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okay i get that youre allowed to believe in whatever you want, but you do know this 'fake' oppression you're talking about is called sexism and it does exist?? you cant just ignore a problem is happeinging you cant not believe in sexism because its a thing? what about all the slut shaming and dress codes, what about amber heard who came forward about domestic abuse and is being ridiculed, what about the brazilian girl who was gang raped by 30 men? what about the fact that women didnt have 1/2

imjaebumhole said: 2/2 waht about the women who did not get to vote till 1961?? what about the women all around the world being forced into marriage at 12, or the countries in which it is legal to rape as long as shes your wife? or even the very plain fact that women get paid less (please there are statistics). or the women who try to come forward about rape but are not believed. or the girls who get raped and apparently ‘deserve it’. this isnt a hate message, but your thinking is dangerous.

First of all, I want to make one thing clear: I support feminism where its needed. Like countries where rape is legal and where women are literally stoned to death for showing any skin. But I do not support 3rd wave feminism in the US/Canada simply because it is not needed here. I was a feminist for years because I was brainwashed by tumblr feminist propoganda bullshit until I opened my eyes and realized that Buzzfeed and Huffington are literal poison, and so are the 3rd wave feminists here on tumblr.

(cutting this off here bc this is a long ass post that literally took me over an hour to type out)

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honestly i think most people (at least i was) were expecting the death to happen in the finale, not 3 freaking episodes away before the huge battle even starts :/ so annoyed right now with poi

eh well i know there’s a few holding out hope that the death isn’t “real” because amy acker was photographed at the finale set or some shit idk. i don’t see why people have such faith in straight writers writing our stories when they have proven time and time again that they will kill us off for shock value every time, without fail. 

“poi’s writing is better than t1oo’s, they wouldn’t do that” ok but?? it literally just happened. even if she isn’t “actually” dead, they still pulled the trope in an episode and left her “fate” open to that very specific, very harmful interpretation, even if she does come back for the finale they’d still be playing into the trope, they’d still be fucking with a vulnerable audience. 

just take a look at your dash and tell me that the poi writers had wlw’s best interests at heart. 

@adhd-is I like the trend for today on the awareness of ADHD.

I was recently diagnosed so I’m kind of still understanding how its a thing and affected me more than just in schoolwork.

• ADHD is trying to give an explanation about something you care deeply about and going off tangent by mistake. Your thoughts just go so fast, your words can’t sound coherent enough to catch up and make sense at the same time.

• ADHD is a disorder you hide cause you’re worried about how it’s not real and its just a way to get attention just cause of its popularity in the news with the misuse of adderall and medicine. When you know you don’t want to need medicine and you wish you didn’t.

• ADHD is like reading a book or a lengthy passage and hoping you remembered what you just read.

• ADHD is hoping you remembered the instructions you got from a friend, teacher or family member but you you forget. EVERY SINGLE TIME.

• ADHD for a South Asian is non-existent. Apparently, Asians just don’t have mental health issues. Nope, we’re an exception. (Please note the heavy sarcasm).

• ADHD is not having any time conception or awareness of dates and anything related to scheduling. Honestly, when it comes to planning, sometimes dated with friends end up all on the same day just cause you forgot and didn’t put it in your calendar.

• ADHD is being everywhere all at once, except where you should be at the moment. (This happens during too many moments through out the day).

• ADHD is really trying to spend the time and effort in classes you hate or enjoy, but still struggling cause of some flaw in time management or organization or interaction with the teacher.

• ADHD is more than being not focused, its about the struggle with inhibition of impulsive thoughts and behavior. ADHD is not always restless on the outside. It becomes invisible as you get older, thus less believable to friends and loved ones.

We do exist and I am someone accepting it instead of being upset about it. I am glad I know now and I hope I learn to understand and use it as a way to be self aware about my cognitive processes and work my way around these recognized boundaries.

Insha'allah everything will turn out alright.

holy shit?? as of today weve been dating 5 months?!! im so gay im so glad to know jacqueline and be able to interact with her so much and know that she enjoys my company too

Kyubi would be the only suit I would actually agree with wearing. At least you don’t have a giant head (like Jibanyan) and you can see. Also, why do Inaho and Keita need a head piece although they can just as easily get a young guy or girl and give him or her a wig. @dasbender

Developmental questions

When a traded baby is brought from Earth, for how long is it still a human baby before it becomes a deity? Is there a physical transition where the human body becomes deified, transformed? Or does the human body get destroyed and replaced by a demon body? These questions also apply to people like syne who were traded after living for a short while as humans rather than traded as a baby.

