Like seriously, The Mortal Instruments became a movie… and yea it didn’t do that great… but we have another chance! Another chance for the stories we all love and cherish to become a TV show and new actors and actresses + endless possibilities to tell the story! (The Infernal Devices included). Look at how the all other wonderful book series we love get judged upon by its sucky movie and never get picked up again. *COUGH* PERCY JACKSON *COUGH*  

Instead of being all huffy and puffy of how “Dominic Sherwood” isn’t how you pictured Jace (*cough* but i beg to differ. I think he’s GREAT), have some hope and optimism for the show. Nothing will be perfect but it will be a lot better, and that’s a start. Furthermore, we don’t even need to wait for a network to pick them up after a pilot! It’s already been confirmed that it will be on ABC Family!! Which is pretty awesome! (Delirium and The Selection series was opted for a TV show but after they filmed the pilot, no network picked them up I believe, or it couldn’t fit in their schedules)

Yea, you probably didn’t think ABC Family would pick the show up, but it’s a popular channel with successful shows (Ex: PLL, which in fact, is also a book series). 

Also, it’s important to mention that McG, the director of this show and of course, the beloved Cassandra Clare are working super dee-duper hard on this. They want this to succeed as much as we do. So, all we can do is respect their hard work and be grateful for putting the characters we love so much on screen so that we can fangirl over them and cry. x_X

THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT TIME IN THE TMI/TID FANDOM. BE GRATEFUL ABOUT IT. Maybe you did like the movie, and that’s totally okay, but this is a new beginning, a brand new way to tell Cassandra’s stories, and it will be beautiful. Yes, I still have maximum respect for the past actors but I still can’t wait for more people to be cast, I swear to god I will pee in my pants. I have unconditional love for these books and I just want them to become the next biggest thing. 

When I tell the people around me that I’m super excited, (TMI fans/ and non TMI fans included), they tell me there’s no way it will be successful and I’m getting excited over “nothing.” I’M SORRY EXCUSE ME WHAT NO. I am excited regardless, and just please have hope in the new TV series! (wow this was really long)

Malec Headcannon

Magnus is reading the newspaper, and on the couch there’s Alec sleep talking to himself. Magnus rolls the paper and starts smacking him on the face.

Shadowhunters: The Chronicles (TV)

In my perfect world (sort of a continuation of this old post; I’ve had this in my head ever since we found out about the show, but thought I’d post how I see it now after recent developments (”Shadowhunters:” being a very convenient title if they ever decide to adapt cassandraclare’s whole series ;) they could easily change the subtitle The Mortal Instruments to whichever series, or they could also not, works either way probably) and after seeing itsleightaylor’s adaptation timeline post as well)…

  • Summer/Spring 2016: TMI: City of Bones (13 episodes)
  • Fall 2016: TID: Clockwork Angel (4-6, or 8-10 episodes)
  • S 2017: TMI: City of Ashes
  • Fall 2017: TID: Clockwork Prince
  • S 2018: TMI: City of Glass
  • Fall 2018: TID: Clockwork Princess
  • S 2019: TMI: City of Fallen Angels
  • Fall 2019: TST: Vol1 (Academy Days)*
  • S 2020: TMI: City of Lost Souls
  • Fall 2020: TST: Vol2 (Pre-Uprising)*
  • S 2021: TMI: City of Heavenly Fire
  • Fall 2021: Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
  • S 2022: TDA: Lady Midnight
  • Fall 2022: TLH: Chain of Thorns
  • S 2023: TDA: Lord/Prince of Shadows
  • Fall 2023: TLH: Chain of Gold
  • S 2024: TDA: Queen of Air and Darkness
  • Fall 2024: TLH: Chain of Iron
  • S 2025-2027: TWP S1-S3, OR
  • 2025-202?: The Wicked Powers, epic 2/3-part film finale for the series
  • The Bane Chronicles The Shadowhunter’s Codex / Shadow World history stuff filmed as extras/bonus stuff, some integrated into series as flashbacks.

* TST: Of course this is just me guessing, I have no idea what The Secret Treasons will really be about, or if it’ll still be released in two volumes, or even if it’s still happening. And to reiterate what I said in my first post, this is really just me getting ahead of myself again. XD And being very, very hopeful about how the show will do. :) ~ rwtia

The Morbach Monster

There’s a lycan whose allegedly been running around the Wittlich Area of Germany since the early 1810s. The legend of the Morbach Monster begins with a soldier named Thomas Johannes Baptist Schwytzer. Schwytzer deserted Napoleons Grande Armee and fell in with a group of Russian deserters, who joined him on his journey back to France. According to the legend, in need of supplies, the men raided a farmhouse and murdered the family of farmers. The farmer’s wife placed a curse on Schwytzer, and Schwytzer then crushed the woman’s skull.

Schwytzer embraced the brutality of robbing, raping and murdering. His blood lust was too much for his fellow deserters, and he left them, falling in with bandits and highwaymen. Even they found his methods extreme, so he abandoned civilization and took up camp in the woods. After his self-exile, whispered tales of a wolf that walked like a man spread amongst the villagers. Then killings began; the mysterious wolf was blamed for the brutal slaughter of people and livestock. 

Days later, as Schwytzer sat at his campfire, a group of villagers confronted him and demanded he pay for his crimes. Apparently taking the curse seriously, the vigilantes killed Schwytzer and buried his body. To prevent the return of the werewolf, a shrine with a candle was placed at the grave site. Legend says as long as the candle is kept burning, the creature shall be bound to the grave.

Schwytzer’s story didn’t end with his death. One summer night in 1988, a group of Air Force personnel were returning to the Morbach U.S. Air Force munitions depot and passed by the shrine.  They noticed the candle had gone out. Later that evening, base sirens pierced the night. Someone or something had activated the perimeter sensors. One of the guards reported seeing a large wolf-like creature standing on its hind legs. The guard said it held his gaze for a moment before running off and effortlessly leaping over a three-meter high fence.

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simmingwiththetide asked:

Ronnie & Juliet for the otp ask meme?

  • Which one sexts like a straight white boy?

Ronnie, but Juliet likes to send them in public to see how Ronnie’ll react to them

  • Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?

Juliet, though she wont admit to anyone

  • Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?

Ronnie bc he tends to forget about things

  • Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?


  • Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?

Juliet lmfao she runs cold so gotta warm them up some way 

  • Who had that embarassing Reality TV marathon?

Juliet, she’ll legit not sleep for days when she’s sucked in to one of those shows

  • Who laughs more during sex?

Ronnie, but yo it’s supposed to be fun right gotta have a bit of laughter bye