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girlronanlynch  asked:

okay i've talked about it before but. ronan straight up picking gansey up and carrying him places. like in a football hold or over the shoulder or princess hold really there are endless possibilities! anyway gansey is moping and ronan's like ok fuck this so he picks gansey up (gansey's like ronan noooo i'm Sulking leave me be) and takes him outside, where blue and noah and adam and henry are all waiting for them with stuff for a picnic. the end

ronan “no words, just right” lynch cheering gansey up by just. lugging him around is The Best Thing??? 

gansey: )^:
ronan: scoops
gansey: “ronan n lynch. put me down.”
ronan: holds
gansey:  |^:
ronan: holds
gansey: …….. c^:

and like. don’t get me started on a gROUP PICNIC….. gansey’s got the bad vibes but everyone comes over with snacks and pizza (with fucking. avocado on it just how he likes it, that loser) and they sit in the sun in the grass out front of monmouth and they do not leave until gansey is Fed and Hydrated and Vitamin D’d and Sufficiently Reminded that he is very loved….