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It’s hard to pick favorites, but if I had to choose:

 Happens that these guys are also the main characters of their respective story idea. 

Uh.. I guess that cartoons introduced me to goths. I always found the goth character to be much cooler than the rest and usually more hotter too.  I’m not really nitpicky.  Any goth style is awesome.

#29 : Cradle songs of comfort (Dishonored AU - Part 1)

I need to make one thing clear first:

You do NOT need to know the plot of “Dishonored” to read this fic.

If you have played the game, that’s great, you will catch more references. If you don’t know what “Dishonored” is about - you can still read the story. Treat it as a steampunk/dystopian/fantasy AU with a healthy dose of angst and you’ll be just fine.

This wasn’t beta-read yet, so as always, keep in mind that I am not a native English speaker and all typos/mistakes will be fixed in time.



Alec and his mother came to an understanding just after his fifteenth birthday.

It became apparent to him that he was not going to be able to fulfill his parents’ wishes and become the next Emperor. It wasn’t for the lack of faith in his own leadership or because he wanted to avoid the responsibility of ruling a nation.

No, it was only because of the fact that Alec would not be able to father any legitimate heirs.

The day he confessed this to his mother was the scariest day in his life, even more so than her assassination attempt a few years back. His father, the more understanding one, passed away due to illness when Alec was twelve, so it was only Maryse who raised him and his siblings.

He needed to tell her the truth. He owed her that much.

So Alec told her that he couldn’t rule Idris after her with fair conscience, not when he couldn’t stand the idea of marrying a woman one day and having children with her. The Lightwood line wouldn’t continue through him.

Maryse took the news with a surprising calm. It unnerved Alec. It made him think that she was going to banish him and exclude him from the family. He didn’t want to leave Izzy, Jace or Max behind but he wouldn’t go against her wishes either.

Alec might have been terrified of his mother’s temper, but she was still his mother and his Empress and Alec was nothing if not the dutiful son. He was going to accept the consequences of his nature. The Lightwoods always accepted consequences and his mother’s word was the law.

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Do you think they'll do to Max what the books did? Like I'm not ready for that and will probably lose my shit for a month

I’ve had a lot of Asks about this but this is the first one that doesn’t spoil anything in the Ask itself, so I’ll answer it: Yes, I imagine they will. Or at least I hope they do. Slightly spoilery below the cut. Y’know, if you want to see me either voice your secret opinion on the matter or dig myself a hole that makes you hate me for all eternity.

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Unpopular opinion (probably): I know that CC's writing's problematic, but isn't it fair to say no immortal completely gets a happy ending in the Shadowhunter Chronicles? I mean if they fall for a mortal. Tessa had a few decades with Will and children. She outlived her babies, which a lot of people would say is worse. She even outlived her grandchildren. The same will happen with her and Jem (ouch). And although Malec will have a lifetime and kids together, it won't be forever. Magnus will have

Max, and friends, and be Uncle Magnus to generations of Lightwoods, and Herondales, and Fairchilds, but eventually like Tessa he’ll lose Rafael and his mortal love. It’s bittersweet, but I think that Immortal/Mortal relationships are consistently written.

Agreed! It is bittersweet, but it’s also real and rare and this very fragile thing that both Alec and Magnus will carefully and unconditionally put their energy into for the rest of their days together. I find that dreadfully romantic.

And I don’t think I’d change it. I wouldn’t want to take away what makes Alec and Magnus who they are. Because Magnus is magical, and his power is greatly interwoven with how he presents himself to others and how he moves through life. I wouldn’t want to make him mortal, because I think he’d hate it, and I think he’d get bored. And Alec is a Shadowhunter in the truest sense of the word - his moral code aligns with the Nephilim world and what he wants for it’s future. I wouldn’t want to make him immortal either, because for me, it just doesn’t match up with who he is. And when you take who they are away from them, the person they become stops being the person the other fell in love with. Catch 22.

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Hey sorry! Quick question... Like how powerful is Magnus? In the books I mean, I never read them. I know he's the son of a prince of hell, and I know he can touch a witch light but why would Tessa, Catarina and Ragnor all be more powerful than him? Like... How combat ready is he? Because the show keeps contradicting itself and I'm confused

Ooooh. I haven’t touched the books in a long time and the little details tend to escape me. What I do remember is that Magnus Bane was powerful enough at 10 years old to incinerate his step father where he stood - on instinct, without prior use or control of his abilities. I also read in a post somewhere that Magnus was powerful enough that when he was still trying to get control of his power as a teenager, his emotions caused city-wide blackouts and earthquakes. But don’t quote me on that.

Magnus has used his Princely heritage (being a son to the King of Hell) to coerce others into doing his bidding, and used it as a way to raise his social standing in Downworld when he was younger, so he’s more powerful than most in a social manner at least. As for touching a witchlight, it’s Magnus’ angel blood (cause yes, he has angel blood in his DNA) from his Demon father (who was a fallen angel like Lucifer) that changes the colour of a witchlight’s glow. 

The show probably considers Magnus less powerful than Catarina and Ragnor because they are older than him, and the show probably considers Magnus less powerful than Tessa because she is both Warlock and Shadowhunter.