this is gabe !!!! or as we call him, goob, and the last time we weighed his fat ass he was 20 pounds! he loves to leave the house mysteriously for hours at a time then come back only to eat and leave again so honestly im just saying he has a 2nd family somewhere

edit: OKAY So my dad’s cat mato was a big bastard (twenty pounds, serious man cat with a huge head) and he would disappear for days and come home smelling like cigarettes which is weird because nobody here smokes.

So we followed him. And he would walk from my parent’s house, across the empty lot, through a small forest and up the hill to our neighbor’s place where he clawed at the back door and Mr. White opened up and Mato went right in?!

We asked Mr. White about it and he was like Oh, you mean Big George? He comes here every day. He eats with the other cats and sleeps on the couch with me while I watch the Andy Griffith show.


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Okay, but does Hercules just spend most of his time, popping up and shouting "Rah!"?

Hercules is my son omg

He’s in My Shot and ALMOST GOT THIS SICK FUCKING RAP HOLY SHIT (Cut down to “Yo,, I’m a tailor’s apprentice, and I got y’all knuckleheads a loco parentis. I’m joing the rebellion cuz I know it’s my chance to socially advance, instead of sewin’ some pants! I’m gonna take a- SHOT!”

And instead bits of it were put into Yorktown (aka one of my fave songs holy shit it is so beautifully done musically and the choreography during that music break is just like holy fuckkkk) 

Please take all these gifs omg (I love Oak okay srry)

(Look, here’s a flowergirl in this one :) omg okay) And then in Farmer Refuted when Seabury is all “Heed not the rabble who scream revolution, they have not your interests at heart.” Hercules is in the background “Oh my god. Tear this dude apart.” SASSY PIECE OF SHIT I LOVE HERCULES MULLIGAN HAVE I SAID THAT YET

AND Yorktown WHERE HE SLAYS as the spy on the inside

Taking British measurements, information and smuggling it


(They won, of course, thanks to my baby) ON THE NOTE OF GOING BRAH Right Hand Man IRL Ham and Herc went and stole canons together #JustBFFThings

And him with the bois. He gets the whole “I am Hercules Mulligan, up in it, lovin’ it, yes I heard ya mother said “come again?” Lock up your daughters and horses, of course it’s hard to have intercourse over four sets of corsets…” in Aaron Burr, Sir

Story of Tonight (Reprise) He is Mr. “No matter what she tells you” (following up to Laurens & Herc telling Alex he’ll never see freedom again because he married Eliza) AND Mr. “To the newly not poor of us!” Poor Herc was the last not-rich one by this point.

After Yorktown, Hercules ceases to exist in the musical, and Oak comes back as a seriously buffed out James Madison!! But yeah Hercules is my son and v great and does so much and is so beautiful omg omg omg I WANT TO JUST GUSH OVER HIMMMMM AAAAAH!!!! I love Oak

(credit to all those who gifs those are… I had them all saved onto my computer and really… don’t remember who the fuck they came from at this point x_x;; I’m sorry guys…)

Kashima & Hori + Gender Tropes

I read a post from last year about Kashima and Hori’s relationship in Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and it inspired me to write a post of my own where I could ramble without hijacking the OP.

The original post talked about how happy the OP was that the traditional trope of “girl dresses up in feminine clothing and her crush notices her” hasn’t yet made an appearance in GSNK, and I’d like to second that.

I’ve come to expect that garbage trope and it’s one of my least favorite (right up there with “dress someone up nicely and they’re suddenly desirable to everyone”). I could go on some kind of tangent rant about why I hate that kind of trope but I’m sure most people ‘get’ it already: it’s degrading, offensive, and shallow.

But I fully expected it to pop up at any given moment, especially considering all the gags revolving around Hori’s view of Kashima where we’re meant to think he’s forgotten that she’s a girl.

But it didn’t show up. Not as expected, anyway.

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I hate to talk shipping. But I feel like some people prefer FinnPoe to FinnRey because Finn and Poe interested before Finn met Rey. They were sailing the ship the moment Finn said it was the right thing to do, bromance in the tie fighter, and Poe gave Finn his name. Once you're on board, they were sad Poe died, only to be happy again when he's still alive. So it isn't that they have FinnRey or anything. But maybe FinnPoe grabbed them immediately and just personal preference? Seems likely

i had a whole big response to this but it went in a completely different direction than the og ask and then tumblr ate it so i’m gonna take that as a hint.

i think finnpoe kind of took people by surprise. the characters had such an instant and deep connection that people latched onto because they simply weren’t expecting it, while people were probably expecting finn and rey to be set up as love interests.

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misha using "jimmy novak" on how to sign up for gishwhes in his video made me happy for some reason lol

I knoooowww!! it makes me a little emotional too because then I remember how Misha was worried about reprising as Jimmy in 10.20 because he’d played Cas for so long and thus worried that he wouldn’t be able play Jimmy convincingly, but in the end, his worries were for nothing because he knocked it out of the park. Misha just cares so much for the characters he plays and he always wants to do them justice, like he even went to consult with Mark P when he found out he was going to have to play Lucifer. Gosh, he’s so dedicated and such a fantastic actor. And now I’ve gone off on a tangent, but i just love misha so much! aaahhhhh!!

laziest in late afternoon,
limbs long and languid, lying
stretched sleek against silk and silver.
slivers of sunlight splayed silently
across abstract angles
of a faux-faerie face;
she shivers at the slightest slip
of skin against skin, stunningly sensitive
to whispers of wanton warmth.
bell-bright and bumbling
she laughs a liquid laugh,
tantalizing you to tag along on tangents
of just how beautiful
she is.
—  amateurish attempts at alliteration | z.b.

i’m listening to the hyper light drifter OST, i’d had no clue it was disasterpeace who did it :v

generally their stuff is just a tangent away from interesting to me, but this is like ALL ambient and it’s reminiscent of ACC’s style in OFF? but with more electronic/chip stuff. is interesting.

