Reader x Isaac

Jackson smirked as you sighed and dropped you books onto the Hale’s counter top, you’d planned to study with Boyd but he phoned at the last minute and told you he was going somewhere with Erica. Isaac was at an away game so he wouldn’t be back until later, which left you sat alone at the Hale house waiting for him as you tried to pay attention to the words that had started jumbling and making your eyes ache.

“Do you need any help?” Jackson asked.


“Jackson hey… sorry you made me jump, how come you’re not at the game?” You asked as you recovered from the boy seeming to suddenly appear.


“Derek’s had me pulled until I can get the whole wolf thing under control.” He grinned sheepishly.

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So, I don’t hate him. It’s the complete opposite actually.
I love him, so much.
All I want for him is to be happy. Genuinely happy.
and I know that letting him go will accomplish that for him. 

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Tw Preference - Their favourite thing about you


Your Humour

Stiles fell even more in love with you every time you replied to someone with a sarcastic comment or tried to lighten a heavy situation with a joke. He also loved seeing you laugh and he especially loved your smile so he would always be making comments just to see it as much as possible. Stiles couldn’t believe he had found someone who could deal with his every last sarcastic statement and usually reply with a better one. 


Your forgiveness

For Scott he admires your ability to forgive those who had done bad to you or your friends. He knew that you found it hard sometimes but loved how you always managed it. Whenever he felt like ripping someone’s head off just for making a comment about you or his pack he would remember what you would do in that situation: take a deep breath and move on, after all it wasn’t worth it. Scott knew that he could never forgive everyone like you could but that’s what made you even more special to him. 


How caring you are

After years and years of a lack of anyone really caring about him he couldn’t believe it when he met you. When you first met you were holding a bake sale during a Lacrosse game to raise money for the elementary school to buy musical instruments since they couldn’t afford them. Most people would have turned their backs but you always tried to help. He watched as you comforted those around you, especially the pack, even though he knew what you were going through. But instead of stopping you he just made sure to always be nearby with open arms if you ever needed him.


Your intelligence

Even though you were in the same classes he saw you flicking through textbooks meant for a couple grades above you. When he finally asked you out he liked to spend time with you while you studied because he loved to see you work. Every time you figured something out that the pack had been struggling with his heart jumped and filled with joy. He fell in love with the way you read, with the book resting on your knees and winding a strand of hair around your finger. He fell in love with the way you would squint at whatever confused you as if that would help you figure it out. He fell in love with you and he was only falling further.  


Your perseverance 

Even before you were together Derek noticed when, even though you were human, you often kept up just as well as the werewolves during fights. When you were together he got to see how you powered through workouts and training exercises even though he could see that you were getting tired. But it wasn’t just physical. He admired the way you would tell the pack that they need to keep going and to give up would be fatal when it seemed like everything was going wrong. Derek always kept that in mind when he was struggling, especially when you weren’t there to remind him.  


How you saw the best in everyone

She didn’t know how you did it but Allison could help but smile when you argued with the pack over someone who might be a danger. You always saw the best in everyone and sure sometimes you were wrong and they actually turned out to be serial killers but usually you were right. In fact multiple times the ‘serial killers’ we’re just lost in their way of life and struggling with their adaption to the supernatural world. But even with those who were not supernatural. There were some people who picked on members of the pack, even yourself but you just told them to go away and later go find them to see if there’s anything you can help with. Usually there was and some people have turned out to be pretty decent human beings. Allison just couldn’t believe how lucky she was to be with someone like you.  


Your kindness

Lydia had had her fair share of bluntness and abuse shoved in her face so when she met you it was almost like all her built up hatred melted away. She smiled every time you offered to walk a lost freshman to their class knowing it would probably mean you were late. Her heart beat sped up when she found flowers or cookies in her locker at the most perfect of times. You were just so kind that she couldn’t help falling in love with everything you did and everything about you.


Derek x Reader

Requested By Anon

You glared at Scott who was giving you the puppy dog eyes. Of all the times he and his pack had to be attacked was now, half of the pack was at the church where you were going to marry Derek in less than twenty minutes and you were across town following Scott to help stop something rampaged across Beacon Hills.


