So. The fucking novel. The final edit that’s underway. I’m having to write new sections from scratch, and the rest is still a matter of rewriting from my editor’s edit. I’m doing it for several hours every day, weekends included, with an eye to getting it done by the 15th of June.

So far? I think I can do it. I’m 51k words in. That’s about 34k since the 18th. The original draft is 79k words long, and the final one will likely be a little longer due to added or bulked out scenes. But ultimately, yeah, I think those numbers seem positive? Right?

Things the signs tend to do a lot

Aries: using lots of hand motions while talking

Taurus: wiggling eyebrows

Gemini: taking deep breaths

Cancer: playing with their mouth

Leo: winking

Virgo: smirking

Libra: blushing

Scorpio: laughing uncontrollably

Sagittarius: picking at their nails

Capricorn: absentmindedly tapping their foot

Aquarius: looking deep in thought

Pisces: so much giggling 

They are ... but also ... :

Aries: Artistic, but mystical.

Taurus: Cautious, but smart.

Gemini: Funny, but arrogant.

Cancer: Intelligent, but explosive.

Leo: Passionate, but annoying.

Virgo: Creative, but worried.

Libra: Amusing, but basic.

Scorpio: Adventurous, but selfish.

Sagittarius: Loving, but suspicious.

Capricorn: Unique, but not very confident.

Aquarius: Passionate, but aggressive.

Pisces: Calm, but confused.

The Zodiac Signs as Good Things™

Self-love/care: Taurus, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Pisces

Understanding: Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Success: Aries, Gemini, Scorpio, Capricorn