“ Top 10 stellar performances of Super Junior “                                        February 8, 2016 @ 6:48 pm

10. ‘Bonamona’ May 16, 2010

Don’t even blink for the next 4 minutes because this live of “Bonamona” will get you drooling! The sex appeal is incredibly high and they way Super Junior own that dynamic stage with their swag will make you scream! Don’t forget the extra bit of skin being shed on stage! Goosebump worthy!

9. 'This Is Love’ Oct. 10, 2014

Classy, sexy and handsome best describe Super Junior, and this stage 100% emphasized that! The charming men dance to the sensual melody of “This Is Love” in a cool bar setting with stand mics. The transition of the stage for the rap is always a cool effect alongside the members transitioning in between verses! It also features a sweet opening with their song “Evanesce.”
8. 'MAMACITA’ Comeback Special 

his live stage was one of the best comeback specials yet! The amazingly detailed crown on stage, the awesome gold lighting, their sexy close ups and the fire works– ahh! It is just so much, I can’t even! What any fan can enjoy most about this live is the quality recording that really showed off this epic dance routine!

7. 'Sexy, Free & Single’ Incheon Korean Music Wave

The men of Super Junior never fail to bring the heat to the stage and a sexy, charismatic style to their music! First off, the red mood lighting made the night stage even cooler, and I’m a sucker for fireworks during live performances! The fan girls screaming their hearts out is not to be believed and the way the boys mastered this performance, I’d be too! After this performance I’m definitely “ready to bingo!

6. 'Mr. Simple’ KBS Special Stage

For a simple song it didn’t lack in set design or style on stage! These light up suits were definitely a fashion masterpiece as it made them standout even more alongside the cool track that is "Mr. Simple.” The stage was flashy, just like the boys, with the blue and white patterned designs and really brought even more life to this killer performance

5. 'Devil’ KCON LA 2015

The boys of Super Junior can’t look any sexier as they sing “Devil” live in LA! Their devilish charms shine through as they dance with so much energy and really get the crowd moving! The stage is awesome in capturing their style and the streamers bursting just make the experience even more surreal! Don’t forget the amazing blue sea of lights!

4. 'Superman’ MAMA 2011 Singapore

Watch Video HERE

This song and stage was definitely one of the most interactive but completely corny! How Siwon didn’t bust out laughing in the beginning is beyond me, but this corny stage opening is what made it even better! It was fun to see the idols involved too and over all the performance was a flawless success!

3. 'U’ Music Core Special July 1, 2006

Watch Video HERE

What more can be said about this epic throwback of Super Junior? “U” was the song that made all the girls faint, cry and everything in between. This live had an outstanding recording for their dance routine, the unexpected dance break surrounded by mist and green lasers is the epitome of early 2000s swag! This live was loads of amazing but also a good laugh to look back on how our beloved idols used to look. Talk about trendsetters! Don’t forget the boundless energy coming from the crowd as they practically sing the song alongside the members in between chanting each members name!

2. 'SPY’ MAMA Awards 2012

Watch Video HERE

“SPY” was already a swagged out, super fly song and the boys made it even cooler! Super Junior know how to make an entrance because that spy gadget helicopter drop from the ceiling and motorcycle ride in was down right amazing! Not only that, they had a miraculous stage set up that no one could look away from!

1. 'Sorry Sorry’ KCON LA 2015

Watch Video HERE

The number one spot hands down goes to “Sorry Sorry”! Not only is “Sorry Sorry” one of their most fan favorite songs, the iconic dance is still addictive till this day! It is amazing to see them performing on an international stage with fans screaming, shining their blue glow sticks and doing the dance moves alongside them! They really hyped and owned the crowd for this wonderful stage! by AllK_Makn

160214 Super Camp in Taiwan Day 2: Moments to remember~

Members wore the dinosaur costume. Kangheeteuk sang while playing on the stage with the costume on. Looks like they really enjoy dinosaur riding :) 

Kangin’s quick transformation into a cute dinosaur rider ^^


Yesung’s face while Kyu riding dinosaur ㅋㅋㅋ 

Album covers from 1jib to 7jib

Kyuhyun saw the fanproject and said “No At Gwanghwamun?” :)

5882 또 535 - 오빠 빨리 또 오세요 - oppa please come again soon

변하지 않을게 기다릴게 - we will not change (our heart) we will wait


★ Teuk wanna ask whether releasing album in 2017 will be good, KyuWook said but won’t have them. Kyu asked “Can I ask for 2018?” Then tarot person asked, for 2017 or 2018? and hyungs said 2017! And the result is good! Super junior 8th album will be daebak. But 8th album will be without Kyuhyun and Ryeowook. So KyuWook hugged like this lmao  (for video)

★ SJ asked how the luck of the group will be after 2 years. Answer was “It will be very good, a new beginning!”