“Scott we don’t have time!” Isaac objected when you followed him.


“Look phone Erica and tell her to stall.” You said hurriedly.


It took another half an hour to find and catch the creature long enough for Isaac, Scott and Allison to tame it and lock it up. Scott jumped up when the four of you sat down, answering a call and talking quietly.

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The Bite of an Alpha - Stiles Stilinski

Warnings ;; season one finale spoilers!

Words ;; 2,337

Stay safe + ily🌱🍥

- Emy xx

*   *   *

*   *   *

“Dance with me?” Stiles didn’t bother waiting for an answer before he took your hand in his and lead you onto the crowded dance floor.

“Seems like I didn’t have a choice.” You laughed loudly as a bright smile set over your lips. Right now, you were happy and you didn’t want any supernatural stuff to get in the way of tonight. But things always go wrong eventually, especially for the pack, it was inevitable.

You decided to ignore those thoughts and focused on the now. Stiles stared at you, a glint of something unrecognisable to you in his gorgeous hazel eyes. You cocked your head to the side slightly, “what?”

Normally, he would just get flustered after you snap him out of his daze but instead he just shook his head, smiling as his eyes never left your own.

“You’re beautiful.”

You felt your cheeks heat up as you loosely wrapped your arms around his neck and rested your head on his chest. As the two of you continued to sway to the slow song; his warm hands rested on your waist.

“You’re making me blush,” You commented soon after; feeling the vibrations in his chest as he laughed. After the laughter died down and your cheeks returned to their normal colour, you lifted your head to face him and instantaneously noticed the nervous expression he held.

“What’s wrong?” You asked with furrowed eyebrows and Stiles promptly shook his head with a mere shrug.

“Nothing! Nothing at all, I just..” He closed his mouth and his eyes seemed to filter around the room that was filled with not-so-sober students.

“You just?..” You raised an eyebrow at him and he brought his eyes back to yours, but your breath hitched in your throat as you saw his eyes dart down to your lips.

Both of your faces were edging together and soon you felt his minty breath ghost over your lips. You both stayed like that for a while, almost as if you were unsure if you or he wanted to do it or not.

Well, you already knew you wanted to kiss him. You have wanted to kiss him since that night you were both held captive inside this very building by a murderous alpha. The only problem that you were having was that you weren’t sure if Stiles even wanted to kiss you. You weren’t sure if he still liked Lydia or not.

“If we do this, will it change us?” Stiles asked, not changing the distance between the two of you. Not that you were minding, of course.

“What do you mean?”

“Will it be a one-time thing or will it make us more?”

“Do you want it to be more?”

“Yes.” Stiles breathed out and you felt ecstatic, a tingling sensation ran through your veins, making you feel warm and safe.

“Do you?” He asked and you replied in almost a heartbeat.

“Yes.” You saw him visibly relax as you gave him your answer. But yet you still didn’t move at all. He looked into your eyes and you gave him a small smile of encouragement.

“Good.” He said before tilting your head up and pressing his lips to yours softly. One hand cupping your left cheek and the other rested on your waist, keeping you close to him as your lips moved in sync. It felt like everybody else in the room froze and it was just you and him, not caring about what was going to happen tomorrow or if a new supernatural dilemma was going to pop up. Because it was just you two, together, and bloody finally -you thought.

You wrapped your arms around his neck again as you smiled into the kiss. You knew it sounded cliché to say that you felt fireworks and that it felt like your lips fit together like they were meant to be, but that’s exactly what it felt like and you would have no other way of explaining it.

Also, despite the fact that Stiles had never had a lot of experience with kissing; you thought he was a damn good kisser.

Eventually, you both had to breathe. You pulled away slightly, resting your foreheads together as you tried to catch your breath and calm your erratic heartbeat.

“[Y/N], would you make me the happiest freaking boy at this dance and be my girlfriend?” He asked and you felt your pulse rise once again, a grin taking over your lips.

“Yes,” You replied and Stiles pulled away with a shocked expression covering his face.

