What drives some people batty about The Dark Knight Rises is Wayne’s ultimate choice to not be Batman anymore. It’s why they complain that Nolan’s trilogy isn’t a faithful adaptation of Batman. The conceptual approach of all three movies is to center on Wayne’s choice to be Batman, explain it, and demonstrate how it affects Gotham and himself. Man of Steel detractors raise the same objection when complaining about Clark not saving Jonathan from the tornado and Superman snapping Zod’s neck–the adaptation of the character isn’t faithful. ‘That’s not Superman in Man of Steel,’ they say. What they’re really objecting to though is the movie’s focus on showing how and why Clark Kent chose to be Superman because he’s not supposed to get to make that decision (or deal with all the psychological consequences of making it).

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It's a bit funny, thinking about it. Superman in Injustice and Superman in DKR are both as ooc as you can get, neither showing much resemblance to Clark, yet neither are alike.

they’re just on opposite, extreme sides of the ooc spectrum??? Tdkr clark is an ooc pushover, injustice clark is a ooc totalitarian dictator who imposes his will on everyone. The only thing they have in common is that they fight Batman.

Which pretty much explains why they’re so out of character. Some writers always have to make Clark the evil one (BECAUSE BATMAN NEVER DOES ANYTHING WRONG) in order to cause a fight between them. In fact, I think BvS was so refreshing to me because Clark was actually doing nothing wrong the whole time, and it was Bruce who decided to cause a conflict?

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I know you hate Millers The Dark Knight Returns and so do I, but I have a question related to it. How do you think canon Clark would act in the situation that is presented in TDKR, where being a superhero is banned unless you do everything the US government tells you?

Ok well literally Clark hasn’t been the government’s lapdog like… ever?? The government sanctions his activities most of the time because he’s an international hero and usually does good stuff, but the sanctioning doesn’t affect his decision-making process. 

I think it was in the Legends arc that president Ronald Reagan actually banned all superheroes in the United States and a ton of superheroes, including Superman, followed the rules for a little while… but when a true crisis hit, those superheroes intervened anyway, regardless of the law. Which pretty much proves that if Clark thinks a law is unjust or detrimental to the public safety, he won’t follow it. 

Or take an instance from Reign of Doomsday. Superman publicly relinquishes his U.S. citizenship because he no longer wants his actions be considered part of the American agenda. He wants to be able to pursue what he believes are just causes, even if the American government completely disagrees with him. 

There are lots of other examples. Superman/Batman Public Enemies shows him actively fighting against president Lex Luthor (he also teamed up with Lois and Bruce to steal Lex’s kryptonite ring in an earlier storyline). Superman: Secret Origin had him fighting against the government agents that saw him as a threat.

Non-comics…in Man of Steel, we had Superman explicitly saying that he would help the U.S. government, but would never let them control him. And in Lois and Clark: TNAOS, Superman couldn’t even follow the injunction against him using his powers to do what he thought was right. Smallville also had Clark doing his superhero work constantly despite the vigilante registration act. 

One of the few other AUs where Clark worked for the government was The New Frontier, but he actually disobeys a lot of orders they gave him, and is even secretly trying to change their policies for the better from within. When tasked with taking down Batman, Wonder Woman reminds him of the immorality of his actions and he literally let Bruce go despite his orders. 

Long story short… TDKR Clark’s decision to follow a corrupt government like that is plain ooc for canon Clark. Superman may be nicknamed “the boy scout,” but really, he follows his morals before he follows the law. 


Bane didn’t want to disclose to everyone that he was hard up for cash and struggling to pay his upcoming tuition charges. Someone at the gym slipped him a shiny black card with embossed lettering : Leopard’s Lounge. Bane finally and a bit desperately googled the establishment: ……………………………………………………………………………. When the club opened in 2005 it quickly became the number one adult club in Gotham. Just ask any dock worker or hustler working in the Narrow where to go for adult entertainment and they will send you here. Our dancers and servers are said to be the hottest in Gotham and everyone’s knows our doorman Bruce by name. We offer the best views and services west of the Narrow and are known for our great home cooking with the biggest and best $2.95 naked brunch. Another unique quality about us is the fact that we have the friendliest dancers in the city with boys from over 20 ethinic backgrounds. I guess there truly is someone for everyone here! ……………………………………………………………………………… Bane didn’t want to dance for cash but it paid very well. And his law degree was ludicrously expensive. He wanted to pay Talia rent, grocery money and the electrical bill without also struggling to pay the outrageous student tuition and fees required for all international students. He sometimes wished Talia had wanted to stay in their home country instead of pursuing her dreams in Gotham. But his sister dreamed big and Bane followed her loyalty. Hopefully she wouldn’t find out about his night Bane didn’t want to disclose to everyone that he was hard up for cash and struggling to pay his upcoming tuition charges. One night, he started talking to one of the bar staff after a shift… His name was John Blake.

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Any shred of immersion I had in the Nolan Batman films was lost in the 3rd one. You mean to tell me that Gotham, a city with so much crime that even the richest people in the city get murked,has so little crime AFTER Batman stopped? Gotham is the most widely known fictional city next to Metropolis, everyone knows it is a crime ridden shit hole. No way Harvey dying leads to years of peace in Gotham.

Also why did it take the league so long to continue Ra’s plan? TDKR (2012) takes place 8 years after Batman left and if we go by movie release for TDK (2008) that means at least 12 years passed before they tried again. 12 years to make a plan that involves like another 6 months or however much time passes when Gotham is under control before they bombed it. And wtf didnt they make the bomb before they got to Gotham? Talia couldn’t have had everything set before joining Bruce?

In The Dark Knight Rises, when Bane blows up Heinz Field Gotham City Stadium, maybe they should have taken the giant UPMC banner out of the background.

Because I dunno, seems a little sad to be advertising Pittsburgh’s hospitals in Gotham City. Unless of course you consider it fridge brilliance on UPMC’s part- “Come to UPMC. We don’t let The Joker blow up our hospitals.”