A lawyer and anti-LGBT activist in California has filed a ballot initiative calling for the death of anyone who participates in same-sex sexual activities. 

Matt McLaughlin’s “Sodomite Suppression Act” appears to be completely serious. He filed it with the Office of the Attorney General on Feb. 26, complete with a $200 check and seven measure outlining why sodomy is ”a monstrous evil that Almighty God, giver of freedom and liberty, commands us to suppress on pain of our utter destruction even as he overthrew Sodom and Gomorrha.”

He also calls for limitations on the spread of ”sodomistic propaganda” and on ”sodomites” holding public office. He wants the text of his bill displayed prominently in classrooms as a creepy reminder. Here’s how he wants gay people killed:

Seeing that it is better that offenders should die rather than that all of us should be killed by God’s just wrath against us for the folly of tolerating-wickedness in our midst, the People of California wisely command, in the fear of God, that any person who willingly touches another person of the same gender for purposes of sexual gratification be put to death by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method.

The death penalty is illegal in California, for the record. McLaughlin would need to get 350,000 signatures in favor of his ballot initiative in order for it to appear on the ballot — if the attorney general and other authorities don’t swoop in to eliminate it first. I just don’t even know how to respond to this. Terror? Confusion? Embarrassment for this poor, sad man? 


(Everyone always puts photos of themselves in these posts so I assume I should too? Okay. Cool.)

I’m officially fucked.

I have just over two weeks to make rent, I haven’t been able to afford my meds for god only knows how long and I have less than $50 cash left for food. And this is my bank account.

The combination of sexual trauma, mental illness, crippling back pain and sex work is becoming impossible to navigate but I’m unable to maintain a steady job due to the same factors. I also don’t qualify for government assistance due to my families income and assets, but can’t move back into an abusive household and have been all but cut off by my family.

Ultimately not making rent will impact me, my roommate and my housemates who all come from similarly complicated backgrounds so things are getting dire.

I’m still working out how the f one makes a donate button but if you know how to work PayPal my email is mikkimischief@gmail.com




FOR FUCKS SAKE THIS BETTER WORK. I wrote this fuckin’ essay for you, and tried to save it to drafts to fact-check something, and it didn’t fuckin’ save! Ugh. So anyways, sorry this is late but I’ve basically compiled everything I know about the game - the full game came out today. I tried to avoid hoaxes but I acknowledge that the game literally came out today so I could easily be wrong about something. I’ve been watching footage of playthroughs and analysis for hours, and I can confirm most of these images. By the way, it’s really windy today and my doors and windows are rattling. Nice creepy atmosphere!

So, the game takes place 30 years after the second location (the location of the 1st game) was shut down. Now, it’s a horror attraction, like a haunted house or a scary museum. The attraction’s owners have been scouring the old locations for relics and other mementos to use as props. You play as, big surprise, a security guard. Your job is to monitor the building before it opens to the public.

1. This teaser was released yesterday, along with the demo. It’s our old nemesis, Balloon Boy! What the number 10 means is still unclear.

2. Balloon boy in the game. All animatronics in the game are hallucinations, caused by a faulty ventilation system - with the exception of Springtrap (see #9), so they don’t kill you, just scream in your face.

3. This image was released with the full game today, and can be found on the developer’s website (www.scottgames.com”). It shows Chica and Foxy, and alludes to the fact that these guys can’t kill you.

4&5. Hallucinations of Chica - #4 can be found in one of the cameras, and when you put the camera down, #5 appears and scared you.

6. A hallucination of Foxy

7&8. Hallucinations of Freddy. #8 is actually interesting, because it actually moves! It limps horribly past your window, and then jumpscares you with image #7.

9. And here’s the ringmaster! This cutie is named Springtrap, for reasons that will be explained in #10. This is the only animatronic that is “real” and can kill you.

