The U.S. is falling behind on trans identity laws
Painting a full picture of the legal gender change landscape, this approachable article explains laws in the US - including per state and per document regulations - and in other countries.

“There are simply no serious arguments in favor of creating unnecessary barriers to accurate identification — no one undergoes the financial cost and social stigma associated with being transgender in order to commit fraud,” Buchert told Fusion.

[Colombia], Denmark, Argentina and Malta also allow transgender people to change their sex on government issued identifications without getting medical approval first. Ireland is poised to do the same later this month.

Dear Cis People:

Just let me introduce myself at parties. They asked who I was. I had my name halfway out my mouth. You must have not heard me because you cut me off, talked over me and practically shouted my wrong name at them. If you can’t get my name and gender right, just let me tell them.

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