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On the subject of dreadlocks, for example:

Let’s take a look at the definition of appropriation.

I’m gonna copy paste this straight from Google:

“ ap·pro·pri·a·tion

the action of taking something for one’s own use, typically without the owner’s permission. example: ‘the appropriation of parish funds.’ ”

Cool. So now that we know what that means, we can figure out who specifically owns this hairstyle. Easy, right?

Except there are several cultures and religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity / Celtic folk, etc) that wear dreadlocks or have worn dreadlocks. It is not exclusively black culture.

Aside from that, who gives a shit? It’s hair. Nobody owns any particular hairstyle. 

Jackrabbit week 2017 - Day 4: Royalty AU

This is… my favorite thing I have drawn in years. Now you know what all those horse and hare studies were about. The only reason this has a decent background is because I’ve been watching Bob Ross videos while working on it. xD haha That man is truly inspiring!

Here are some notes on this AU, taken straight from google docs. I really love this idea and would love to revisit it in the future. ^^


The story:

The Lunanoff royal family has been slain by Pitch, except for Manny, or Prince Lunar, who grew up in the protective bubble of the Moon Clipper which has completely isolated him from the outside world. While technically still Tsar, he cannot rule over his Kingdom in a necessary capacity, but he’s found a way to communicate with his subjects through magic, so every few thousand years, he chooses a Heir to rule in his stead.

The heirs are chosen from a vast court of lesser royalty that still have at least a drop of royal blood flowing through them, and thus the magic that is meant to protect the Kingdom. Everyone wants to be noticed and chosen, so the competition has grown cutthroat over the centuries and the court has been corrupted from the inside.

As the previous Heir falls prey to Pitch’s machinations, Pitch uses the distraction to gather his forces in secrecy. He’s planning a full-on assault on the unsuspecting Kingdom.

The Guardians are protectors of the Kingdom and are there to support the chosen Heir. While the Guardians sometimes fall and are chosen anew, some, like Bunny and Sandy, have looked over countless Heirs in their lifetimes.

As the ceremony for the choosing grows closer, everyone is speculating who the new Heir will be. To everyone’s shock, the Tsar’s choice falls on someone no one had expected - Jack Frost, a young princeling barely into adulthood, with a very obscure lineage that makes everyone question if there’s any royal blood in him at all.

Of course, Bunny is the most outraged by this decision, because all he’s seen of Jack through the years has been nothing but the young princeling fooling around and causing trouble. He has no faith in the new Heir and no desire to serve him.

Jack is as flabbergasted as the rest of them. He’d always felt left out of the court, but he’s never wanted to take part in the intrigue and certainly never expected to get the title of Tsarevitch Lunanoff. He doesn’t take his responsibilities seriously at first, thinking there has to be some kind of mistake that will certainly be corrected soon.

Everything changes when the Guardians discover traces of Pitch’s evil plot. With cryptic silence from Tsar Lunar, the Guardians have no other choice but to school the young Heir in the skills necessary to fight a coming war.

Forced to work together, Bunny gradually learns more about Jack and grows to respect him for who he is. While he may not be like any of the previous heirs, there’s something in the young man that sparks joy and laughter in the people around him. Perhaps, this is exactly the ruler their Kingdom really needs.


Character profiles:

Bunny - an advisor and head of guard in peacetime, he is always by the Heir’s side. A scout and spy in wartime, he takes risky missions to sniff out information about Pitch’s movements, sometimes quite literally. He is an expert in moving in the shadows or underground, using his speed and quick wits to his advantage.

Toothiana - mistress of the servants in peacetime, she is secretly the Tsar’s spymaster, keeping an eye on the court’s activities thanks to her servant girls. In wartime, she is a strategist and general. She is used to taking command and seeing the bigger picture, but she’s also a proficient sword fighter who is never found on the sidelines, but rather in the midst of battle.

North -  a genius and innovator in peacetime, his countless creations are meant to make everyone’s lives better, while other times, they are meant to entertain. He doubles as the master of ceremony for the Tsar. In wartime, his workshop produces all the weapons and machines needed to arm the fighters. His creative mind isn’t limited to technology, but also helps brainstorm surprising solutions when fighting against the enemy.

Sandy - stable master in peacetime, he provides transportation for all the court’s needs. His favorite pastime is looking after the highly priced dreamsand horses and other creatures created by his magic – when he is not found taking a nap. In wartime, his immense magical power has proven to be an obstacle to Pitch time and time again.

Can we have just one post about the library of Alexandria on this godforsaken site that isn’t horrifically inaccurate and Christian-bashing???

