters 
It was always you // 21 chapters + The reason is you // 28 chapters
Something new by @chesxca-c // fanf.net // 37 chapters
Dragon Curse by fanf.net // 7 chapters
Broken Windows by @i-named-satan // fanf.net // 7 chapters
Spontaneous by @heirtotheshadows // @rentheannihilator // 11 chapters
The waiting room by @kissedbyiron // // fanf.net // 10 chapters
True Feelings by fanf.net // 7 chapters

Nalu [ Natsu Dragneel x Lucy Heartfilia ]
The Social Grace of Tindering // fanf.net // 8 chapters 
Don’t Stop Believin’ in Fairy Tails by @xkissthesky // fanf.net // 18 chapters
To live or to drown by @hannah-nobody // fanf.net // 8 chapters
Dessert by @not-just-any-fangirl // fanf.net // 3 chapters
Golem by @mslead & @kytrin // fanf.net // 45 chapters
Even the devil was once an angel by @itschildofthefairies // 12 chapters 
YouLove by @shirookita // fanf.net // 10 chapters
The Soul’s Inferno by @missyplatina // fanf.net // 9 chapters
Pink by @nalupancake // fanf.net // 3 chapters
My Army Boy by @in-lwft // fanf.net // 19 chapters 
New Beginnings by @superfreakerz // fanf.net // 10 chapters
Love at first site by @amehanaaa // fanf.net // 26 chapters
My Sk8er Boi by @tatertotrocks // fanf.net // 11 chapters
On Whom The Pale Moon Gleams by @snogfairy // 8 chapters
Troublemaker by fanf.net // 15 chapters
The Dragon’s Ward by @gajeelredfox // fanf.net // 19 chapters
The Way we Smile by @lonestorm // fanf.net // 5 chapters
Stuck on you by @toxineena // fanf.net // 4 chapters
Dance with me by @celestialgoddesslucy // 4 chapters
+ 58 other nalu fanfictions! 

Gruvia [ Gray Fullbuster x Juvia Lockser ]
Swimming in the frozen sky @canyoudigitmotherlicker // fanf.net // 48 chapter
Underneath the Surface by fanf.net // 9 chapters
Love and Hatred by @firstinhatredandlove // fanf.net // 11 chapters
Chasing Shadows by fanf.net // 24 chapters
Seas of Change by @kanarenee // fanf.net // 17 chapters
Silver Linings by @epeolatryx // 17 chapters 
Begin Again by @epeolatryx // 12 chapters
Droplet by @summereclair22 // fanf.net // 8 chapters 
n e t h e r by fanf.net // 7 chapters
Just Maybe by @pocketkeiji // fanf.net // 4 chapters
This Means War by @sandyx5 // fanf.net // 7 chapters 
Renou by @firstinhatredandlove // 9 chapters
Where do broken hearts go? by fanf.net // 11 chapters
Fighting Fate by fanf.net // 20 chapters
Friend, Please by @thedemonmatchmaker // fanf.net // 8 chapters
Sparks by @artsy-alice // fanf.net // 17 chapters
Wishful heart by @shir0usagi // fanf.net // 3 chapters
Guns ‘N Buttercups by @bonneyq // fanf.net // 13 chapters 

Soooooo imma gonna end it here bye  - =͟͟͞͞ ( ꒪౪꒪)ฅ✧
hope u all like my litlle collection~

Is it too late to rephrase that?

In a Starwars campaign my homebrew raptor based fighter pilot and a smuggler are trapped at the bottom of a smooth, metal pit. Above us is a Twi'lek PC with a long rope, but short intelligence.

Smuggler: *player pantomiming shouting up* Throw down the rope!

GM(to Twi'lek player): make an intelligence roll

Twi'lek pc: *rolls failure*

GM: okay she shows she understands, takes the rope off her shoulder and drops it down to you. The entire rope, both ends, now lay loosely piled up at your feet.

((Pilot and Smuggler look at each other like “……..”))
Smuggler: Ssshit.


I love you.
But I knew that…
I couldn’t be the prince that you’ve always wished for.
I’ll not persist on having you.
Because your happiness
Means all the world to me.
PIXIV DeviantArtFacebookPage(中文)PicartoTV
I drew this when I was shocked by Sneak Peek #4 that Sci-Twi…Q-Q…
Sunset changed so much to become a better person for Twilight.
And she’s the one who knew Twilight the most and always takes good care of her. She is also there whenever she is in need of help.
But now she still got nothing. She’s still just a guarding who is protecting her happiness.
I really want a happy ending with Sunset being with Twilight in the end.
I love Sunlight and I will not give up shipping them. Q-Q Stay strong Sunset

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I heard Lilo and Stitch AU and I most definitely want to know more.

Oh ho ho well then, you’ve come to the right place.

Dipper and Mabel are teens that live in Hawaii with their Grunkle Stan. Mabel is like Lilo in the sense that she has a bubbly personality and takes hula dancing lessons. Dipper is like Lilo in the sense that he is shy and doesn’t really have any friends.

Mabel is friends with Candy and Grenda, two girls she met at her classes. She’s trying to befriend Pacifica (Myrtle) as well.

Stan is Nani. After Dipper and Mabel’s parents died, he became the kids’ legal guardian. He runs a surf shop near the beach that is suuuper touristy.

Bill is Stitch. He’s not a creature like him though. He’s more humanoid. He was created by Ford (Jumba) so obviously he’s not Stan’s bro here) and is very, very dangerous. He escapes to Earth after breaking out of the alien prison place.

Ford and Fiddleford (Plekli) (I’m probably spelling all these wrong rip) are sent to Earth to capture Bill aka experiment 626

Agent Powers is Gantu (did I spell that right? Idk) and Agent Trigger is the little guy that makes sandwiches for Gantu.

Blubs is Agent Bubbles

Ok now on to how Dipper finds Bill. He’s actually exploring the forest near his house when he finds Bill there. He’s startled by the alien but also fascinated so what does he do? He brings him home. At first Stan is freaked out but eventually he caves and let’s Bill stay.

Over time Dipper teaches Bill how to speak and behave (cause Bill is very bad at first lol) and eventually they fall in love.

So yes, there that Au. I’m still working things out so if anyone has some suggestions to help things make more sense, please send them in haha.

perrysian replied to this post: Is Ryl the language of Ryloth/the Twi'lek? 

It is! At least that’s what I’m calling it.

I figure Ryl would be a pretty common language on Tatooine, especially in the slave quarters, since there are so many Twi’lek slaves.

So canon Anakin speaks Amatakka, Huttese, Ryl, Basic, and Binary. (Though that last isn’t something most people in the Republic would think of as a language.) He also picks up some Mando’a during the war.

(Anabasis Anakin, who was raised by Palpatine, speaks all of those plus Nubié (the language of Naboo), Neimoidian, Alda (the language of Alderaan) and Rodian. Palpatine realized pretty early that his apprentice had an aptitude for language and that this could be a useful weapon for him.)