I don’t know if anyone’s mentioned this on here (X), but the chapter 63 title, “葬生樹“ (Tree of Burial), can be pronounced as souseiki, which has the same pronunciation as the Book of Genesis (創世記).

So not only is Eto giving herself up as a “sacrifice” to destroy the “twisted birdcage”, she is helping to create a new world, where ghouls can exist freely.

The thing about Arima is that he’s very much the child soldier all grown up. It’s heavily implied he has something to do with the garden, either coming from it or being its forerunner. He has had no life outside of the CCG. And I’m willing to bet that he’s been part of V for a very long time as well.

I’m honestly, and maybe mistakenly still kind of rooting for him, but not to turn out to secretly be a hero - rather to make a choice that saves Kaneki or that ultimately saves everyone.

Fura calls Arima a “yes man” and I think we’ll be coming back to that. I think for his entire life, Arima has been ordered around by these large powers and performed perfectly for them. Their perfect little soldier, their ideal puppet and tool.

Arima is hyped up as a destroyer and a power to be feared, but in a way, he’s sort of ironically without any agency of his own.

The struggle for agency is actually a pretty central one for Kaneki, and thematically in both Tokyo Ghoul and Tokyo Ghoul RE.

The struggle for self definition despite how the world and greater powers would define you. 

To play your own role despite the role others would have you play. 

It is, in a way, the central struggle of tragedy - the struggle against Fate and the Inevitable.

I think that Arima’s time will come when he finally makes a choice of his own, maybe to stay his hand when he is ordered to kill, or maybe to kill when he is ordered to stay his hand. Since his character is so wrapped up in death, those two possibilities seem most likely. But I think Arima will get one shining moment to say “no,” that will earn him that place on the Joker card.

In this way, he is a clear contrast to Eto, who is defined by agency and defiance - by charting her own course and defying the rules of others.

pictured above:  agency; charting one’s own course; defying the rules of others; also, eyeball licking.

Shikorae has all 4 kagune types

**UPDATE** I forgot to add another piece of evidence about Shikorae having a rinkaku kagune

I already suspected this yesterday morning when only the spoilers from baidu are out. But I had homework so I wasn’t able to make a post like this. But it seems littlemissymonster has beaten me to it. orz

But, however I do want to point out that Shikorae does indeed have all 4 kagune types. Because he is Rio, and Rio in Tokyo Ghoul Jail, have 4 kagune types that you can chose from.


Rio’s mask in HySy

When the Quinx were in Uta’s mask shop, Haise was holding what is likely to be Rio’s Rinkaku mask

This implies that Rio has a rinkaku kagune type, and since Shikorae is Rio, Shikorae has a rinkaku kagune.

At first I thought rinkaku was his only kagune type because of that, but chapter 63 shows more.

Kijima’s quinque 

Kijima’s chansaw quinque called “Rotten Follow” is a Rinkaku type quinque and it is made from Rio’s brother’s kagune. Rio’s brother is a rinkaku ghoul. Therefore, it is very likely that Rio has a Rinkaku kagune because he’s related to a RINKAKU ghoul. and Rio is Shikorae


From chapter 63, Shikorae finally uses his kagune. He first showed his bikaku kagune, and it’s similar to Rio’s bikaku kagune


and then Shikorae uses his ukaku kagune which is also similar to Rio’s ukaku.


There is no evidence yet that Shikorae also has a koukaku, but since we now know that he has 3 kagune types, it’s highly likely that he has a koukaku kagune too, and he might use it later in the manga. 

Whoa, a ghoul with all 4 kagune types. What does that make him? He doesn’t have a dual kagune. He has quadruple kagune (⊙0⊙)