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Thor looked over at you for the upteenth time. He wanted to walk over to you and do anything to make your lips curve into a smile but alas, he had to sit with his brother, Father and Mother and was not allowed to move until the last guest has left. 

“You seem distracted.” Frigga said as she sipped her drink. She had a small smile on her face - she knew exactly what was distracting him.

“It’s nothing.” He sighed, putting his hands together and trying to not allow you to enter his mind again.


I so almost didn’t finish this in time but anyway, happy birthday @sciderman, I’ll leave the sin at the door

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steve grows a beard for the first time (that the avengers have seen at least)

The first time they’re called back to Earth from Asgard, the emergency’s big enough that Steve, Bucky, and Thor don’t have time to change from their finery. The revelry for The Lady Sif’s triumphant return had been about to be the stuff of legends.

There are flowers woven into Steve’s beard and Bucky’s braided hair and Thor’s both. They’re not quite tipsy yet but when Clint tumbles off the top of the fridge when they arrive, it seems like a good time to giggle.

“So you’re just gonna be Norse gods now, is that it?” Tony asks. “You move off to Asgard to be Prince Consorts of the God of Thunder, and you just decide it’s time to look Asgardian too, is that it?”

“You’re just mad you can’t grow more of a beard,” Steve says. “You people going to tell us what the emergency is, or what?”

Supermom *Part Four*

Chapter Summery: You’re greeted with a shocking surprise when the team gets home

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Warnings: None I can think of, cuteness 

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You stared at your phone waiting anxiously for any word on the whereabouts of your babies. You hadn’t heard a thing from them since Friday when they disappeared, and that was four days ago. You were driving Maria crazy trying to locate the group of hero’s. Maria told she would call you if there was anything, and that you should relax, everything would be fine. It was always fine as she said. You sighed in exasperation, when another hour ticked by and nothing. When you all but gave up hope that she would call, it was 10 at night, your phone rang loudly in the eerily quiet tower. You jumped and quickly answered the phone, “Maria! Where are they? Are they okay? Are they alive? Are they safe? Oh my gosh! I’m freaking out!”

“First of all, breath Y/n, its fine, the team is fine. But uh, the mission had some complications.” Your breath hitched, and your mind was racing. “What ‘complication Maria?” You sighed angrily. “I can’t really explain it, we’re on the way up,” Maria stated. ‘Who’s we?” You asked worried. “Myself, the team and the director,” she hung the phone up, the numbers on the elevator lit up signaling they were on their way up. You stood staring at the numbers tick by, you were biting your nail and tapping your foot. A nervous habit you had that got worse when you started working with the Avengers. The elevator binged and your head snapped up, Hill and Fury exited the lift first, followed by nine children that were various ages from enfant to 5 years old. Your jaw dropped, Vision exited the elevator last, you looked at Maria and Fury in disbelief, “You’re joking,” you said staring at the large group of toddlers. “I wish we were Y/n,” Maria said, who you assumed to be baby Thor hugged her calf. Your sighed heavily, “Seriously?” you looked at Fury, who nodded. “Miss Y/l/n, if I may,” you had your head leaned into your hand, it was pounding. “You may Vee.”

“Hydra hit them with some sort of chemical, which was ineffective on me, but it was effective on them.” You looked at him, “I gathered that Vee, how do we fix this?” You asked one of the three adults in the room. “We’re working on it, but for now you need to take care of them, we have a set of quad strollers coming tomorrow and a child safety leash coming also. Good luck Y/n.” You huffed at Fury who patted your shoulder, “On the bright side, you get to play real mom to super hero’s for a bit.” You sighed, and nodded, “Alright, give me the babies,” two agents placed baby Wanda and Pietro in you arms, they couldn’t be more then six months, the next youngest being Steve and Bucky at a year old about, still babies, they could crawl though. That was what the stroller was for you mentally checked off. Next was Nat and Clint, at about 2ish years old, followed by Thor who was 3ish and then Bruce and Tony at 4-5 years old. Your life just got hard.

