Steroline Season 7 Appreciation Week day 1. Favorite Steroline Centric Episode: 7x01. Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take.

I made this, uh, a thing, didn’t I? I told you how I felt about you, and now it’s- it’s weird.

Hold Me

Requests: “#4&5 Damon Salvatore” Prompt List

“Damon.” You whispered, nuzzling the side of your face into his hand. Sometimes the vampire would find himself in your room, staring at you, watching you sleep in the middle of the night. Very rarely did you catch him. But tonight was different and you needed somebody to comfort you. It had already been a long day. You opened your eyes slightly and saw his shadowy figure standing above you. “I need you.” Your bottom lip quivered.

The vampire wasn’t quite sure why you were upset, and your day had been filled with swirling emotions. Damon was quick to kneel by your side while you placed your hand in his hair and soothed yourself with his dark locks spiraling around your fingers. “Y/N, what happened?” He whispered back to you.

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Summary: Damon helps you through a terrible nightmare.

Requested? Yes by an anon!

It was 9th grade, the start of high school. You entered the school, slightly nervous. But soon you were welcomed by your best friends, Bonnie Bennett, Caroline Forbes, Elena Gilbert, and Matt Donovan.

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Eleventh Hour
(Kai Parker x Reader) 

It felt like a whiplash, the entire journey back come in Damon’s arms. The car would’ve been a much better choice, but even a car was not fast enough for Klaus who was coming after her like a hunter. Damon carefully places y/n on the sofa and takes a step back. She is still shivering, as if standing half naked in the wintery storm outside. She takes a breath and takes a good look at her surroundings and then back at Damon innocently as he begins to take a step back.

“I’m going to go get Elena for you, you stay right here” Damon croons assuringly and whooshes out of the Salvatore mansion. It was a big house, too big. Maddeningly and uncomfortably big that it began to skyrocket the tempo of her heartbeat. She was still dizzy from the vampire express she just took in Damon’s arms and looks down to her soiled shoes just to gain some momentum on her breathing. She’s been so out of it to the point where she is misses out Kai walking out of the kitchen with a jar full of cookies. Both of them stare awkwardly at each other for a moment and then Kai proceeds to take another bite out of the cookie he held.

“Don’t tell” He says, mouth full and with cookie crumbles all around his pink lips. 

Deep down she was amused. She wanted to laugh but her mind kept reeling back to the forest where Klaus almost sent a dagger down into her heart for his human sacrifice for some stupid spell she didn’t bother to care. He notices her lack of response and swallows nervously this time. *fine* he thinks and takes a step towards his room but something stops the Heretic. Her breathing was erratic in his keen ears and the blood in her veins ran furiously. This time, his curiosity itched at him as he turns and eyes the girl nervously looking back at him. Her look alone snaps him and he makes a U-turn and walks to her, talking a seat infront of the shivering girl.

“Cookie?” He offers the jar and she notices how it was labeled ‘To Stefan, love Caroline’

“No” her voice cracks and it surprises him and then he begins to observe her properly. How there were dried leafs in her hair and how the purple jacket she wore was torn slightly around her hoodie. Her converse sneakers bathed in soil and mud and her cheeks, streaked with tears. This was it, his chance to attempt at being emotive, he’s seen all the movies how guys would coax the girls into feeling better.

“Are you ok?” He asks and arches an eyebrow. Something about his chilling gaze made her extremely unnerved but his question brought on some warmth.

“I’m just a little frazzled that’s all” She replies him while looking at the fireplace. Her eyes would follow the dancing flames and how they licked the wood.

“I know something that will help” Kai gets up as she watches on curiously at the Heretic pouring a glass of bourbon for two. He walks back and reaches a glass of bourbon out to the girl. At first she is confused as to what he was offering her, squinting her eyes and pursing her lips. 

“I dont…” She starts shaking her head

“You don’t drink?’” He finishes the sentence for her

“I never” Her face begins to redden at the sight of Kai’s smile. It either showed how taken aback he was or how surprised.

“You’ve never drunk before?”

“No” She looks down and squeezes her fingers, pulling down her sleeves keep her hands warm.

