they got married, had a wedding and are expecting a child and im crying, congratulations my precious bbys, this is beautiful

Kaneki’s Hope

I think the best page in this whole chapter was Kaneki having hope and wishing to go on living❤️

And yet Ishida-sensei presents his idea in the most breath taking way. Look at the contradict between what Kaneki faced and what he was thinking about.

He was scared of death after seeking it for a loong long time, he was scared to the point he even remembered the mother and her child at Yamori’s playroom.

And at the point where he thought he was only going to face death, his thoughts are interrupted, but by what exactly? by Touka walks in, and then he faces the reason he wished go on living for, he faced his life.

And what is the first thing he thought of when he saw her? “I love her”. Sure you do Kaneki, she gave you hope and meaning of living. She made you think truly about life and made you say “I want to live”.

Well, didn’t your best friend Hide told you this?

And to be honest, the first thing crossed my mind at this panel was Kaneki remebering Hide’s words, I felt like he was answering him.

Please Ishida-sensei, give this boy the happiness he desire. T_T