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Hello there / somebody who wants to watch riverdale where would I find it (non American) / and are there any 'rude' scenes in? Thanks

Netflix, I don’t know what countries it’s on netflix but non-Americans have it on Netflix for free. Uh… I don’t know what you mean by rude but I’m going with yes. Here’s a list of things I’ve seen. 

Ep 1-3 - Stationary rape between a student and a teacher, homophobia, biphobia, aphobia, fatphobia, ableism
Ep 4-5 - I missed these but looks like more ableism, slut shaming, and the teacher arc ends (in a bullshit way)
Ep 6 - More fatphobia. Also has the B*ghead kiss which is really written like just kiss women when they are hysterical 
Ep 7 - Casual homophobia
Ep 8 - Domestic violence TW
Ep 9 - Anti-native saying 
Ep 10 - If you don’t like seeing Jughead forced into situations he doesn’t like, I’d include a trigger warning here. The vacuum context on screen isn’t bad but I know Jughead being pushed into things is triggering because of the show’s erasure. 

Have I watched 8/10 episodes? Yes
Would I suggest anyone else watch it? Not at all. I wouldn’t watch it if I didn’t have to see it discussed daily.

If you can excuse all of the above, and lean heavy on the fact that the show has a lot of woc with big roles, it’s an average show. Ep 3 gave me a panic attack before they stopped queerbaiting and the crew outright said no. Now they are back to queerbaiting… So like I wouldn’t advice watching, but I’m not here to stop you if you decide to.


2x03 (ice pick)

You can’t get caught in the middle of this. Don’t you feel what’s happening? My grandfather coming here, Derek turning Erica and Isaac, it’s - It’s like battle lines are being drawn. There’s always crossfire. (..) I don’t want you to be normal. I want you to be alive.