“Try it, it’ll make you feel better” He takes the couch next to her and once again offers the scared girl the drink kindly. She nervously tucks the strands of hair on her face behind her ear and takes the glass from his hand. While doing so, their fingers accidentally brush against each other and she jumps at the coldness of his skin and stares at him almost accusingly and immediately Kai flashes the girl a very charming smile, distracting her too fast.

The shimmering honey colored liquid smelled a little ominous but okay, not ominous enough to make her drown in fear. It also smelled a little…fun. Without much hesitation, she raises the cup to her lips and let liquid hit the back of her throat as she drank. 

The moment the liquid hit the tip of her tongue, it burned. Not like fire but more like a cold burn. It tasted metallic, like nail polish remover and instantly her gag reflex kicks in. She leans forward, clutching the glass to her chest and clamping her eyes shut as she forced the alcohol down her throat with struggle. All while Kai watched in utter amusement

“Mmmh” She groans in disgust, swallowing the bourbon after forever

“Yeah it’s a little strong, you’ll get used to it” He assures the girl

“Why do people drink this stuff?” She asks Kai in disbelief. 

“Come on…it’s not that bad” He smiles in response and earns a smile from her.

“Try it again” He encourages her and this time she is somewhat prepared for the bourbon she held in her hand. When the liquid touched her tongue once again, her body launched forward but this time it tasted different. Almost as if her taste buds have been altered with. It was a little bearable to swallow but the god awful burning cold heat at the back of her tongue never left one moment. 

“So what happened?” The Heretic shifts in slightly to see her face

“I don’t want to talk about it” She says sadly and takes another sip, finishing the cup.

“Bonnie said it’s bad to keep your feelings bottled up, she taught me that” Kai takes her cup and refills it with some bourbon.

“You and Bonnie are friends now?” She asks him in disbelief

“She’s not, I am” He winks and hands her back he glass as she takes another sip of the burning liquid. 

“Klaus tried to kill me tonight…for this stupid sacrifice” She shakes her head

“Ugh…witches and their sacrifices” Kai follows after her in disgust as she looks back at him with a small smile

“But you’re a witch too” She smiles

“Uh no? I’m a witch AND a vampire, there’s a difference” Kai smiles. This time the bourbon in her glass is already finished and she had no memory of when she drank it down between their mini conversation. She smiles and gives him the glass, urging him to pour agin. Kai at first unsure but then breaks and pours her the bourbon. This time she brings it to her lips without hesitation.

“Sounds like you had a pretty eventful night” 

“Almost got killed by a hybrid…gotta check that off my bucket list when i get home” She says and once again tips the glass to her lips.

“I’m glad you’re okay” He simply puts the words as light as air and watch the way her lashes battered at him. Her lips were curled into this nice soft smile. Her breathing was steady and she was slouching now into Damon’s Italian couch. Her temperature however was a little heightened and her blood was staring to smell different now and he smiles watching her now as she daringly reaches past him for the bottle of bourbon to pour herself another glass.

“I really like this” She smiles guiltily up at him

“It’s called a bourbon”

“Bur…bon” She looks at his lips 

“No, bour-bon” He says and smiles

“Bourbon” She says correctly and earns a chuckle from him. She too laughs, too loud, her cheeks reddening as she gulps down the glass whole. 

“Something tells me you’re having too much of it” His voice a little taut now.

“Hands off the bottle mr” She warns him, slurring slightly when he reaches for the bottle in her hand. 

“Alright…alright” Kai hushes and then proceeds to tuck her hair behind her ear as she looked up at him quietly. She had a nice face and a nice nose to go with it. The more he looked at her the more entranced he was by her features. She was so human and so…flawed but he loved it all. He wanted it all. Soon his thumb begins to draw circles on her cheek as she gently now hold his hand. 

“Why are you so nice to me?” She asks

“You think i’m nice because you’re drunk, butterfly” He laughs 

“No…You’re nice to me all the time” She shakes her head

“How could I not be?” He replies her warmly, feeling his chest swell. Suddenly she breaks the intimate moment and rockets out of the couch, losing her balance but Kai gets up in time to catch her “woah there”

“I am going to go back and kick Klaus in his hairy hybrid butt!” She throws her arms up, accidentally slapping Kai in the face as he quietly groans and goes back to holding her down.

