I’m still bitter that we never got a proper holiday-themed Newsroom episode. Sure, we got hints of New Year’s and Valentine’s Day, but where was the Secret Santa where Gary gave Neal a string of Bigfoot-themed gifts? Or the Halloween where Sloan dressed as Janet Yellen? Or the Thanksgiving where Will begrudgingly invited everyone over and Mackenzie overcooked the turkey? We were robbed.

angelarakestraw replied to your post:

   Don’t blame you for loving the Creeper. What’s not to like or love on the guy? He’s got everything going for him it’s crazy!    

Exactly!!! He’s strong, he’s fast, he’s an artist and he’s incredibly smart!! he’s perfect!!

fabuloussunflowers replied to your post:

   I mean, he has literally everything you would want in a guy. Good set of lungs, nice hair, pretty eyes, dresses decently, and he’s crafty and loves his job! Isn’t that the ‘ideal’ guy grandmas have in mind?    

MMMMHM he got that gOOD SHIT MAN. GOOD SHIT RIGHT THERE.Just,,,, want me a man like him,,, the mandibles and wings and screeching and all tbh