“Wait, really?” He furrowed his eyebrows at you and you rolled your eyes at him playfully.

“Yes, you idiot!” You giggled at him and he marched back over to you quickly and grabbed your face before smashing his lips onto yours once again.

Before you could even register what happened, he pulled away; his eyes gleamed with joy. “Scott! She said yes!” Stiles shouted up to the bleachers in excitement where Scott was hiding from Coach.

You saw Scott grin and you couldn’t keep the smile off your face either. You looked around at the rest of the people at the dance, nobody even noticed what had just happened as they continued dancing, not having a care in the world.

But soon you noticed that Lydia was missing and that gave you an unsettling feeling in your stomach. Something wasn’t right, your subconscious announced.

“I’m going to go and find Lydia.” You told Stiles quickly before pecking his lips- that action alone giving you butterflies. You saw him smile brightly and you returned it before making your way out of the crowd of people and down the hallway.

“Lydia!” You called out but got no response, it made you nervous how there was an alpha on the loose and your best friend was missing.

“Lydia?!” You shouted again once you opened the door which leads to the lacrosse field, the cold nipped at your skin as you wrapped your arms around yourself. That’s when you saw Lydia wondering around, a seemingly lost expression on her face.

“[Y/N]?” She called out and you sighed in relief at the fact that she safe and unharmed. But then you noticed the glare of the familiar vibrant, raging red eyes and dark figure looming over her.

“Jackson is that you?” Lydia asked and your heart momentarily stopped.

“That’s not Jackson.” You meant to shout but it came out as a struggled whisper. You snapped out of the shock almost instantly and your heart started to race rapidly as you started sprinting towards Lydia, scared for her life.

You didn’t know what Peter was going to do, whether he was going to turn her or kill her and that made you extremely nervous.

You knew you would rather have her get the bite than be killed but neither would be even better if you could do something to stop it from happening.

“Lydia, run!” You screamed at her but she just looked at you confused. You didn’t get to her in time as Peter snatched her, you saw his fangs seep into her pale skin. You screamed as she fell on the floor: unconscious and bloody.

You finally reached her and skidded to her side, pulling her body into yours protectively; not caring about the blood or dirt in the slightest as you tried to find a pulse.

“What have you done?!” You shouted the rhetorical question at Peter as he stood there with a cocky smirk on his face.

“Don’t worry, she’s alive. For now.”

Anger overtook you as you quickly stood up, it seemed like your body was working before your brain had time to understand what you were doing as you raised your hand and slapped the alpha across the face with as much force as you could.

You guessed you should have thought that through before you did it because at the speed of light, Peter gripped and spun you around. You felt his alpha teeth graze across your exposed shoulder; a small whimper escaped your lips.

You had a feeling you knew what he was going to do.

“I swear to god you bite me and I’ll scream. Scott will hear me.” You threatened and everything was silent for a minute. And then you felt a sharp pain emitting from your shoulder, you gasped as the adrenaline began to wear away and the pain began to feel like somebody agonisingly holding a burning match to your skin.

You kept your promise as you filled your lungs with air and let out the loudest scream you think you’ve ever done, the doors opened and you internally begged that it was Scott to come and help Lydia and yourself.

But it wasn’t, it was Stiles.

Your eyes widened, “n-no.“ You managed to mumble as Stiles spotted you in the middle of the lacrosse field, ironically held captive by the alpha once more.

It was then when you felt Peter’s hand around your throat and his calm breath on the back of your neck. You froze and your breath hitched in your throat for the second time this night but this time, it wasn’t good.

You kept your left hand against the bleeding bite on your right throbbing shoulder and hoped that you wouldn’t loose too much blood.

”[Y/N!]“ You heard Stiles yell and he ran up to you, you felt tears run down your cheeks in fear and you knew you were shaking but you were trying desperately hard to keep in the sobs that were attempting to rack your body.

“Stiles, no!” You tried to stop him from coming any closer, to stop him from getting hurt but ultimately, he didn’t listen to you.