“No, y/n you’re drunk, you need to sit down” He pulls her close

“No i’m awesome okay? I can do anyth-” She stops halfway as Kai watches her eyes roll back into their sockets. He stops breathing and watches in shock as she begins to slump into his chest, succumbing to the alcohol in her body as he catches her and sits back down on the couch, holding her close to his chest.

“This don’t happen in the movies” He mumbles to himself

“IT DOES NOT” Damon’s agitated voice booms as Elena rushes to the unconscious girl on his chest

“You let her drink?” Elena asks him accusingly

“She was upset!” Kai shurgged

“Then you say nice things to her dummy not get her drunk!” Damon yells back at him

Kai does not reply, he simply watches Elena carry the girl in her arms back into her room with Damon.

“Ahem” A voice behind him comes and Kai rolls his eyes and turns to a very angry looking Stefan. His arms were folded and his eye sharp on the Heretic

“I’m not offering you Bourbon too” The Heretic tells him

“You ate the cookies caroline gave me” He begins angrily. Kai could take non of it. He simply walks past the vampire covering his ears

Status: The Vampire Diaries 🍷

• “Eu te amo, Elena. É porque a amo que… Não posso ser egoísta com você. Você não merece isso. Eu não a mereço, mas meu irmão merece.”
- Damon Salvatore

• “Eu já fiquei apaixonado. É doloroso e sem sentido e as pessoas dão uma importância exagerada para isso.”

• “A morte acontece. Nós viemos e vamos. Quanto mais cedo for, melhor"

• “Nunca esquecerei, o que é ser humana. Isso me assusta. A única coisa que me faz continuar.”

• Quando a gente perde alguém ele fica com a gente, pra lembrar sempre como é fácil se magoar.

• O que eu estou fazendo é me esconder da verdade. E a verdade é que eu estou com medo, medo de me deixar ser feliz por um momento, ai o mundo inteiro desabar e… E eu não sei se vou conseguir superar.

• Levantar da cama é perigoso hoje em dia, mas precisamos viver

• Se eu me permitir sentir alguma coisa, tudo que eu sinto é dor

• Quando as pessoas veem bondade, esperam por ela. E eu não quero ter que viver com as expectativas de ninguém.

• Querido diário, eu não poderia estar mais errada, eu achei que conseguiria sorrir e seguir em frente, fingir que esta tudo bem. Mas estava enganada, as coisas ruins ficam com você, elas seguem você. Não da pra escapar, por mais que se queira.

• Agora eu entendo. Desligar tudo que sente é trapaça. Ao fazer um muro e bloquear tudo que te faz ser o que é, você acha que nada mais te afeta, nada importa. Mas na verdade, importam sim. Certas coisas não podem ser desfeitas.

• Vá em frente ria da moça que ama facilmente(…)

• Querido Diário, eu sobrevivi ao dia. Devo ter dito “Eu estou bem, obrigada” pelo menos 37 vezes, e eu não quis dizer isso uma vez sequer. Mas eu notei, quando alguém diz “Como você está?”, eles realmente não querem uma resposta.

• “E se soubesse que tudo ia ficar bem no final, não me importaria em nada com o que acontece agora. Mas é horrível passar um dia depois do outro sem ter certeza de nada.”

• “ Mas é horrível passar um dia após o outro sem ter certeza de nada. ”

• “Nós escolhemos o nosso próprio caminho. Nossos valores e nossas ações, eles definem quem nós somos.”

• “Já esteve tão envolvida com alguém, que simplesmente teve seu coração arrancado por ele?”

• “O amor é uma droga. Talvez a pior de todas. Ela distorce a nossa visão do mundo.”

• “Quando perguntam “Como você está?” na verdade não querem uma resposta.”

• “Se é realmente amor, então não é para sempre, é pra eternidade.”       

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“Sono così innamorato di te che non voglio perderti.”

- Damon / The Vampire Diaries (via @marika-pap)