A federal judge ruled that it's legal for a company to fire a trans employee for coming out
Aimee Stephens was fired in 2013 by he bosses when she told them she's transgender and planned to transition. August 19 2016.

Aimee Stephens, a trans woman, was a funeral director at RG & GR Funeral Homes Inc. Her bosses fired her when she told them she is a trans woman and planned to transition, Reuters reported. Stephens worked at the funeral home from 2007–2013 according to Crains Detroit, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed the lawsuit on her behalf in 2014.

U.S. District Judge Sean Cox ruled that the funeral home owners did not violate Stephens’ rights because federal law does not specifically protect transgender people from employment discrimination. He said firing Stephens was in line with the owners’ right to practice their faith.

“The court finds that the funeral home has met its initial burden of showing that enforcement of Title VII, and the body of sex-stereotyping case law that has developed under it, would impose a substantial burden on its ability to conduct business in accordance with its sincerely held religious beliefs,” Cox wrote in his decision.

Federal Title VII employment discrimination protections don’t cover gender identity. Some observers see this ruling partly as a consequence of the Supreme Court’s 2014 Hobby Lobby decision, in which SCOTUS ruled that a private company may be exempt from a law if its owners object to the law on religious grounds.

“This represents the staggering implications of the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby case,” Jay Kaplan, a staff attorney with the ACLU’s LGBT Legal Project, told the Detroit News. “Essentially, the judge has said that the funeral home, even one that is not a particularly religious operation, can be exempted from civil rights law with regard to transgender people.”

reasons why you are all wrong and deforest kelley is not innocent and is in fact a little shit

• said nichelle nichols “rings his bell”
• received a “marijuana cigarette” and a nude in the mail
• kept it
• left an inflatable skeleton in his fans’ hotel room and shaving cream bombed their bathtub
• presses on the gas pedal when his friends get close to the car to get inside
• stole his fan’s purse and pretended he didn’t know where it was while she looked for it
• pays for his fans to come see him at conventions
• wore a shirt that his fans specifically told him not to wear bc they said he looked too good in it
• AC Lyles called him “lazy…it takes five minutes for him to smile!”
• teased his fans while onstage at conventions
• said “shit” in front of a literal actual princess
• forgot the ’s’ when signing his name at mann’s chinese theatre
• his own wife his WIFE said “he has innocence but is not innocent”


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wait you reblogged a post saying you are pissed off at joker harley shippers. Why? :/

well not all of them but its just somethings they say are awful. Here are some examples

trying to victimize joker saying she abuses him too.

saying the new 52 turned harley into a lesbian (the biphobia in this fandom is unreal sometimes)

disregards the abuse

tries to justify the abuse

says it isn’t abusive because they are villains 

says harley isn’t an abuse victim because she chooses to be with joker 

basically victim blaming in general.

but yeah, those are things that piss me off.

Edit: Also acting like their idea of harley (like the animated series) is the only true harley and if someone thinks differently they know nothing about the character

JokerxHarley: Discourse

Long time DC fan and JHQ-shipper here and sad to see that Suicide Squad has resurfaced the discourse once more.

‘Sad’ is too strong a word perhaps.  After all, I’m glad to see new people enter the fandom and (so long as treated respectfully) I think these are important conversations to have.  I suppose it’d be more accurate to say that it puts me on edge.  There’s an obvious difference between ‘I do not like x ship because of a, b, and c’ and ‘EVERYONE THAT SHIPS THIS IS A MONSTER!’

I had debated about making this post for a while now.  My time online is my escapism, so I try not to get into anything too heavy.  But it’s getting hard to ignore at this point and, being as involved as I once was in this fandom, it’s beginning to feel downright irresponsible not to voice my opinion.

Let’s be clear on one thing first: Joker and Harley is an abusive relationship. There is no debate here.

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I’m already seeing people talking shit in the tags about how “Connie breaking a kid’s arm isn’t as bad as Steven’s trauma” and i’m gonna stop them right there.

Listen, I know Connie isn’t like i was in 7th grade, but I wasn’t fighting monsters. I was personally fighting people. People that used to, and to this day, want me dead. 
Knowing self defense is one thing. Knowing how to use a weapon is one thing. Knowing said weapon and the destructive potential of your own body when turned against your fellow humans is one thing. Using it is another. 
I had done so, and trust me, it changes you. It does. 
You hand a child the knowledge of “you now have the ability to obliterate another living being” and they can be full stop the most controlled person in the world but you shake them up to the point that hair trigger slip into training happens? The instant that triggers just once on another person, another child, never again do you feel the same.
When i was in 7th grade like Connie is stated to be in the show, I had been used to years of being on my toes because people did that shit to me. I had the lightest hair trigger you could find. I broke bones when i hit people. I knocked doors off hinges at the schools if someone tried to kick me and i responded in kind. I only reacted though, i didn’t start shit. I had gone a year without starting shit. It made me paranoid.
In 7th grade, someone thought it was funny to try to choke me with a length of cloth while the class was lined up at the door in home ec before we got out for lunch. They were over one of the little dividers and i whirled around and damn near crushed the windpipe on this poor girl standing behind me because she was in the wrong fucking place at the wrong fucking time. The fuckers that were trying to choke me ran out the door before the teacher could catch them, i was trying to figure out if i killed the poor girl because she hit the fucking ground. She was ok, she just needed to sit in the nurses for like an hour and then went home. She said later she didn’t blame me because it was her brother pulling the shit. I can’t shake people’s hands without worrying about their fingers, not because i think i have some high estimation of finger strength, but because i’m fucking paranoid now. I panic about people being behind me or running into me in crowds because i’m scared pissless that i’m going to go into “shit, they’re trying to mob me” mode and start fucking people up without stopping till something in my body stops me.
I bring this up because Connie fucked up this kids arm ok. Do you know how loud people scream when you break their arm. I’ll save you the thought process– loud. They are not quiet. Depending on the break there might well have been a very loud snapping sound. Maybe a grinding sound as Connie snatched him, ripped him up and flipped him. 

My point:

Doing that shit on autopilot makes you really fucking scared of yourself. If you don’t spend a long ass time working it out, or learning that “ok, i can control this” and “oh god what if x happens” are two different levels of thinking, you traumatize yourself because you end up making scenarios of how you can snap and do something worse. Connie ‘only broke a kids arm’, yeah ok. Trauma isn’t a contest assholes, and a little girl trying to figure out her place in the world, likely going to walk out of this stage of life with PTSD, isn’t going to be able to process doing bodily harm upon her peers as ‘nbd’. 

Not to mention she’s now gotta live with the fact all the people that saw her do that? The looks she’s going to get. The reputation she’s going to have. The comments that are gonna go around. 

No, that sort of shit, that ain’t over just because she made nice with the kid and meditated. The meditation just helps you not tear yourself up while they’re talking shit.

Listen children, I’m 22. I’ve been on Tumblr since I was 17. I have been Tumblr ‘popular’ for a year and change. I have now been very outspoken on matters on race here and across all my platforms for two years. In real life, I have been spat on, I have been called negress, I have been called ni**er, c**t, and bitch. I’ve been hit, I’ve gotten my hair pulled, I’ve been assaulted.

If you THINK y'all lil teenaged asses sending me anon hate or making blogs to harass me or be anti-black is going to hurt me you’re gonna be disappointed LMAO