I love British panel shows because they’re a fucking mess there are no rules “I will choose a winner based on who I think is most interesting or possibly just who makes the best dick jokes” “you probably gain points for insulting Dara O'Brian at this point” “you technically did get that question right but I don’t like you so fuck you no points for you” “this is a quiz show but we’re just gonna go on a fifteen minute tangent where we just talk shit about the prime minister, because we can” they’re basically just a free for all

You know the one thing Frozen did right?

Idina Menzel.

Billions of little girls and boys were introduced to Idina Menzel and you know what? 

Those kids are gonna grow up and look her up as that childhood voice of a character they loved and this is what they will find:

Elphaba and Wicked

Barefoot at the Symphony 

If/Then and What the Fuck?

Shelby Corcoran and Glee

Maureen and Rent (oh boy, I mean MOOOOOOO)

and so much more….

But most importantly they’re gonna find a wonderfully complex, sweet, and genuine woman playing amazingly strong women characters time and time again,

 Idina is an advocate of equality, a true feminist at heart, and a beautiful performer of the arts.

I am so glad the kids of today will have her as a beacon of relatability to discover in their time of growing and experiencing the world. We need more like her. 

Thank you Idina. We love you. 

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hi genice! do you have any tips when it comes to painting environments? i love how smooth and wispy the sky and the clouds look in your laslow piece! it's very beautiful!

i think the number one thing i would say to focus on is composition! i made a post about it here, and a post that goes over strategies for picking colors here

another thing i’d note would be that i like to try to integrate my characters into their environment and the environment with the characters- so instead of treating foregrounds and backgrounds (or positive/negative space, etc. whatever you like to call it) as separate things when i design an environment, i try to design the entire image as a whole

for example in this dragonite painting i did in 2013, i just painted the dragonite and added the sky background as an afterthought. technique-wise the image isn’t terrible, but the lack of design and intention in the composition really reduces its potential as an illustration i think

now comparing that to a recent painting i did this year that also uses bright colors and a sky background: there’s more depth and everything (the sky, the clouds, the kites, the kid’s pose, the kid’s scarf, the direction of the lighting, etc) is designed to reinforce the diagonal movement of the composition and to put emphasis on the kid. it’s not perfect, but in comparison to the previous piece, i think its much more interesting to look at because there was more thought put into the design of the composition

the last thing i’d like to add here is that backgrounds don’t have to be complicated to be interesting! details are great, but the reason why i put more emphasis on composition than specific techniques is because using it well helps you get away with a lot of things (like not having to do complex backgrounds 100% of the time lol)

for example- compare this pokemon fanart (also from 2013)

to this original piece (that i did later last year)

there’s a lot going on in the pokemon fanart and i remember spending almost a week painting it, whereas the original piece took me about one sitting and is only composed of four parts (the girl, the sign, the wall, and the tree)

there’s much more time and detail put into the former, so why does the latter feel better to look at? both have a dark, tree-related background and the tree in the newer piece is literally just a dark blob with green on its edges.

in the pokemon fanart, i made an attempt to paint lighting and design a “flow” into the composition, but a lot of it is lost because there’s too much contrast in places it doesn’t need to be. having emphasis on everything is the same as having no emphasis at all.

the original piece works because everything is designed and grouped to emphasize or complement the focus of the piece- the girl. i could’ve made the tree brighter and rendered its leaves and trunk and branches, i could’ve painted clouds into the sky, and i could’ve painted bricks and moss and cracks into the wall, but i chose not to because that wasn’t where i wanted the viewer’s focus to be. instead, i let those elements remain simple and less saturated, so the most detail and contrast would be on the girl.

tl;dr what you leave out is as important as what you put in!

This is a cute and amusing bit of awkwardness–poor Peridot is too shy to apologize in person, so she records it and plays the message to the intended recipient.

I think there’s more to it than that, though.

Peridot analyzes.  Peridot has analyzed her behavior over the past day and concluded that, while she doesn’t understand why it was wrong, she clearly has done something wrong that must be corrected.  However, whenever she opens her mouth, she makes things worse–and she DOES understand why THAT happens.  She rambles.  She goes on tangents.  She gets sidetracked from her message, and in the process muddles her message.

So she decides what her message is, and then practices.

She rehearses what she’s going to say, telling it to herself over and over and over again, working out the kinks, identifying places where it goes wrong, and maybe, just maybe, hoping that she can drive the message home to herself.  When she thinks she’s finally got it right, she records it–and then she’s not shy at all.  She marches right up to Amethyst and, while she almost shoots herself in the foot by opening her yap, manages to deliver the apology she means, not just the one that would have fallen out of her mouth.

Because she doesn’t understand what it is she admires about these Crystal Clods, but what she does understand is that there’s something there worth understanding.

I just love watching videos with these two, it’s so interesting to watch them interact and they always talk about such interesting things…