I mean for crying out loud I just saw a post that both attributed the burning of the library to Julius Caesar AND included a chart showing ‘human scientific progress’ (which can totes be measured empirically and objectively) with a dip blamed on “the Christian Dark Ages”


Julius Caesar: 100 BC - 44 BC
life of Jesus Christ: ~5 BC - 30-something AD

or, if you’re one of those obnoxiously evangelical atheist types and you maintain that Jesus wasn’t real and just some fiction that was made up hundreds of years later, then there shouldn’t have been any Christian dark ages until at least 200 AD.

Either way … how? what? wha–why– I give up with the people on this site. Seriously guys I get that you want to blame eeeevvverrryyyything on the Christians but can you at least get your story straight?

(FWIW, from a quick Google search it appears that nobody is totally sure when or why the Library of Alexandria was destroyed, but the Julius Caesar theory is one of the possibilities. But if that is the case, then it definitely wasn’t Christians. PICK A THEORY, BACK IT UP WITH EVIDENCE, AND STICK WITH IT. Don’t try to smush together four chronologically-irreconcilable theories.)

Inspired by this post. Word count: 2276

The recent chinook has begun to pass and Robbie can feel the cold in his joints as he stirs sugar into his morning coffee. He glumly peers out the window over the rim of his mug at the layer of fresh snow covering the backyard. The temperature dipped again in the night. Single negative digits was as good as it ever got in wintertime here, appearing when warm winds slide down the nearby mountain range to alleviate the normally dry, biting cold of LazyTown’s mid-winter months. A glance at an app on his phone confirms that the high today was going to be -12C and Robbie quietly groans to himself, trying to decide if bundling up and walking to work would be less of a hassle than digging out his car with the snow shovel and ice scraper again.

He crosses the foyer to check the hall closet for the scraper and makes a double-take out the window. His front walk and the sidewalk in front of his house appears to have already been cleared of snow. Did someone shovel for him? He checks his watch.


“What kind of maniac…” he mutters as he sets his coffee on the entrance table and opens the door for a closer investigation of his front yard.

He almost doesn’t notice it at first, a small blue post-it stuck to front door. Scrunching his shoulders up at the air nipping his skin through his heavy sweater and plaid button-up, Robbie scowls at the offending note on his property. He snatches the slip of paper and shuts the door, retreating back into the warmth of the kitchen.

Have a nice day! :-}) -S

Robbie squints at the note suspiciously. Who is S? And who draws smiley faces with a mustache?? Robbie is deeply disturbed. He’s no stranger to random acts of kindness, you couldn’t be living in this good-for-nothing town, but rarely were such actions aimed him. He might as well be the villain of his neighborhood. He didn’t interact with his neighbors often, but often enough for most of them to steer clear of the grouchy man on a regular basis.

Glowering at the little mustachioed face, Robbie tries to remember if anyone in the neighborhood has a name that begins with S. He can only vaguely recall overhearing the couple living next door arguing about different moving companies a couple weeks ago. He has somewhat of a penchant for spying on the people in his neighborhood, but that was becoming more difficult this time of year when families stayed inside and kept their doors and windows firmly shut to keep the warmth from escaping their homes.

He finishes his coffee and checks his watch again. He’s spent far too much time pondering the mysterious note and was now nearly late for work. He crumples the note and stuffs it in his pocket. Whatever, he has more important things to worry about than friendly people wasting their time for no good reason. Robbie only worries about himself, as it ought to be.

A few days following this incident, Robbie wakes one morning from a fitful sleep to see his alarm has yet to go off. He briefly considers rolling over and trying to capture just a few more Z’s before he has to start getting ready for work when he hears it. A sort of rhythmic scraping sound, coming from outside. He peers out from under his fluffy orange comforter through the crack in his bedroom curtain. It had snowed again in the night, the mysterious S must be outside shoveling again!

Robbie rolls out of bed, quickly wraps his robe around himself and stuffs his feet into his furry orange slippers. He trudges to the front door, stopping to turn his coffee machine on in the kitchen, and checks out his front window for the irritating good-samaritan. Sure enough, his front walk has been cleared of the fresh snow again and Robbie can see a figure just finishing up the sidewalk in front of his house. He checks the clock on the microwave through the doorway to the kitchen.


With irritation from being awake at this god forsaken hour for no good reason and from not having his coffee yet, Robbie yanks open the front door to give the trespasser a piece of his mind.

“You know I have a shovel of my own, I didn’t ask for any favors from some stranger!” he barks at the figure, now seen clearly than through a frosty window. The mysterious shoveler appears to be a stocky young man in a puffy blue coat with white and black stripes down the sides, and a matching scarf and hat. At the sound of the door and his exclamation, the man whips his head in Robbie’s direction with wide eyes, frozen with shovel in hand. Now with a good look at his face, Robbie’s first impression is that the man is actually about same age as him, just appearing younger due to his height and athletic vigor shoveling.

His second impression is that the man is …incredibly handsome. Robbie himself freezes up as the man offers a lopsided smile and approaches his front door.