“Come any closer and I rip her throat out.” Peter taunted and you sighed shakily when you saw Stiles gulp and stop in his tracks.

“Don’t kill her…P-please.” Stiles stuttered as he went to reach for you but you felt Peter grow his claws and dig them into your neck. You gasped and tried to move back away from the claws but he kept you on a firm leash.

“Of course not..” Peter said softly before tightening his grip on my neck, you coughed and struggled for air as he added, “just tell me how to find Derek.”

“W-what?” Stiles stressed as he kept glancing at you with an extremely worried expression on his face as you kept trying to claw at Peter’s fingers to let at least the tiniest bit of air into your lungs.

“Tell me how to find Derek Hale.” By this point you could feel yourself going dizzy from lack of oxygen, stars were dancing in front of your eyes and you knew that you would need that relief soon.

Stiles stared at him wide eyed and took shaky breaths, “wha- I don’t know! How would I know that?!”

“Because you’re the smart one, so you’ll tell me the truth, Stiles. Or I will rip them both apart.” Peter let go of your neck and you fell to the floor; coughing harshly as you tried to take painful deep breaths, the stars started vanishing and you were just sat there with heavy tears rolling down your cheeks and taking quick breaths to make up for the loss of oxygen.

Stiles let out a sigh of relief as he fell down by your side and pulled you into him; you were shaking in his arms. “I-I don’t know, okay. I swear- I swear to god that I don’t know!” Stiles said but apparently Peter didn’t like that response.

“Tell me!” He roared deafeningly, the echo rang around the whole school and made the floodlights on the lacrosse field shake in angst.

Flinching at the sound, Stiles pulled you closer to him as you buried your head in his chest, your eye squeezed shut as panic coursed through your veins.

“O-okay, okay! Look, I think he knew-”

“Knew what?” Peter cut him off abruptly and you couldn’t help but notice how close his voice seemed to the both of you.

“I think he knew he was going to be caught..” Stiles talked and you had no idea how he knew this but at that moment in time, you really didn’t care.

“By the Argents?” Peter asked and you felt Stiles nod.

“When he got shot, I-I think he took Scott’s phone. For GPS, so if he still has it, and it’s still on. You can find him.” Peter nodded, satisfied with his answer so far. He stepped back a bit and you heard Stiles let out a sigh of what seemed like relief.

“Are you okay?” Stiles pulled away slightly as he gazed into your eyes; you nodded but you saw his eyes ultimately drift to your right shoulder where they widened and his lips parted like the words were on the tip of his tongue but he didn’t know how to say them.

“It hurts.” You croaked out and the stars from before were back to dancing in your eyesight from the blood loss and pain.

“No, baby, you have to stay awake.” He took your face in both of his hands and shook you slightly, you slowly reopened your eyes.

“You’ll be okay, it won’t kill you, you’re strong. Okay? You’ll get through this.” He sounded in the verge of tears and you couldn’t help but shake your head adamantly.

“I’m so tired, Stiles,“ You mumbled and Stiles frantically shook his head, stuttering out some words but you couldn’t pay attention, the only thing on your mind was the question: were you dying? Or were you turning?

You didn’t want to become a creature of the night but if anything, you thought that would be better than being dead.

You felt Stiles kiss the top of your forehead softly; feeling one of his tear drops land on your temple.

That’s all you could feel before everything started to go numb and darkness overtook your vision; the pain fading away at last…


Teen Wolf: Alternate Universe

Jackson x Reader

At this point in the morning you were pretty sure there were no words in existence to describe who nervous you were. Today was your first day back after the holidays, you’d graduated top three in your year and had been handpicked by Professor Stilinski to join his personal training program rather than the schools more basic one.


Professor Stiles Stilinski had become world renowned for being the first human to prove that the humans and werewolves could co-exist. He and his wolf Derek Hale worked together for years to create the Werewolf Initiative.


As a last ditch attempt to not be eradicated by the Werewolf race the humans accepted the Initiative and a fragile peace was settled between the humans and wolves. Which was why you were nervously stood in the hallway of the apartment blocks that would be your home for the next three years.

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