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Hi Katie! I have a question for you. Are you still anti-abortion in cases of rape, incest, or if the life of the mother is in danger? You've probably already answered these, so I'm sorry! But I was just curious as to what your opinion is. 😊

Hi! Thanks for asking! I’m always happy to re-explain my positions, especially on hard cases, because it gives me a chance to practice and to clarify.

Let’s take these one at a time, because they are all very complex.

Rape/Sexual Assault

Rape is wrong. Rape is horrible, evil, despicable…and any other words I can come up with. Rapists should be caught, put on trial, and punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Survivors of rape should be protected. They should be supported, loved, and cared for. They should have access to health care that they need, counseling, and support groups. They should have friends and family around them who love and care for them. If that isn’t the case, communities need to step up and fill those gaps.

We can all generally agree on these things. They aren’t controversial. Pro-life people, pro-choice people, conservatives, liberals, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians…just about everyone. If someone doesn’t agree with those things, we stare at them like they’ve just grown a second head.

But what about the children of survivors of rape?

This is my friend Patti. We met doing pro-life work while I was in college out in California. She was conceived in rape. Her birth mother chose to place her for adoption, and she grew up loved and cared for. She says:

“I want to say that even though the circumstances of my conception were in violence and hatred, I am not my father, nor am I my mother. I am unique. I was created by a loving God and my life is so valuable. And so is the life of every baby conceived — valuable and a gift from God.“

This is Travon. She was conceived in rape. Her mother raised her instead of choosing adoption, and told her about who her father was after her 18th birthday. Today, she is a speaker, wife, and mother. She travels telling her story and advocating for children like her to be protected under the law.

This is Mary. Her mother had paranoid schizophrenia and was married to a man who also had a mental disability. When her mother was raped, the husband went to the police, but ultimately claimed Mary as his own to protect his wife’s reputation. Because of her mother’s schizophrenia, Mary was cared for by another couple, visiting her birth parents periodically. Eventually, when she was five years old, that couple adopted her.

(More stories at SaveThe1.com)

Do any of these people look like they were conceived in rape? What would that look like? My friend Patti told me that she has heard people refer to those conceived in rape as “devil spawn.” Should they have horns and tails? Should they carry pitchforks?

Or are they children? Teenagers? Adults? Mothers and fathers? Husbands and wives? People?

The circumstances of conception, no matter how violent, how terrible, do not reduce the value of the child conceived. If abortion is wrong because it kills a human being, then it is wrong no matter who that human being’s father is.

What about the mother? Like I said above, I am all in favor of resources and support for survivors of rape. I am all for counseling to help them process and heal. Abortion will not solve their problems. It will not take away their nightmares. It will not take away their fear, their pain. It will only take away the life of their child, who has no guilt in how he or she was conceived.

Meet Darlene. She was not only conceived in rape, but as a teenager she became a victim of child trafficking and became pregnant from rape herself. She says that in order to escape from her captor, she pretended to have an abortion. Now she is married with five children and two grandchildren.

Darlene, despite her own difficult childhood and the way she was forced into motherhood at a young age, has made it her life’s mission to protect the lives of children like her and her oldest child.

She says:

“I am so passionate about the value of every life; whether one is conceived with wine and roses, in a test tube or as a result of violence. I absolutely reject the utilitarian view that people are valuable only if they can contribute to society in arbitrarily contrived ways. We should all hold to the Declaration of Independence’s admonition that each of us is endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights: the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. These God given rights are consecutive, not concurrent. Without the right to life, nothing else matters.“

I have included all of these stories here not because they prove my point. I include them because these are the real human beings we’re talking about when we talk about abortion in the case of rape. We need to remember these faces, these names, every time someone says “cases of rape are only 1% of abortions, we shouldn’t be a stickler over 1%.” Every time someone says “a pregnancy from rape is only a terrible reminder for the mother.” Every time someone says “abortion is okay for the same reason that rape is wrong, because of bodily autonomy.”

These are the people we’re talking about killing.

Pro-lifers know that abortion kills children and hurts women. So why should we abandon those women and children who have also been hurt by rape to the additional pain and death of abortion?


This is very similar to the case of rape, and many people put these two together. However, I gave incest its own section so I could deal with what does make it different.