★ The card Wook picked was black with old man on it, Hee snatched and laughed saying Wook will only have girlfriend when he’s 80. Wook asked if he will date this year, person said Wook really wants girlfriend but won’t have because girls feel he don’t need so won’t come close. Then Wook dejectedly went to sit on the floor at the side looking unhappy :)

★ Kyu chose tarot cards and his eyes lit up after being told he will be rich after 2 years xD This graceysan really spoil mood. Talking about Kyu’s cute reactions and she suddenly went “But for him to be richer means we become poorer :) (for video)

★ Kyuhyun asked “When I go back from the army, will the member accept me again?  He got a card in which a man is working and with lots of money. It means the member will welcome him, but even though he solo, he will also make a lot of money. His love luck will be very good too. After hearing that Kyuhyun was very happy he said “I am rich hahahaha” Heechul got angry because he will only get a chance in 2017 :)

★ Kangin kissed the tarot person’s hand and asked if he can release a solo album. The fortune teller said “As long as you fund yorelf, you can.” :) But Kangin got a good card. Got many other niche areas that he can pursue.

★ Heechul said he prefers girls in games and anime than in reality and asks when he can date a girl.


During the paper kiss game Kyuhyun looks like he didn’t want to do it at all :) And of the game Kyu got tired of life because of Kangin and Leeteuk xD  (for poor Kyuhyun’s video)  

Heechul complained that Leeteuk stick out his tongue during the paper kissing game… look at the hole…  


One of the games was dancing with random song. Ryeowook can pick two members and he picked Kyuhyun and Heechul. While the rest (Leeteuk, Kangin and Yesung) are the opposite team. Leeteuk’s team seems not good at this game as they all forgot about the dance. And Ryewook’s team turn, the song they had is Bonomana. Ryeowook, Kyuhyun and Heechul did a great job and didn’t forget about the steps. Leeteu’s team again, the song was Devil, Mamacita SPY. They all forget about it and gets mad xD

★ Ryewook said he doesn’t want to talk about army because it’ll feel like he’ll leave soon. Kyuhyun said “Don’t worry we’re all here.”  

★ The Little Prince, At Gwanghwamun and It Has To Be You remix ver by Heechul~ :) (for video)

★ Kyu team won the song game. Members signed Ferrero Rocher chocolates for fans. (for video) Then Kyu ran to 2nd floor to give a fan a signed chocolate box. 

★ Kangin sneaked out again like yesterday when MC introduced the boys :)

★ Wook wears hae’s magic mv clothesss :) 

★ Kangin banana, Kyu apple, Yesung pineapple, Wook kiwi, Teuk orange, Hee papaya. Kangin exchanged with Yesung.

★ Kangin kept eating the pineapple after the game ended lol he also fed teuk some.  

★ Kyu goes to the second floor to give fans chocolate ㅠㅠ Even high five with some fans. On a chocolate box which Kyu gave to fan, he wrote ‘wo xi huan ni’ (I like you)

★ Kyu asked if members will accept him when he returns from army, members immediately crossed their arms meaning “NO” from behind :)

★ Kyuhyun shook his butt dance as his present for Elf on valentine’s day (for video)

★ Kangin getting violent towards Heechul :) (for video)★ Teuk said once currently enlisted members return they’ll release 8jib.

Kyuhyun: Let me tell you a secret. I like you.

★ Kangin said he wants to be together everyday, asked everyone to like only him.

Kyuhyun: Did you sleep well? 
ELF: No 
Kyuhyun: Why? 
Fans: Thinking of you! 
Kyuhyun: Me too. 

Little hearts from KangTeuk for ELF :) Leeteuk said “Feeling good to be with beloved ELF. He then took out the heart from Kangin’s pocket ^^

Leeteuk: We often question whether our current path is right when we are very tired, but seeing fans while on stage, you all give me strength. These 11 years you’ve given us many presents, thank you. 

Sapphire Blue Ocean from Super Camp Taiwan Day 2 ♥

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