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emotional-ish prompt: I've got a few weeks sober and a couple weeks in the program. I like how you write newly sober alex. Could you maybe write maggie going to an open meeting with her. or just like generally just alex doing pretty well in recovery and maggie being her usual supportive self? Thanks!

Alex still hates the whole meeting thing.

She doesn’t talk on the way, and she doesn’t talk there, and she doesn’t say much on the way back, either.

But every single day – sometimes twice a day, those days when J’onn practically forces her downstairs to one of the agent meetings because Jeremiah, because Eliza, because Kara got hurt, because Maggie got hurt, because Winn got hurt, because James got hurt, because J’onn himself got hurt – she makes herself go.

Every single day, sometimes twice a day, Kara drops her off. And every single day, sometimes twice a day, Kara picks her up.

And every single day, sometimes twice a day, Maggie’s waiting there with Kara after.

It becomes a routine.

“How was it?” Kara will ask.

“I want a drink,” is all Alex will say, and Kara will pale as she holds her hand, but Maggie will grin softly, sadly, knowingly.

“You gonna have one, Danvers?” she’ll ask, and Kara will always be awestruck at how gentle, at how loving, at how adoring, the steel-edged detective’s voice gets around Alex.

And that’s where the response varies, and that’s where sister and girlfriend can gauge how Alex is doing.

On the nights that are going to be full of raging and full of misdirected anger and full of begging, she’ll start by answering Maggie with a, “why not, it’s all I’ve been doing for the past few years anyway,” and Kara and Maggie will exchange a soft glance and Kara will take one side and Maggie will take the other and they’ll take her home and they’ll listen and they’ll validate and they’ll hold her when she breaks and they’ll soothe her while she drifts into restless sleep.

On the nights that are going to be full of Kara going home alone because Alex is going to fuck Maggie senseless, is going to fuck Maggie hard, is going to fuck Maggie rough, is going to fill Maggie up with her fingers, fill her own lips with Maggie’s wetness so she doesn’t fill them with bourbon, she’ll start by answering Maggie with a, “not if I can have you instead,” and Maggie will gulp and blush and lick her lips and Kara will groan and adjust her glasses and speed away muttering about some emergency or other.

And on the nights that are going to be full of soft touches and easy laughter and old musicals and prank calling Winn as he’s out on a date with Lyra, she’ll start by answering Maggie with a, “no. No, I’m not. You can be proud of me now,” and Maggie will kiss her softly and Kara will blush and Alex will swoon and they’ll debate which movie to start the evening with the entire way home.

She doesn’t slip up, even though she wants to.

She doesn’t give in, even though she’s burning for it.

She doesn’t let go, except when she’s in Maggie’s arms and nothing can hurt her.

“You know I’m proud of you, Ally,” Maggie whispers one night, a few weeks into Alex’s sobriety, a couple weeks into her program; a couple weeks into what makes DEO training seem easy in retrospect.

“For making you cum five times in as many minutes?” Alex counters, her voice thick with sex and her own orgasms, thick with love and her own release.

Maggie chuckles and splutters, and decides not to point out – not right now, anyway – that Alex is the only woman who’s ever made her splutter. “I didn’t – it wasn’t five min – “

“It kinda was, Sawyer.”

“You timing me, Danvers?”

“I mean – “

“Alex. Seriously. I’m proud of you.”

Alex sighs and turns – Maggie had been holding her, had been kissing the nape of her neck, but she wants to see her eyes, now, wants to watch her face, now – and waits for Maggie to elaborate.

“You’re so gorgeous, Alex,” she whispers, and Alex’s entire being melts. “I…” She strokes Alex’s hair and she kisses her nose and she surprises herself to realize she’s almost crying. “You know, everyone thinks you’re tough because you scare the shit out of Winn and can defeat a team of hit men with a pool stick, and they think you’re strong because you single-handedly blew up an entire Cadmus facility and all that. And they’re right. But you… to me? Those aren’t the reasons you’re strong, Alex. Not the only ones, anyway.”

Alex nearly chokes on her own breath and her eyes widen and her pulse quickens.

“What are the reasons? To you?” she asks, and Maggie hasn’t heard her voice this small since Jeremiah, since ‘babe ride or die includes AA meetings, okay, it’s okay, I’m not going anywhere, you’re perfect, it’s okay.’

Maggie kisses her nose and she kisses her eyes and she stares at her like she’s never seen anything quite as beautiful, because she hasn’t.

“You didn’t have a drink today. And you didn’t have one yesterday, or the day before that, or the day before that. And you’re not going to have one tomorrow, or the day after that, or the day after that. But you know what, Alex? If you did? You’d just fight harder, because that’s how strong you are, and you’d get back here all over again. Because you’re that powerful. Because you let Kara take care of you. Because you let me take care of you, and J’onn and James and Winn. Those things are the strong ones, Alex. Not just you being what everyone else needs. You letting people be what you need. That’s… you’re amazing, Alex. You’re amazing, and I’m so proud of you, I… I’m so proud to be yours.”