For deities traded as babies (most of them), who takes care of them while they are young deities? Deities age much slower than humans, but surely they are not helpless infants for decades either. How do they age while they transition from having a human body to their demonic form?
Then, what determines what kind of body a deity will have? Surely not the biome they are initially dropped off in, because how could a baby survive in the ocean biome without developing the ability to swim instantly. It would be a little weird but would make more sense for mer children to develop in another biome, until they’ve become deified enough to swim on their own.
Jeez now I’m thinking of baby demon daycare. Isn’t that an Alma thing?

So anyway. Does a flight class deity know it’s flight class if their wings haven’t grown in yet? What about fairy types? Does the human infant just start shrinking as they mature until you’ve got tink? As a side note, there are flight class deities that don’t come from the desert biome, such as akai from the forest, and I’d imagine that’s true of other classes. Imagine mountain biome mermaids lurking deep in dark and frigid rivers, strong enough to break through ice, and flight class deities that aren’t birds. Such as bat based deities, etc. that are still “flight class” since they can, in fact, fly very well.
We’ve a very diverse cast of mutations, including centaur types (such as nagas and actual centaurs and whatever nat is) so what’s it like for them to develop, physically?

Also, is it more common for deities to have no special powers, elemental or otherwise, than for them to have some individualized power? If someone stole aimi’s weapons, would that mean that they now have the power to teleport and decimate entire armies with lightning and aimi is left powerless save for her seer powers? Do most deities have no natural special power,and if so, do most deities have special powers anyway due to artifacts? Are a artifacts common? I imagined that elemental powers, among those who have natural powers, are not super rare or anything compared to powers like trepanin’s that are non elemental. Is this true/reasonable?
Could someone potentially amass many artifacts and become some super powered, truly god-like deity?
^shit I like this idea, maybe these deities came to earth and called themselves gods and demanded to be worshiped. Most ancient religions featured gods that were part animal. Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec feathered serpent god. Egyptian gods with animal heads. Roman and Greek fauns like the nature god pan. Deities so powered up by artifacts they could come to earth without being summoned, and came to rule and be worshiped. Loki is a shape shifter, like the feline class,but perhaps he had enough powerful artifacts that he had more than just feline forms to choose from. Same with zeus and many others. Perhaps not all these gods are even different gods, perhaps as deities lose and gain different artifacts, their powers change and they come to earth calling themself a different god.
Jeez this is turning into headcanons instead of questions lol. What if aimi’s weapons contain the artifact that some deity used when they came to earth and called themself zeus? I’d imagine these god-status deities are extremely rare because it’s hard to get your hands on so many powerful artifacts,plus you have to actually want to be worshiped by earth.
Actually, what if the first great biome war, the one trepanin fought in, was because of a rift between god level deities, fighting over artifacts? Could this event be tied to earth? (When in earth’s history did this war happen?)Was the losing side lead by the Roman pantheon, and that’s why the Roman empire fell on earth?

Oh I’ve gotten way off topic. I’m gonna stop for now.

Edit: Oh ha I thought of something else. Are there deities that are pretty low power/ have few enough physical mutations that they can pass as mostly human? As in, perhaps they only have pointed ears or something, but they have enough magical power that they can just wander earth as real, truly magic magicians? What about werewolves, and literal vampires? Would there potentially be more “shifter” type deities with a single other form they can shift to, like wolf or bat? Would typical, human world vampires be a sub-type of succubus, who all tend to transform into types of bat specifically and occasionally have pointed ears and/or fangs in their human form, since elmira’s human form looks passably human?
Okay, so

Inevitably, when I go looking for Deponia stuff to bundle myself up in, build a mountain out of, and then roll down like a fat burrito, I find them: the angry blog posts about what a “sexist, racist, transphobic piece of shit” it is.

I wonder if the authors of these posts have ever heard of sarcasm, or better yet know what a joke is.