In the case of incest, we have an extra layer of complexity that makes these cases exceptionally painful. In the case of incest, we usually have a young girl who is raped by a close family member, often her own father. She has been scarred in ways that someone who didn’t experience that can never understand. And now she’s pregnant, probably at a very young age.

What do we do?

First, we get her out of that situation as quickly as we can. We get her to a safe place, and we do everything we can to make her feel safe. We don’t want her to be worried about her rapist coming back for her, at least no more than she has to be.

We put her rapist in jail. We make sure that he is punished to the fullest extent of the law. Perhaps we even find comfort in knowing that in prison, he will be rejected even by other criminals for the nature of his crime.

But she’s still pregnant. And she’s still a child. What do we do?

We love and care for her and her child. We find a permanent home for her, through adoption or through other family members if possible. We give her power over the process as much as we can so she feels like she has some control. We talk to her about adoption and parenting, and we let her make the decision. If she chooses parenting, we work with her new guardians to make a plan for her welfare and the child’s. If she chooses adoption, we give her the opportunity to meet potential adoptive parents and choose the family that she wants her child to have. We give her the choice between open and closed adoption, so that she doesn’t feel like her child was taken from her.

We don’t kill her child.

Just like those conceived in rape, people conceived in incest are still people. They are human beings with the same right to life as any other human being. We cannot abandon them either.

If abortion is wrong because it kills a human being, then it is always wrong.

Health/Life of the Mother

This case is almost more complex, because here we get into the definition of abortion. For our purposes, I am defining abortion as a procedure that intentionally takes the life of the preborn child.

There is one case that comes the closest to abortion being necessary, and that is a tubal pregnancy. In these cases, the embryo implants in the fallopian tube. With current medical technology, we have no way to save the child. If we do not intervene, the child will grow, the tube will rupture, and the mother can die from hemorrhaging. So we have to intervene and remove the child from the fallopian tube.

I do not consider this an abortion. Our goal is not to kill the child, but to save the mother. If, someday, we found a way to save the child and the mother, we would do it. But currently, we can’t. A doctor’s job is to save as many patients as possible, but the loss of a patient does not mean the doctor is a murderer. He or she is only guilty of murder if the patient is intentionally killed.

This same reasoning applies to every other case. It is wrong to intentionally kill the child. However, if the child needs to be removed to save the mother’s life, we can do so. We just need to be sure that we are also concerned for the life of the child, and doing everything we can to save that child’s life as well.

Some will argue that late-term abortion is necessary to save mothers, but this makes no sense. Sure, and early delivery might save the life of the mother. But why should dismembering, poisoning, or beheading that child in the process do anything to improve the mother’s health?

For more on this from an actual doctor (which I am not), watch this video of an interview with Dr. Anthony Levatino. Dr. Levatino was an abortionist and is still an OB/GYN. He worked out of a regular practice rather than an abortion clinic, and so he would routinely do an abortion in one room and then talk to a mother who was keeping her child in the other. He saw patients with complicated and high-risk pregnancies. He knew, even then, that abortion was not necessary. In fact, as he says in the video, for late-term patients an abortion is more dangerous than an early delivery. A late-term abortion might take up to three days, while a c-section delivery could take an hour. If the mother’s life is truly in that much danger, which would you choose?

Every case is different when we’re talking about high-risk pregnancies, but we can tackle each of them in a pro-life way by following a simple rule: treat both mother and child as patients. If we are doing that, we will find the best approach that saves the most lives.

I hope this helps! Feel free to ask for any clarification on anything I’ve said here.

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Episode 1: Adam Savage (Mythbusters) has listened to the Hamilton soundtrack hundreds of times, and still finds things new things to learn and love. He also busts some myths about the musical’s stage design. His favorite song (and he’s ready to sing it) is Hurricane. 

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Anthony Ramos has Hamilton in his bones. He’s performed the show on Broadway hundreds of times in his dual role as John Laurens and Philip Hamilton— but he still gets pumped when “Wait for It” comes on. Before being cast in Hamilton, Anthony was waiting for it, too. He describes what it was like to go from working in a bakery to performing at the White House. Plus, he tells Travon about learning by example from Leslie Odom Jr. and (not) watching his boss kiss his girlfriend onstage.

