@people who read a lot as a hobby

not just for readers of fiction and non-fiction but esp. for people who read comics as well. i guess this might be slightly fandom-related.

i was reading SHIELD #1 and saw that phil takes notes about the various superheroes he knows. i think he even researches them as a hobby and all that.

i’m wondering if anyone else does that while reading? like taking notes when you read comic books or actually writing shit down and researching a particular character or something????

is this a thing that other people do???

i just realized that tomorrow is speak your language day and i’d like to apologize in advance for all the arabic that’s gonna be on your dash orz

mmmmmm just getting this clear for all of my new followers ! dr = don/t re/blo/g ! idk why youd want to reblog any of my personal posts since theyre. personal. to me. but w/e