Double Scoop Ice Cream Cone

Stop counting calories and start indulging your sweet tooth with a sizable dessert served on the double scoop ice cream cone. The cone’s gratuitous design allows you to enjoy two delicious scoops that won’t fall over – like they normally do when stacked vertically.


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realityruinedmylifeandstuff asked:

Hey Sasha-- do you think the leaked pic of Liam's mom (a little tipsy) was some sort of retaliation from Liam's wild and out behavior? Not sure when it surfaced?? At first I was like OH so funny but when I'm seeing it now... seems odd.

The picture was floated to the fandom today. I don’t think it’s retaliation so much as it is a distraction from the Ziam shade-a-thon. I wouldn’t assume she’s “tipsy”. I think it’s all in good fun. Does anybody really think Mama Payne seriously cavorts with young studs in front of her baby boy? Nah.

These two also debuted today:

So yeah, I think the intent was just to get the fandom discussing all of this and to forget about all the magnificent shade that Liam and Zayn threw recently. They tried.