10. So, after you beat night 5, you get an “extras” menu where you can look at close-up and detailed images of the animatronics. This is Springtrap, and look at all that “meat” in there! I’ll use this as a placeholder for my theories. So, one thing that the game explains is that there was a Bonnie suit that was built with a special feature - they were very rudimentary in terms of AI - they were programmed to respond to sound but didn’t do much else. However, there was a mechanism where, if you inserted a crank, the animatronic parts inside the suit would retract and a person could fit inside, and wear the suit like a mascot costume to entertain guests. Now, here’s where it gets into theory. After completing each night, you get an 8-bit mini game where you play as a different animatronic each night (Freddy on night one, Bonnie on night 2, Chica on night 3, Foxy on night 4). The animatronics are standing on a stage in the location of the first FNAF game, but the building is decrepit and abandoned after the restaurant closed. You follow what looks like a purple version of Freddy around the building, until purple Freddy walks into a room that you can’t enter. Then the purple man (there is very strong evidence to suggest that this is the guy responsive for killing the children - I can get to that in another post if you aren’t familiar with that particular bit of lore) from the second game comes out of that room and destroys you. This happens to each animatronic, until after night 5 you play as one of the dead children, also from the second game. Presumably, you are a ghost since those children are long dead by the time the location from the first game was closed. You are now able to enter the room where purple Freddy went, and you find the purple man his arms outstretched, and four other spirits of dead children. Springtrap is there too, lying deactivated on the ground. If you go near the purple man he runs away from you. Eventually, purple man will run to Springtrap and hide inside it, and seems pleased with himself. Until, the spring mechanism that retracts the animatronic parts malfunctions and you see an explosion of blood, indicating that the purple man was impaled on the animatronic parts. He falls to the ground, twitching (maybe this is like in the teaser trailer, where you see Springtrap twitching spastically on the ground). I assume that purple man came back to destroy all evidence of his crimes - the other animatronics - but the other animatronics were possessed by the dead children he stuffed inside of them, and the spirits were angry.
After listening to the phone calls on all 6 nights you find out that the room purple man was in was a “safe room” used as a place where a staff member could go if they were wearing a spring-loaded suit and suspected it was malfunctioning, so that they would be out of the public view should something go wrong. As a way of covering up the fact that a person had been previously killed or maimed by Springtrap (as mentioned in the phone calls), Fazbear entertainment sealed off the room, with Springtrap inside, and ordered employees to never mention that it had ever existed. So, when Fazbear’s Fright was opening and they were scouring the old location for relics and props, they found the sealed-off room and Springtrap, now presumably possessed by the purple man.

Phew! That took longer than I thought, but I was so excited for all this new information and I just had to make sense of it - especially since I’m way to chicken (haha lol) to play the game myself. Why is it that the only time I write for fun, it’s about video games?

Die Hard.

Some animals die harder than others. Hunters know this. You can shoot a buck right through the heart with a .308 and watch the animal charge away from the scene as if no worse for wear, only to find him crumpled in the undergrowth several miles away. 

Most of the time, when I’m looking down the barrel of a gun at a living target, it’s because that animal is suffering, and they tend to accept death with a somber readiness. That was not the case with the ram I was asked to butcher at the farm the other day. 

This was a young guy - a yearling, really, but with an awful temper and bad habit of trying to mount the females he was penned with, even when they wanted nothing to do with him. The family who owned him were all worried that he was going to cause somebody real physical harm, and needed him gone ASAP. 

They tied him to the fence, away from the road and other livestock, and laid out some grain for the bully-ram to eat. While he had his head down, I lined up the sights of my trust .22 Marlin 81-DL and fired. 

It’s easy to misjudge a headshot - So many people shoot right between the eyes. But that’s too low to take out an animal like a ram.

My first shot went right where I needed it to go, and I stood back after I’d fired, anticipating that he would fall instantly. I’d seen cows, llamas, and many other large animals go down from a single close-range shot with a .22 to the brain; I myself have pulled the trigger on a few of them.

But to my shock and amazement, the bully-ram still stood, staggering backward. I quickly dropped the bolt on the rifle, releasing the cartridge, and loaded another round, which I landed in the same place as the first. The ram’s knees buckled, but he stood back up again and swayed back and forth, so without pausing for a moment, I unloaded two more rounds into him. 

He finally collapsed, and though I knew he was in his death throes and couldn’t feel anything more, I emptied all the rest of my shots into him, more for my sake than for his. Seeing an animal die so hard, especially one with as much fire in his heart at that ram, haunts me. 

I understand, though, that this was unique situation; the ram was chock full of testosterone which likely sent his adrenaline levels through the roof, and he was not ready or wanting to die. A lesser warrior than him would have succumbed far sooner, but he fought his fate to the very end.

When he was finally gone, I rested my hand on his blood-streaked forehead and said a little prayer of sorts, letting him know that my intentions were good, and promising to use every part of him I could.

The farmers kept his hide, and Danny and I butchered up the carcass for meat. What we didn’t reserve for our own consumption, I gave to the dogs, who have now feasted and are resting well. I removed a bunch of fat (my gods, he had so much fat!) so that  I could render some tallow, and ended up making a bunch of candles, which I’ll be listing soon in the shop. 

I let one candle burn for the ram, bully he was, out of respect for his memory. 

I didn’t want you to know I wanted to die.

So instead you stood there as I crumbled, throwing up pills strung with letters I had tried to swallow.
—  You never tried stringing those letters together.

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