I won’t deny that the Deponia series has its problems like many forms of modern media, and nor do I think that it should be excused for what it is lacking. However, I do think that the few players who are going off on these angry tangents sort of missed the point.

Rufus is an asshole protagonist, sure, but the rest of the cast is fully aware of it. Hell, almost any time Rufus says or does something inappropriate, he gets some kind of backlash, whether it’s a groan or having his teeth knocked out. That seems to me like a pretty good indication that the writers are somewhat aware. He is a flawed character. He was designed to be flawed. Hell, it’s even in the dialogue with Hermes and Cletus that Rufus is a mistake.

We’re not supposed to empathise with him during the times he’s making an ass out of himself (really, he’s just an idiot). Those are the times we’re supposed to cringe, put our face in our hands, and maybe laugh awkwardly because it’s just so terrible. And then laugh for real when it comes back around and bites him in the ass. Even if Rufus does not directly face consequences for his actions, his actions are generally portrayed in a negative (if comic) light. There is certainly no sense of endorsement for prejudice.

I won’t go so far as to say Deponia is story about justice. There’s plenty of shit Rufus gets away with after all. Even so, I’ll take it. Deponia is a story about personal growth. Of course Rufus a shitty person. He the main character of a story where the setting is made up of garbage. It’s a magnificent use of symbolism. As the story progresses and Rufus comes to the conclusion that Deponia is not as bad as it appears, so too does the player discover that Rufus may be redeemable. The finale of Goodbye Deponia is proof of that journey:

“Have you really changed that much?”

I absolutely hate the ending to the trilogy. I love it too though. It’s beautiful, poetic, and ties up all (well almost all) the loose ends. And honestly, in retrospect, I don’t think it could have ended any either way without sacrificing Rufus’ development (part of why Doomsday was such a let-down for me, but more on that another time). So I have to wonder if the people writing these tirades played the game for more than twenty minutes or if the point just went flying way, way, way over their heads.

Because while Deponia may have problems, Rufus’ character flaws is not one of them.

Edit: I couldn’t find a good spot to squeeze it in the above rant, but can I just say I love the female cast of Deponia? Goal is capable without falling into the bad-ass stereotype, Toni has more to her than “bitchy ex-girlfriend” despite what Rufus would have us to believe, Bambina is ruthless with a soft side, Lotti is a goddess, and Donna… well… Donna is Donna. I would never argue to more screen time for any of them though.

Edit2: I love June too, although I would agree that June’s role in Goodbye Deponia was… a problem. It’s one of those things where I feel like the writers were self-aware (as illustrated by the hag’s disdain) so it was intended as tongue-in-cheek, but unfortunately with all white/ambiguously brown cast it came off as nothing short of offensive.

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A bit of an odd question, but I'm trying to find the NC Star Trek movie review where Doug goes into a tangent about the lack of pockets, and for some reason I think it might be the one he did with you? It's been nagging at me for awhile. Great 400th episode btw, about halfway through it.

I don’t believe that’s the case. That being said, I don’t recall it being a thing with Doug’s Star Trek reviews, either - the lack of pockets rant has always been kinda Spoony’s thing. He did a stand-up routine at Magfest a looooong time ago where he talked about it.

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i keep reading one of your posts on my dash, scrolling past, and then hurriedly ruhing back when a realise you've gone on a tangent in the tags. i live for those sarcastic puns.

!! this makes me so happy for some reason omg. “sarcastic puns”…what a brand!! i love!! but sorry for wasting ur time and making u scroll back up aha :’) thank u pal aahh <3

Maxson's Radio Show Part 2

•Grand Zealot Richter calling in to reveal Maxson is a copy cat *insert Natalia Kills meme*.

•Hancock, Deacon, Cait, Sole, and MacCready dramatically reading Grognak/Silver Shroud/Jangles the Moon Monkey erotica.

•LW coming to the Commonwealth and giving the crew the Guardians of Gillyfrond (Baby Maxson’s grand opus) so they can embarrass him even more.

•Danse coming up with his own persona, Sir Dancealot- a Zorro ripoff who believes Maxson stole the love of his life Geniffer. He calls in on special occasions because it’s a “treat” in his eyes. Also because Maxson’s reactions are priceless.

•Shang Kolwalski calling in just to self promote his water.

