Trauma at Root of Mental Health Issues Among Vietnamese
Linguistic isolation, lack of access to mental health services and cultural taboos are roadblocks for Vietnamese-Americans and other Southeast Asian refugees in Orange County who still suffer from the trauma of war. February 2013.

At the heart of Westminster, Garden Grove and parts of Santa Ana lies a well-known but rarely admitted secret: trauma and its enduring legacy.

Nearly 40 years after the fall of Saigon in 1975, Orange County’s older Vietnamese immigrants — and by extension their families — continue to grapple with the horrors of war, communist “reeducation,” escape by boat and refugee camps. At least half a million refugees arrived in the U.S. in the decades after the war’s end.

As a result, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is widespread among the county’s Vietnamese population, say mental health experts, who link trauma to depression and other problems such as domestic abuse and gambling addiction.

“Post traumatic stress is very prevalent in the community. My dad has it, I had it, I was a refugee,” said Paul Hoang, a licensed clinical social worker and the co-host of a Vietnamese community television program. He also champions mental health for Vietnamese people through his nonprofit organization, Viet-Care, in Garden Grove.

But PTSD is especially difficult to treat among the less acculturated older generation, Hoang said, because of reluctance to discuss traumatic experiences as well as attitudes about mental illness.

“There are some people who still believe that mental illness doesn’t exist. Other groups believe that mental illness is like a curse from whoever you were in the past,” said Hoang,

Another barrier to getting help has been the shortage of Vietnamese-speaking social workers and psychologists. The Orange County Vietnamese population numbers 180,000, and three-fourths of Vietnamese elders speak little or no English. Though the situation is slowly improving, only a handful of psychiatrists in Orange County are fully fluent in Vietnamese.

Further, Vietnamese people in Orange County are more likely than other Asians and ethnic groups to lack mental health coverage, according to a 2010 report, “A Look at Health in Orange County’s Vietnamese Community.”

pipermccloud  asked:

"pro life is not about life" say the people who think aborting a scientifically proven life is okay, because your own sex lives are worth more than someone else's right to be alive

First off, four messages in ten minutes is a new record for this blog, lemme just say that. I’ll address each point seperately raised from all your questions:

This blog is here to prove that pro life people and the movement, as a whole, has nothing to do with protecting lives, caring for lives, or wanting people to live. I do this on this blog by collecting posts that amount to pro life people wishing violence on pro choicers, doctors, and people who get abortions, or posts that show a general disregard for the lives and wellbeing of people who are very much born and significantly more aware than fetuses (for example, refugee’s, black people, disabled people, rape and abuse survivors, LGBTQIAP+ people, etc.) Hence: Prolife is not about life. Because you generally do not give a single flying fuck about living people.

Second part of this ask: You have no understanding of why people are pro choice if you think it’s because we prioritize our sex life. It is about protecting our first and formost right: The right to self ownership, self governance, and bodily autonomy. The courts in the UN, Canada, and the USA have all found this right to trump the right to life -if such a right even exists.

No, it should not. The gestational age has absolutely nothing to do with anything after all, it is entirely about the fact that it is inside a persons body and organs, and that person has the right to decide if it gets to stay. Because that person owns their own body and all organs within it. This, naturally, includes the uterus.

Because of this ownership, they get to decide who may use said organs -including the uterus-, how it may be used, and for how long. A premature neonate is not using their parents internal organs, and therefore there is no reason why a person would need to kill it if they did not wish to parent.

There is also a HUGE difference between a 22 weeks gestational fetus, and a neonate who has been born 5 minutes ago at 22 weeks gestation. For one thing, the neonate is not inside a persons body or organs, and is now functioning as a fully autonomous individual. Yes, they will need life-support machines if born at 22 weeks gestation, but a machine is a far cry different than a person, and if you can’t see the difference you are hopelessly misogynistic at your core.

“Coincidentally a lot of abortions take place around 22 weeks”. Coincidentally an ultrasound takes place around that time. It’s a special one. It’s the one where the doctor tells you if your fetus will be viable at birth. As in, it’s the one that tells you if your potential child will have birth defects that are incompatible with life.

I also don’t know what number you consider to be “a lot” but in most countries where abortion is legal, abortion after 20 weeks consists of 2% or LESS of all abortions performed. Australia and Canada had the highest percentage at precicely 2%. For Australia, this consisted, in 2015, of 93 abortions total. Again, I don’t know what you consider ‘a lot’, but I do not think of as 2% as a lot, generally speaking.

I suppose it depends on what you consider life-saving. I consider poverty to be a life-threatening situation, particularly if you’re being forced to choose between your $25,000 pregnancy and delivery, and your food and rent on your $10,000/year income.

You have also said “We don’t change the rules for rare exceptions”, are you saying that life-saving abortions must also be illegal? Welcome to your place on the blog! If you do not care about the lives and well being of pregnant people, then your ideology is not based on your deep concern for life, because you have just disregarded the lives of people. Why does a pregnant persons life matter less than a fetuses?

Ableism, stay classy!

For the record: I am a sex-repulsed asexual. This means I not only have no interest in sex, I am actively repulsed by the idea of having it. Any form of it. My girlfriend couldn’t get me pregnant anyways if I was able to work to a place where I was comfortable having sex with her. So, there goes your theory. I, a person with no desire to ever have sex in my entire life, am pro choice. I, a person with a uterus who is dating another person with a uterus, am pro choice. Come up with a new theory on that one, because yours is so far off base I’m actually amused.

I will tell you why I am pro choice though: Because I believe people own their bodies. That’s it. Literally, I just think people have the right to control what happens to and inside of their individual bodies at all times, with no exceptions. You can come up with all the theories you want, but that is the truth. I legitimately just support peoples most basic human right. The right to full ownership of their own bodies.


ok this was the old animation i was talking about.


This scene is one of my favorites in the game because YOU must choice what to do: to forgive the villain of the story and stay pacificist in your convictions or kill him…and prove his point.

Maybe some day i will finish it. I kind of changed my style so it will probably look different…but that’s the main idea i had the time i was doing this :D

I edited the sound a little bit cause i didnt want to put completely the sound of the scene since is, well, not finished

anonymous asked:

Is it okay that I as a trans guy feel a little empowered (for lack of better term) during my Shark Week? I just feel mildly proud, like "hey I can bleed for a damn week straight and not die! Other guys can't do that!" and it lessens the dysphoria that comes with it

Kai says:

that’s absolutely okay, in fact I think it’s great that you’ve both accepted and embraced it in a sense! It is super impressive that some boys can bleed for a week and be okay for sure.