steadily emerging with grace
a 6k clizzy sirens au

“Wait, what does that even mean? To be a siren?” Clary asks.

“You have divinity in your veins,” Isabelle says.

You know what character designers never think about when creating a character?

How the FUCK do they go to the bathroom?? Like, I never really noticed until I started cospaying. Then I found myself standing in a bathroom stall, staring at the toilet, a mighty need pulling me towards the porcelain throne, and 10 minutes of undressing ahead of me before I could actually get anything done.

here with me: a maiagretel fanmix [8tracks] [youtube]

i. hypnotic - vanic & zella day // ii. nineteen - tegan and sara // iii. night go slow - catey shaw // iv. young god - halsey // v. paradise is you - la roux // vi. meet me on the equinox - death cab for cutie // vii. 5 am - amber run // viii. here with me - susie suh & robot koch // ix. saturn - sleeping at last // x. you - keaton henson