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In memory of those who have been victims of police brutality and to the families of those who have passed. Our voices will be heard

To the people who are upset over the verdict and are now rioting in Ferguson I just want you to know that you’re all a bunch of fucking retards. 

This is like the Trayvon Martin case all over again, the jury couldn’t find any evidence to prove Micheal Brown didn’t rob that liquor store and assault that police officer. Does it suck Brown died like that? Yes but that doesn’t change the fact that the evidence clearly showed that there was a struggle between him and Wilson. Wilson wasn’t running around looking for random black men to shoot he was just doing his job.

Also funny how everyone’s making a huge fuss out of this because again Wilson is white and the media is trying to push the agenda that all white people are racist and that only white people can be racist, never mind the fact Brown was robbing a liquor store before he got into a confrontation with Wilson on the street, but the media didn’t bother to report that fact when it came out because as we already established the news is more about pushing an agenda than it is about reporting the news. 

And now people are running around acting like goddamn animals and for what? Nothing, you know this is only gonna make the government wanna push for more police militarization right? So don’t get mad when you start seeing a whole bunch of SWAT officers walking down your neighborhood or city because that’s what’s gonna happen. The government has been looking for an excuse to push for police militarization and the people rioting in the streets have now given it to them.

Plus I gotta ask where were the riots in Salt Lake City when Dillon Taylor was shot? Oh that’s right there were none because Taylor was white and the cop that gunned him down was black. So yeah nice to fucking know the media didn’t cover that story because you know we now live in a world where only white people can be considered racist and no one else! 

Fuck the world we live in and fuck the media.      

Last Night...

Baltimore passed it’s 300th killing in the city. People will use this figure to continuously dump on the city, blaming everyone they can think of for its crime and violence, but they’ll forget one thing: 300 is not just a number.

Here are the names of everyone killed within the city limits so far this year:

