This is a moment you reflect on when you want to give up. When you wish to have “your” body back. When you want to believe you’ll love it better each day. When your days are busy mentally but you have nothing tangible to show for it. The moments you are exhausted with the ways of the world. You pull out this moment and your ability to sustain this life is evident. These moments with my son are undeniably setting the tone -not just our future relationship, but for the way he treats the feminine identity, in general. Black mother to black son,
where the security in his masculinity will start.
This is a moment you cherish forever, when your self love doesn’t allow the world to mute your melanin. When you are able to see where your love goes and how damn beautifully it grows. #HonestMotherhood #BlackBreastFeedingWeek #BlackWomenBreastfeed #YouCantMuteMyMelanin


Chocolate cacao bites with roasted peanuts on top 

This is what cacao looks like when I pick it up from the market. 1 pound is 40 cordobas (which is around $2) so I scooped up 10 lb. for a near $20. Fortunate indeed. 

To remove the shells, I roast the beans over high heat for around 12 minutes stirring them continuously. They will begin to crackle and pop, separating from the shell. I’m careful to remove them from the heat before they burn, wait for them to cool a little and easily remove the now brittle shells and save the beans!


Emaia Predict - For CSGardener

Another cutie for this gal, I love that I can tell where the edits come from XD I think that’s the one thing I enjoy the most about making these… ‘reusing’ edits from the parents to make the new pet. Kinda like PBC but I don’t have to think of Yet Another Interesting Pose. *coughs*

This is #motherhood: bed head (x2), no makeup, still in pjs, a nursing toddler, and a floor covered in a discarded diaper, frying pan and water bottles. Our mornings are slow and crazy, and that’s just how I like it 💕



Day 3 complete! I actually made more juice than I could drink today. 

First juice of the morning was Summer Heat and it definitely brought the heat. This juice called for one red chilli pepper but I substituted with chile congos that are growing wild on our property in the laguna instead. They are tiny little things but pack a big punch. I wasn’t sure how many to juice or how much juice would even come out of them. I’m guessing I juiced about eight of them and I could definitely feel the inside of my body come alive. The juice is balanced with liver cleansing grapefruit, hydrating watermelon, beta-carotene rich papaya and alkalising lime. 

First green juice of the day was definitely not the prettiest of colours. I wasn’t able to find spinach which the recipe calls for so instead I substituted with Swiss chard. I wasn’t a fan of this one. The other ingredients were carrot, cucumber, mint + lime. 

I was really looking forward to this V-10 juice as I used to looove Clam and Motts before I realised all of the not so natural ingredients they contained. This one is all natural and has tomato, carrot, beet, red bell pepper, celery, kale, parsley, cilantro, basil, jalepeno, lime + a rosemary sprig garnish. The recipe also called for dulse but I don’t have access to this sea vegetable unfortunately. It adds a salty, savoury component and I could really tell the juice was missing this in order to pull all of the flavours together. I still enjoyed it and really loved the way the jalepeno heated up my inside. I’ve never had experience with juicing hot peppers before this cleanse but I’m really loving their heating effects. The feeling kind of reminds me of the way your body feels after your first kombucha or alcoholic beverage. 

Last concoction of the day before tea. Coconut Cure; young coconut meat blended with coco water, lime juice + nutmeg and cinnamon. I must admit I still purchase nut milk but after making these homemade coconut milks and realising how easy it is with coconuts from the property, I will never buy packaged nut milk again. 


TFE Predict - Valkyrie

One guess who THIS is for =P Working with a parent of my own design made this even easier in terms of sketching out the edits (as far as the armor goes at least), and of course the wonderous braided hair I did got COVERED BY THE MASSIVE LANCE… go figure *coughs*