reasons i love rowan

  • she’s got great comedic timing
  • she’s woke af
  • she doesn’t let the fact she’s a disney star put her in a box and stop her from talking about important social issues
  • she believes in aliens
  • she’s younger than me and honestly i still look up to her
  • she cares deeply about her friends
  • she cares deeply about her fans
  • she defends her ideals, her friends, her family
  • she’s honestly an around sunshine????
following spree

alright, i need to freshen up my dash a bit. i just gave some people a follow but i feel like i still need someone variety. so please reblog if you post at least three of those below and i’ll check out your blog. mutuals, if y’all could please reblog to help spread the word that’d be super! thank you :)

  • marvel
  • dc 
  • celebrities
  • stranger things
  • star trek
  • star wars
  • teen wolf
  • supernatural
  • shows that’ve already ended like: lost, himym, breaking bad, friends, hannibal, etc.

hey im late but ty everyone lmao !

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anonymous asked:

prayer circle for next week's maintenance will be THE maintenance they'll finally add Mickey + Brooms to EN, like jfc we're long overdue for the brooms already :T

Gather around children, we must summon the rodent and cleaning utensils post-haste. I want my Illust Sora guilted.


Streaming again! Come and join!

good dinner, good drinks. a declaration of ‘ i like you ‘ and a forehead kiss  ?  let’s shake hands bc i gtg my soul is leaving my body goodbye.

Oh hells..I suck at coming up with 5..hold up. Tagged by: @ninjadebris

1. I’m half Filipino
2. I wear kid sized shoes
3. I’m short
4. I have 5 cats.. Going for crazy cat lady
5. ..and a dog
6. I drink an obscene amount of coffee
7. I self taught myself piano and guitar.
8. I have lock jaw from a concussion in eighth grade
9. I’m an insomniac
10. My favorite number is 12

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look i’m not saying the “maya was turning into riley” was the greatest storyline the writers through at us but that’s canon. they had the art teacher say something, riley freaked out, and than later on, maya said something. that’s canon, the writers did that, it’s done. do i think riley is always the best friend? no, she makes mistakes. but so does maya. the only thing is, riley stans are tired of seeing their fav always villainized to prop up another character or ship which isn’t needed and you guys end up being nitpicking over some of the dumbest things. and blaming riley for this whole “identity crisis” bs is getting so tiring. maya admitted it too guys, where’s the maya hate abt it lmao