• Poetry Night with Piper complete with snapping.

•People actually calling in thinking it’s Ghoul Fuckers Anonymous.

•Hancock getting high and going on tangents about the meaning of life.

•DiMA deciding to just mind fuck Maxson by telling him he could be a Synth. Deacon plays on his paranoia for the rest of the show.

•Shaun and Nat are sometimes allowed to talk to Maxson and they always make really loud mouth farts into the phone.

•Butcher Pete Part 1 and 2 being played at ear bleeding volumes.

•Curie calling in to be nice because she’s a sweetheart.

•Nick telling really bad pre-war puns that for some reason make Maxson go apeshit.

•Ingram and Haylen don’t even bother screening the calls anymore. They just sit back, grab some Fancy Lad Snack Cakes, and watch the anarchy unfold.

I live in the bottom of a big house in Detroit with my housemate. We both sing to plants and do tiny voices. It is a place you would like, wood floors and all that. I want to take care of everyone and sometimes the wind. I like to draw bikes or people and write poems about being crushed by the feeling. I am a wave and a center. I have orbit and tangent. It is summer and Detroit is never more beautiful. It is very hot and the sky is bigger than it used to be. Last night I got so scared that I went to sleep in a new bed. I wish I could drink coffee all day but my soul wants to heal. It is summer and I want to finally till my depths and my dirt. I want men to stop taking things from me and naming them with their hands. Last night our neighbor stole our gutters, last night he stole my sleep. Today a man made me coffee and only wanted to steal my jokes. Yesterday I lost my cool, it was stolen in the gaslight of familiar teeth. It is summer in Detroit and everyone looks at the sky waiting for the rain, we are all waiting to be mugged by god or a broken umbrella. We are all waiting for the fresh cut grass and the houses to fall.


…wrongfandom!tangent, but:

this is exactly how I see the difference between Autobots and Decepticons, and why the whole push to erase that difference bugs me.

The Decepticons under Megatron are not “predators are evil,” they’re *the specific thing that happens* when the predators’ leader is a prideful, angry separatist who thinks the best way to restore pride is to revel unapologetically in what makes the others so terrified.

I sometimes put a bonus point question on the final exam of my upper division plant physiology class (where I have a tendency to go on tangents) that reads: 

What is the most interesting or important thing you learned in this class that wasn’t on the syllabus?

Some of them talk about things they learned in developing their independent lab projects or reading primary literature. Several mentioned appreciating the insights I gave them on GMOs and the agricultural system. One wrote about how she had learned that good experiment design is much more complicated than she’s been taught before. 

Then there are the ones that make me realize just how much I talk about crazy things in class. Some of this year’s highlights: 

  • “When you were a kid, your cat had kittens in your bed.” (This is true, although I have no idea what context I would have mentioned it in.)
  • “Bridesmaids were meant to be decoys to protect the real bride from being kidnapped.” (3 students mentioned this)
  • “Johnny Appleseed was really giving the people a means to make alcohol.” (3 mentioned this as well)
  • “If you ever need to hide in the back of a truck, to sneak across a border or something, you shouldn’t hide in a fruit truck because they often pump the trucks full of carbon dioxide to prevent the fruits from ripening.” (I am clearly encouraging good life decisions.) 
  • “Artificial banana flavoring tastes like bananas that were wiped out by disease, and a new strain of bananas had to be used, as bananas are sterile and clones of one another so could not be propagated from seeds. So when I eat banana-flavored things, I’m actually tasting history and not just some chemically inaccurate substance.” (2 other students also mentioned this, although sadly, neither of them described it as “tasting history”.)
  • Several also mentioned that I convinced them to start buying only organic apples, and one described this as “life-changing”. 

The last time I gave this question, I got answers about exploding trees, upside down tomatoes, and one student who thanked me for teaching him so much about pregnancy so he would be prepared to better support his future wife. 

I sometimes think I should not be allowed to stand in front of people and talk for a living.


I really need to work on titles.

Well…it’s self-explanatory at least?

Ahem, this is just a collection of headcanons that better set the setting of the Marriage AU based on the headcanons about this AU (along with some of my own hehehe)

(Warning, this isn’t entirely about Hinoleo sorry about that and I go on tangents and this is long and not that great)

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