Baby Wanda was sleeping, where as baby Pietro was rustling in your arms. “Alright kids, time for bed!” You stated, walking toward bedrooms, when you turned around at the doorway leading to the hall all of them were staring at you dumbfounded. “Alright I get you’re all supposed to be adults, but really, your kids now and don’t get what’s going on.” They all starred at you confused. “This is gonna be a long night” you mumbled. The elevator binged loudly, startling the children, Thor starting crying and thunder sounded outside. “Sorry Ma’am, but Fury told us you needed cribs?” The agent asked questioningly, until he noticed the babies in your arms. “Where do what these?” you thought for a moment, “Uh, my room.” They nodded and went to your bedroom. Once they babies were in their cribs, you made your way out to the living room again, which was utter chaos. You gasped, it was a mess. Thor and Tony were wrestling, Nat was no where to be seen, Bucky and Steve were crying. Clint was pouting in the corner and Bruce was trying to figure out his glasses. “Vision!” He was in your room, completely fascinated by baby Wanda. He appeared moments later, “Yes….” He stopped short. “I need your help.” You stared at the chaos before you both. “I need you to take Tony and Bruce to the guest room across the hall from me, they’re all gonna be sleeping in the same hall as me, so I can keep on eye on them, that includes you too.” You looked at him pointedly, he nodded. “Avengers!” They all stopped, Nat dropped from the ceiling, startling you. “Okay ground rules, Tony!” He had a fist full of Thor’s hair, “Let him go,” he pouted, “Mom!” You stared at him and he stopped. “Tony, and Bruce follow Vision,” Tony stayed put in defiance, Bruce listened though. “Tony Stark!” he ran forward then at your tone. You walked forward and scooped Bucky and Steve up into your arms, Bucky grabbed your breast, “Hey, they don’t work, I’ll get some milk from the fridge if you’re hungry,” Bucky cooed. A chorus of “I’m hungry” filled your ears, you groaned. “Okay, how about this, if you’re all good and listen to mommy, you’ll get snacks,” they all cheered. Vision lead Bruce and Tony out of the room, they were dropping tired. “Nat, Thor, Clint, come dears, time for bed,” Steve and Bucky were both on their own shoulders, practically asleep. You lead Thor and Clint into a spare room and tucked them in. Nat got her own room, because you knew you wouldn’t hear the end of it when she became her normal self, if she even remembered this. You brought Steve and Bucky to your room and laid them to bed. You walked out of your room and met Vision in the lounge, he was cleaning it up, you sat down on the couch and sighed heavily, “This is gonna be a long how ever long. How did they get clothes? How long were you back?” You asked Vision. “We arrived a few hours ago, but Director Fury insisted we wait on telling you until he knew for sure they couldn’t fix this predicament right away. You nodded, and got up, and headed to the kitchen.


You had finally settled to bed, an hour later and let sleep consume you. Soon enough though your door opened, and a little head of blonde curls walked in. He whined at your bed, and tried to climb up. “Thor baby?” You groggily asked, looking over the side of the bed, he was whimpering. “I’m scared,” he mumbled. He looked so adorable, you sighed and heaved him up on the bed, “alright, you can sleep here,” he snugged into and fell asleep. You fell asleep with him.

When you awoke the next morning, you were surrounded by a group of five small children, all cuddled together in various spots on the bed. You sat up and smiled down at them, they all slept peacefully, all their adult worry lines gone, and replaced by soft innocent happy sleeping faces. You looked around you and hummed contently, you looked over and seen two sets of bright blue eyes staring at you, “Morning guys,” you whispered to the two. They both smiled and Bucky reached toward you, his little baby hands making grabby motions. Your heart nearly exploded at the cuteness, you felt movement all around you, they were waking up. “Mom, I’m hungry,” Tony declared tiredly. You gasped, what on earth were you going to feed a group of children and babies.  

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