A first time mother’s fears

Sophie stared out the window absentmindedly, the sewing she had been trying to complete left abandoned in her lap. She felt a sudden movement and looked down at her stomach in wonder. No matter how often she was reminded of it by the flutter of movements, the tightening of her clothes, or her inability to sleep comfortably anymore she still found it hard to believe she was actually growing another human being inside of her. The thought both mesmerized and terrified her. She patted her bump gingerly as if to comfort the soul that was kicking about. She had begun staring out the window again when Gideon entered the room, walking up behind her to place a reassuring hand on her shoulder. There was a time when Sophie would’ve cringed away from the contact, but she had become accustomed to Gideon’s calming presence and always knew when it was him.

She reached up and put a hand over his as he leaned down to kiss her on the cheek. “What are you doing in here alone my love?” He asked. She picked up the half finished baby’s nightdress and showed it to him. “I’ve been trying to finish this, though I can’t seem to concentrate on it. I’m dreadfully behind on the baby’s clothes, at this rate he or she won’t have anything to wear by their third day here.” She frowned at the thought, having grown up with nothing she wanted her baby to have everything. Gideon picked up the unfinished sewing and put it aside before he knelt in front of Sophie. He laid his hands gently on her stomach, speaking softly to it. “Hello in there little one. We’re all very excited to meet you out here.” Sophie stroked his hair lovingly as he did this but couldn’t stop the frown from forming on her face. Gideon looked up and his brow creased in worry at the sight of his unhappy wife.

He reached up and cupped her face, forcing her to look up and meet his eyes. “Sophie, darling, what’s wrong? Are you not excited about our first child?” Sophie cast her eyes back down in response, not wanting to watch her husbands reaction when she told him what had been bothering her. “What if our child doesn’t like me? Doesn’t want me for their mother?” She whispered. Gideon let out a little gasp at her words, shocked at the very idea. “Why would you ask that Sophie? Our child will absolutely adore you, how could you think otherwise?” She continued to look away, afraid he thought her foolish. “Look at me. Look at the scar on my face. It’s a constant reminder of how weak I was, and probably still am compared to the rest of you. What if our child is ashamed of me, because I was born a mundane and not a shadowhunter like their father, and that I am weak because of it?” Gideon couldn’t stand if any longer, he pulled his wife into his arms and held her. He did not speak at once, because while he knew what he wanted to say, he wanted to pick the right words. He knew what a delicate subject this was for his wife. He stroked her hair as she sobbed into his shoulder, unable to hold the tears back any longer.

Finally he pulled back enough to see her face. He gently wiped away the remaining tears with his thumbs as he cupped her face with both hands. “Sophie, my darling, you are the strongest, bravest person I know. Not woman, or shadowhunter, but the very bravest being. The scar on your face, like all the scars that cover our bodies as nephilim, is a testament to your courage. It displays not what you have fallen prey to, but what you have endured and overcome. And it is one of the most beautiful things about you. There is no doubt in my mind that our child will see this too, and grow up knowing what a warrior their mother is, and always has been her entire life.” He looked to his wife’s face to see if she would accept his words and be reassured. She had stopped crying and looked at him. She leaned in and kissed her husband softly on the lips, realizing yet again how fortunate she was to have found such a man. She rested her forehead against his, all her fears having been forgotten with his words and whispered “And what a father our child will have. I love you, Gideon Lightwood.”

hello, can anyone recommend any aesthetic tsc blogs? (multifandom is ok) (and if you’re one of those blogs please like/reblog this!) my dash is severely lacking in that type of content. thanks in advance ♡

Sophie&Gideon 🖤

Some head canon ideas for this underrated ship in honor of Lightwood Day.

-Gideon teaches all of the children Spanish, which Sophie loves and appreciates because she was not given the chance to learn another language as a child.

-This also leads to the children picking up Gideon’s habit of swearing in Spanish.

-This Sophie is not so happy about but it brings up fond memories of Gideon giving her her first training lessons and so she lets it slide…most of the time.

-Sophie teaches their girls how to be strong, independent women so that they will never be victims at the hands of greedy men like she was.

-Sophie teaches her girls that it’s ok to be picky when looking for a husband, not just any man will do, because they deserve kind, strong, intelligent men like their father.

-They always sit down for tea and scones on Sunday afternoon which tends to lead Sophie and Gideon down memory lane.

-They then exchange lovely memories of how they met, their courtship, and the early years of their marriage while both teary eyed.

-The children usually roll their eyes at this but secretly hope for the kind of love story their parents have.

-Sophie and Gideon tell the children of their grandfather and all his mistakes. While they do not teach the children to hate him, they use him as an example of what happens when shadowhunters lose their way and sight of their purpose.

-Sophie and Gideon take the children over to the institute every Saturday to spend the day with Will, Tessa, Gabriel and Cecily and all their children. They love being a part of such a big family.

-Gideon and Sophie view Will and Tess and their children as much their family as Gabriel and Cecily.

-Gideon never takes sides when Will and Gabriel are arguing, he instead likes to amuse himself with comments like “You two seem more like brothers than Gabriel and I” which always leads to Will and Gabriel stopping their argument, both embarrassed to be accused as being blood related and not just by marriage.

-This always amuses Gideon further and he reminds them that they argue so much because they are actually very alike. This causes more embarrassed looks and mutters to the contrary.


Will Herondale sat in the window of his new bedroom and looked out at a London frozen under a chilly winter sky. Snow dusted the tops of houses reaching away toward the pale ribbon of the Thames, giving the view the feeling of a fairy-tale.

Though at the moment, Will was not feeling very friendly toward fairytales.

He ought to be happy, he knew that much — after all, it was his wedding day.

Sometimes I think “wtf Julian is only 17 NO ONE in this shadowhunting world would be able to raise children at 17! Only him! Bc he strong and brave!” And then I remember that Charlotte Branwell had been head of the London Institute along with Henry since she was 18 years old and had to raise 3 children who weren’t even related to her, which included a bitter, spoiled girl; a sick boy; and a boy who was mean to every soul and was known to make Charlotte’s life a little impossible. And these kids didn’t feel any obligation to obey her, because she wasn’t family or even old enough.
So yes, Julian was brave and strong (especially because he had been raising his siblings by himself since he was TWELVE) but let us not forget Charlotte motherfucking Branwell.

You know the thing about Cassandra Clare books...

You know the thing about @cassandraclare books that makes them so incredible is not the story, which is undoubtedly great, but it’s the fact that virtually everyone can see them self represented in them.

It’s not just that it has one of the best, less fetishized and widest LGBTQ+ representations that I’ve ever read, including married LGBTQ couples, LGBTQ adoption, a transsexual character who’s transition is barely touched upon and is completely accepted as the gender she identifies by the man who is in love with her, even after she revealed the truth about herself, and gender non conforming character and so on.

But it also shows one of the widest representations in general:
There are gorgeous girls who can kick your ass in 12in heels, guys who are completely in touch and comfortable with their emotions as well as those who struggle to hide them away. character who are questioning them self and the beliefs they grew up with, petite girls who struggle to be taken seriously, a plus size girl that no matter how much she diets or exercise can’t seem to loose weight, a non fetishized boy-girl friendship, a guy who loves reading classic romantic stories, minority characters who are smart, strong, talented and proud of their heritage, an autistic character, a character who lost everything and struggles to trust everyone ever again, and so much more.

@cassandraclare books are incredible because no matter who you are, you can find a character that represents you, or who you aspire to be.