Alex blinks out tears and quirks out a soft grin and kisses Maggie’s still slightly swollen lips gently.

“Mine, huh?”

“It’s called being cherished, get used to it, Danvers.”

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Uhh so... I have a problem and I don't know who I should speak to about it. My girlfriend keeps doing things I don't want her to do like smacking me across my head, slapping my cheeks, pushing me, tugging my hair etc. (all of them for nothing). I've told her to stop but she's not listening. What should I do with it avoiding coming out 'not manly'?

There is nothing ‘not manly’ about this, it’s straight up abuse, no matter what gender you are.
Your girlfriend is a total bitch who is most likely using her gender against you to be on top of the relationship.
It’s controlling, it’s manipulative, and it’s straight up wrong.

What’s even worse is that if you try to defend yourself or fight back, you will be labeled as the bad guy and the ‘sexist abuser, while she comes off as the poor victim that every woman should protect and stand up for.

So just leave her.
She clearly doesn’t love you and is only using you at this point, while knowing she can get away with anything she does to you simply because you’re a man, and she’s a woman.
Reasoning doesn’t work with people like her, so ‘talking’ about it will only make her more mad.
you need to put your foot down and show her that she has no upper hand any more, her abuse and obsession for control has only led her to losing her control over you.
That’s one thing that ever abuser fears, losing control, and it’s time she lost it completely.

If you’re scared she might get violent, do it over the phone or have a couple of friends with you. So if she does lash out physically, you will have witnesses and you can take her ass to court if she does damage to you.
if she begs/cries/pleads you to not leave, DO. NOT. LISTEN.
Another thing about an abuser is that they’ll tell you what you want you to hear to make you stay, hoping to still have some kind of control over you.
Don’t fall for this, take your things, and leave.
If she’s living with you, do what you need to do to have her moved out from any lease, or her belongings when she’s not around.
Let her know you’re putting your foot down and she’s not welcome in your home anymore.
If she tried to break in or refuses to leave, call the police and have her escorted off your property.

You deserve way better, and there are much worse things in this world to be worried about than appearing ‘manly’.
It’s called your self worth and she’s ripping it apart to build herself up.

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Neko who is this "Cj" person I keep hearing about? I've been away from everything for so long I have absolutely no idea what's going on in the YouTube community

Oh sweet pea, where do I start.

I’m not sure how long you’ve been in the Mark and/or Jack communities, but Cartoon Junkie has been a rather controversial topic for… a long time now. You either like them or you don’t.

I personally don’t. I don’t like their attitude, I don’t like the way they handle criticism, and I don’t like the way they come off as “holier than thou” because every time they make a questionable choice, all they do is slam the person instead of acknowledging the problem.Their art is fairly good, but they as a person… I cannot stand.

This is in no way hating on CJ, nor do I condone hating on CJ. If they want to be an ass, let them be an ass. I blocked them a long time ago, and I suggest anyone who hates them does the same and moves on with their lives.

However, the discourse usually ends up on my dash, so I catch the scoop through others.

Apparently the “Respect” video from Mark did not sit well with them, and they’ve been on a Mark witch hunt ever since. From what I’ve gathered, they’re calling Mark out on his charity work, saying it’s a load of bull and Mark is profiting off of it. And he could just donate it all because he’s rich anyway.

This is just the recent discourse. There have been issues with CJ since 2015, so it comes to no surprise to me that their antics are on my dash again.

I don’t have a good thing to say about CJ other than “their art is good” since I joined in on the community. I hate to say that about a person, but I can’t find the good in them. And I try to find the good in everyone.

I’ll respect their choice to throw angry twitter tantrums, call out Mark with fake charity work, and shit over people who send them hate mail. I don’t like it, but they can do what they want. 

They can’t hurt Mark. They can’t hurt us. They’re just white noise.

distant cousin got married today. highlights include me missing the ceremony to buy half a dozen bagels and make a return pilgrimage to an edgar allan poe related historical site because only mom and grandma rsvp’d, not getting to see my only gay relative who rarely comes to family gatherings because his car battery died on the drive down, crashing the reception in masc clothes and a leather jacket, and nearly having an anxiety attack after a cupcake landed purple icing side down on said leather jacket

and every person who claims that koogi, the author of KS, knows how to write abuse when abuse survivors are saying how invalidating it is, how koogi can write mlm relationships when mlm are explicitly saying they’re uncomfortable with it, how koogi can write mental illnesses when people with those mental illnesses are crying out against it, and then tries to claim they aren’t fetishizing all of the above, can fuck right off to be honest.