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I'm with the earlier anon, I don't know what to read now either. TWG was a blessing and you're such a gift for this fandom! I loved TOW so much and I loved TWG even more. 💟 But now I'm curious: Would you rec your favorite fics, please? 😏

Thank you so much! ❤️ and yes I’d love to rec a few! I’ll do some of my favorites (in no particular order) although most of them are fairly popular, I’m sure!

1. TIF by two angels WHO ARE YOU
2. Speaking of Marvels by navigator & quitter
3. Some Things Take Root by navigator & quitter
4. The college au by whoknows
5. Ain’t No Telling Who’s in Charge Here by whoknows
6. Taking Tips and Getting Stoned by alison
7. Reeling Through the Fall by Zarah5
8. Every Arrow that I Aim is True by estrella30
9. Keep Our Memories Warm with Me by lissomely
10. Take Off your Running Shoes by polkadotpeacoat

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I'm so in the dark with news on Hoech and Dylan but in a Question about Dylan @ ComicCon next year for something called "AmA", what does that stand for?? And where can I find news on the drama between Hoech & the GCC?? I'm sorry it's just hard to keep up with their lives when my own is a mess sometimes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Lol, welcome to my world. I avoid my mess which is why I can keep up with theirs, Lol!checj out Twg for gcc gossip. And AmAs is American Assassin. Dylan’s next proposed project

Lấy cảm hứng từ Kuzuneri - một dạng Mochi Pudding rất được ưa chuộng tại Kyoto, Nhật Bản, MOF đã cho ra đời Matcha Kuzuneri với mình mềm mịn, béo thơm vị trà xanh Matcha.
Kuzuneri béo thơm thưởng thức cùng một bình trà nóng Shizuoka/ TWG (với giá ưu đãi) lại càng tuyệt vời, thanh cảnh hơn nữa đó nha. 😆

🍵 Đừng quên đến MOF thưởng các Special Dessert Set (2pm - 6pm) & hưởng giá ưu đãi, và chụp hình/video, chia sẻ trải nghiệm về #mofnewmenu trên MOF Fanpage hoặc trên Instagram và tag @mofcafe với hashtag #mof #mofcafe #mofnewmenu để dành được nhiều phần quà hấp dẫn trong suốt thời gian ra mắt của MOF New Menu 2016 (04/07/16 đến 28/08/16) bạn nhé! (at MOF Kumho)

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realtalk though the most boring fucking thing on…

just curious not trying to start shit or anything, do you think i’ve done that with twg


consider; jacob, as well as the spider people in general, odonata are way outside “standard species definitions” too, the nonverbal component of witches makes them dfferent, even “extremely dark wth blue outline” is neat

i do get the impression the world is somewhat anthropocentric, but you do introduce nonanthropes early on and give them reasonably large roles

and there’s nothing wrong with anthropocentricism as we are humans, so long as you make them interesting, ya know? and what really bothers me is more just like

elf/dwarf/orc/furries (standard animla type) dichotomies

and your thing is quite outside that

even artificial storm uses unusual animals

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hii you don't have to post this in case it's a spoiler im v v excited to read twg already love all the snippets posted but the tags mention some infidelity is it within the premise of the bachelor or is it after they've decided to be together and harry gets with someone else ( i really loathe actual cheating fics)

I’m going to post this in case anyone else was wondering, as well.

I would never write a cheating fic. That romanticizes unfaithfulness and that’s not what I’m here to do. I try to be realistic and promote healthy relationships. The mentions of infidelity in the fic are in someone’s past; cheating does not occur in the actual story, and nothing goes into specifics. I hope that clears it up for you! x

My idenity

My Hmoob culture
There isn’t one
Hmoob culture.

We are a diasphora
Living everywhere in the world
Trying to find our place
With the dominant culture.

We’ve always had to assimilate
To the chinese, Southeast, and now
The world.

Our history burned and rewritten
Like fairy tales.

Never forget your heritage
For we have fought
Way to long
To be gone now.

Our language
Our history
Our customs
Our idenity
Lies with peb cov laus (elders).

Koj twb yog hmoob (you are hmong)
Ces mus pab hmoob os. (Go help hmong.)
Peb tsis xav kom ib twg (we don’t want)
Mekas Dawb (a white person)
Qhia peb hias tias (to dictate)
Peb yog leej twg. (Who we are.)

Yog tsis muaj leej twg yuav hlub hmoob
Ces leej twg yuav hlub hmoob?
(If no one loves hmong, who will love hmong?)

'Bir adam düşün seni kaybetmekten değil de senin ona olan aşkını kaybetmekten korkuyor. Şimdi bu acıya nasıl katlanayım ben? Bunu bile bile nasıl kalabilirim onun yanında?'


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teenwolfgossip tumblr com/post/122239504183/here-is-a-really-short-cut-from-that-recent-radio. This is the TWG post with the link to audio of Posey admitting to cheating. Warning - the site has pop up ads

Thanks, nonnie!


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Its kind of fascinating how strongly some feel about Cody's acting tbh. Some really like him in S5 and PLL or at least think he's decent and no different than most of the mediocre TW actors and others strongly think he's the worst actor ever, even worse than Posey. I remember convos about it on TWG during S5. I don't get spending energy on it tbh, I don't care either way I'm completely indifferent to him, I do think he's a very nice and sweet guy, his acting is just meh (not good or bad) to me.

I like him a lot, even from PLL where I couldn’t stand his character, but love him despite it.  Then when he was Theo, I was so entertained.  I want good things for him.  That said, that’s pretty much as far as my stanning goes outside of listening to him wrap on YouTube, lol.  

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"That was fantastic. As soon as someone mentioned the cheating all evidence was GONE. Posey stans know how to scrub. " The evidence is not gone. Someone uploaded the segment in which Posey admitted to cheating separately. They knew that Posey fans would delete the evidence. But the uploaded evidence is still there. It was linked on TWG. Don't you have it in your evidence folder Sticky? If not I could search for it on TWG on submit it here.

Lol, I meant at the time.  It was put back up and someone just sent in a link but I’ll put it up later.  Before that interview was EVERYWHERE and as soon as the cheating thing surfaced, all traces of it were gone.  Of course someone found a clip and put that back up so it’s definitely out there again.  But for a few precious days we thought that recording was actually lost.  I’m sure I have it somewhere, but I remember being saddened by it at the time so I may not have saved it.