Karim Bonner, Josphat Kobia, Leon Fleming, Matthew Thomas, Brian Chase, John Walsh, Robert Thomas, Troy Preston, Darius White, Anthony Richardson, Troy Pinkney, Donte Downer, David Hall, Harry Smith, Jason Ballard, Dashawn Allbrook, Marlon Harvey, Davon Johnson, Stephen Foreman, James Smith, Stephen Vaise, Victor Underwood Black, Marvin Barrett, Tavares Swinson, Derrick Dargan, John Imbragulio, James Williams, James Maurice Edward Jr., Malik Fuller, Unidentified Man, Kevin Mason, Jawan Goode, Leedell Brown, Owen Crayton, Anthony Reese, Dwayne Reid, Markez Jones, Djuan Tillett, Tameka Mobley, Terrell Walston, Davon Jordan, Alton Wallace III, Daniel Brooks, Sterling Day, Jarrell Hicks, Andre Robinson, Travis Dixon, Victor Gwaltney III, Kemmontay Mitchell, Jeremy Ward, Felicity Shelton, Carla Harrison, Steven Jackson, Jamar Green, Tyrone Damon, Tywaun Short, Billy Vines, Kevin Hill, Mark Nicholson, Jamal Rosebourgh, Troy Palmer, Carvell Jones, Nicole Torain, Reanna Greene, Daquain Tate, Tierell Wilder, Kareem George, Tyleah Fenwick, Martin Brooks, Ricky Chambers Jr., Andre Hunt, Davon William Johnson, James Maurice Johnson, Freddie Gray, Yogesh Sheth, Byron Showell, Khai Hebron, Jorvon Beatty, Keith Watts, Rodney Vandette Johnson, Melissa Anne Bingham, Armand Parrine, Paul Smith, Ivan McBroom, Matthew Hughes, Harry Davis, Odell Stewart, Louis Hicks, Tahil Yasin, Shawn Scott, Tiffany Chisholm, Wade Purvey Jr., Eric Diggs Jr., Shawn Hickman, Kelvin Warfield, Melody Johnson, Michael Smith, Jarmar James, Darell Alston, Charles Adams, Tyrin Diggs, Hassan Fields, James Mckoy, Bruce Fleming Jr., Umika Smith, Charles Jackson Jr., Shaquil Hinton, Charles Dobbins, Keith Leon Booze, Jennifer Jeffrey, Kester Browne, Eladio Bennett, Justin Mensupha-Bey, Ronnie Thomas III, Kevin Hart Jr., Terrell Patterson, Tony Moody, Gerald Smith, Jerod Richardson, Montez Parker, Tyrone Hamber, Calvin Bryant, Malcolm Alonzo Rodgers, Kevin Jones, Arnesha Bowers, Ronnie Walden, Elery Hudson, Andrew Powell, Antoine Johnson, Jamon Corprew, Curtis D. Mitchell, Jerome J. Grant, Steven L. Bass, Michael S. Montgomery, Pernell Morris, Henry MacArthur, Bernard Dorsey, Alan Durant Gilbert, Leasia Carter, Cory Turman, Tommy David Thomas, Marcus Warren, Jose Alejandro Cartagena, Brian Augins, Ivan J. Cox Jr., Nathaniel Wheeler Jr., Josh Remus Burnett, Keith Glascoe, Edward Burroughs, Derwin Jones, John F. Davis, Lamont Randall Jr., Gerald Thompson, Jaqueline Parker Antonio Anderson, Eric Forrester, Gary Jackson, Gregory Higgins, James Ricardo Smith, Tyrell Hardy, Darrius Johnson, Dante Barnes, Marvin Coston Jr., Frederick S. Taylor, Steven Justin Lewis, Tyrone Johnson, Robert Lee Jackson, Ronald Davon Penn, Terron Singleton, Damon Tisdale, Delvin Trusty, Shyteak Lawrence, Albert Mullen, Sina Masoodi, Raja’ee Naneem Sincere, Jefferson Bolden, Clerow Myers III, Daquan Mason, Damon L. Ramsey, Charles Diggs, Jaswinder Singh, Marcus Downer, Michael Polston, Franklin Grayson, Lorad C. Warner, Marquis Tisdale, Teon Simms, Jermaine Mitter, Donte Dixon Jr., Gregory Tynes, Terrence Boyd, Alvin Phillips, Darod Rosenburough, La Tonya Denise Battle, Tranell Dansbury, Robert Mullins, Christopher Giles, Steven Krug, Jerome Smith, Dontaye McDaniel, David Lamont Nolan, Sheldon Eubanks, Timothy Francher, Franklin Morris, Tyrik Adams, Marquise Caldwell, Melvin Heckstell, Kevin Carey, Paul Passley, Brandon Smith, Angelo Yancy, Richard Dabbs Jr., Thelonious Monk, Jason Summers, Raykwon Young, Darryl Wyche, Keenan Stanfield, Kevin Gray, Kevin Lyde, Ryan Mims, Michael Thompson, Daymar Rogers, Tyvonte Worrell, Theophilus Ruffin, Keith Gale, Antoine Smith, Kason Williams, Lamont Montague, Terry Whittaker, Stonie Baker, Romel Simms, Kirk Butler, Thomas Meehan, Michael Nichols, Troy Mitter, Darris Darnell Davis, Tondayo Johnson, Pierre Epps-Hamilton, Dante Lamont Barnes, Diane Griffin, Antonio McNeil, Cecil Harris, Kevin Cannady, Christina Gowran, Rayshawn Jones, Amir Billings, Tayvon Wilson, Juanito Mosquita, Brian Johnson, Kevin White, Deyquawn Cooper, Gordon Williams, James Gaylord, Ronald Stewart, Ryan Green, Noran Torbet, Wendell Taylor, Levar Round, James Anderson, Yeison Carreto-Guttierrez, Eigene Nesbitt, Keon Smith, Tabitha Holton, Markel Benson, Avery Kelly, Terrell Jones, Terrance Johnson, Andre Clark Jr., Dorian Pate Jr., Angel Powell, Kelavin Weaver, David Brown, Maurice Swilling, Daniel Blackston, Andrew Mack, Travon Venable, Calvin Ellis, Dustin Howes, Larry McDaniels, Damien Best, Matthew Kirsch, Monard Holeman Jr., Quentin Heard, Anthony Rucker, Dominic Walker, Quantaz Christian, Dale Abrams, Earl Keith Burton, Darryl Whitehead, James Dews, Lerell McBride, Robert Joseph Adams, Trevon Joyner, David Nance, David Moore, Kendal Fenwick, Gerald Stokes, Jaquan Holt, Unidentified Man, Tavon Allen, Unidentified Man, and Unidentified Man.