You asked me today, ‘What are you?’
And wild flowers grew from my tongue, filling my mouth, as they bled their brilliant colours down my throat, before I could tell you that I am all the things I never meant to be.

(I am the sea, my dear, wicked in my calm. I will drown you and I will mourn you, for darling, I should have taught you to swim.

I am a thousand stories, built upon the ruins of a ten hundred stars. I am an artist of fire, my canvases covered in dust and ash. I am a temple, holy in my prayers.

I am a wolf, with lips painted red, waiting for the moon to howl again. I am the deadliest of beginnings, the brightest of ends)

I swallowed the dirt, and the stems, and all the pretty petals, and told you, long after you’d gone;

“I am poet, darling, and I will write myself the sun.’

—  They say if a poet loves you, you’ll never die, and if that’s true, darling, I’ll live forever (on loving all the things you never meant to be) | p.d

aka jercy

TBH, I really hate when people try to give any of the gems an age (unless it’s a human AU or something along those lines) especially when it’s based on their appearance because they’re SO old. I mean, Pearl even says they’re far older than any human yet people insist, “Nah, they’re like 16.” 

No, they’re not.

I don’t know, it especially bothers me in regard to Amethyst, Ruby, and Sapphire because it’s always like, super young ages, because of their appearance. Short and youthful in appearance doesn’t equate to a child and/or a teenager necessarily.  

Then again, I may be taking this personally because I’m tiny af being Filipino and baby-faced, ha ha.

Guys, don’t jump the ship please:( I mean, I get it, I really do, but can’t we just live in our own little bubble? Like, fuck the show and fuck canon, let’s just live in fanon? I love this fandom and I am not ready to let it go. Fuck, I’ve only been here for like a year and I am not ready to say goodbye to you guys and goodbye to the amazing stories I’ve read in this fandom. I don’t want this to end, because of some fucking dickheads that don’t even give a shit about us:(

does anyone have any cute or funny show recommendations?

it can be cartoons/sitcoms/k-comedies/movies/anything other than anime, please ^^

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beautiful harugou-senpai~~ please post a picture of yourself again! :( i want to see the face of our beloved ship! please tag as harugou so i don't miss i (i don't go on tumblr very often)!

Hello, my name is Panda-senpai and I’m a HaruGou-holic.