“Hi! I’m Sportacus, I just moved in next door about a week or so ago. It’s nice to finally meet you!”

Robbie’s mind is blank. He glances nervously down at the mittened-hand extended to him and tries to remember how speech works in the face of such a beautiful smile.

“Um,” Sportacus withdraws his hand awkwardly, “I took care of shoveling your walkway for you, I hope you don’t mind.” He keeps smiling sweetly up at Robbie, eyebrows pinching up slowly in confusion at his silence.

Robbie blinks a couple times and clears his throat. “Agh, yes, hi. I’m Robbie. Thanks for… clearing the snow for me.” He clears his throat again. “This time and last time. It’s really unnecessary.”

“Oh it’s no trouble! I kind of enjoy it actually. The exercise wakes me up.”

Robbie blushes at the sound of the other man’s foreign accent. He was always a sucker for cute accents.

“Yes, well, I’m sure you have better things to be doing at this time of the morning than doubling your work shoveling.”

“It’s alright, really, I’m usually awake at this time anyway. I find it difficult to sleep past 6AM. Besides, it’s better to shovel the snow when it’s fresh than after it becomes compacted.” Sportacus smiles again and Robbie watches his strangely pointed mustache jostle with the movement. It was adorable? Also explains the smiley-face on the note.

But Robbie shudders at thought of waking up at 6AM every morning. This Sportacus really is some sort of maniac.

“Uhh, right. Well, again, it’s really uncalled for. But if you enjoy it so much the least I can do is offer you something in repayment.” Robbie begins to blush again and concentrates so as not to stumble his words. “Perhaps you’d be up for a cup of coffee? I just brewed a fresh pot.”

Sportacus somehow smiles even bigger and his eyes sparkle with something Robbie can’t place.

“That sounds lovely! Thank you very much!”

Sportacus leans his shovel gently against the railing on the porch and steps inside as Robbie walks back into the kitchen. As Sportacus carefully tries to remove his boots without tracking mud in the foyer, Robbie nervously checks his reflection in the microwave door. With butterflies in his stomach he licks his fingers and quickly tries to smooth his bedhead curls into something a little more presentable and grabs two mugs from the cupboard.

Sportacus enters the kitchen holding his coat, hat, and scarf in his arms as he politely admires the inside of his neighbor’s quaint, if not a little messy, home.

Robbie turns around with the sugar dispenser in his hand, but his question dies in his throat when he looks as the other man. It was so strange to see another person in his home after isolating himself from other people for so long, a handsome gentleman no less. Robbie blushes again for umpteenth time as he takes in Sportacus’ soft golden curls and broad, muscled shoulders under a white and blue t-shirt. Sportacus’ cheeks and nose are flushed, presumably from the cold outside and the physical exertion of shoveling. He still has that stupid smile on his face, Robbie thinks as he realizes he missed whatever Sportacus just said.

“Um, I’m sorry?” Robbie squeaks bashfully.

“I said no sugar for me please. I take my coffee black.” Sportacus smiles at Robbie’s nervousness. Hopefully his own blush wasn’t showing. He’s been incredibly curious about his next-door neighbor after going a week without having the opportunity to meet him. He’d been hoping to make a good impression by helping him with the shoveling, but after meeting the tall, lovely man, Sportacus quietly resolves to shovel Robbie’s walkway every snowfall from then on.

“Right.” Robbie sets the sugar dispenser back down on the counter. “You can just throw those things anywhere.” He grabs the two mugs and moves toward the table.

Sportacus stuffs his hat and scarf in the coat pockets and hangs the jacket on the back of one of the chairs at the table. He sits down with Robbie and pulls his mug closer. The two men both quietly sip their coffee together for a minute or so in silence.

“So how’s-”

“Thanks again for-”

They stop talking at the same time and blush at each other for a pained second. Sportacus breaks the tension, “You first.”

“Um, I was just going to say thanks again for shoveling. This weather can be a real pain in the neck sometimes.”

“It’s my pleasure, Robbie. Thanks for the coffee, it’s delicious.”

“Hm,” Robbie hums into his mug. What is he even doing? Why did he invite a stranger into his home just minutes after meeting him? What happened worrying only for himself? Sportacus’ quiet voice breaks Robbie from his thoughts.

“I actually like this kind of weather, it reminds me of home. My daughter too. She’s probably already up making a snowman in our front yard as we speak.” Sportacus chuckles nervously as he looks down at the table. He knows mentioning his daughter always seems to scare people off. He’s found it best to bring her up sooner rather than later when talking to someone he’s interested in, in case they consider her too much baggage and lose interest off the bat.

“Where’s home?”

“Reykjavik,” Sportacus smiles, relieved.

“Oh, I thought your accent sounded familiar. My mother is from Iceland.” Robbie begins to relax, realizing that he’s actually enjoying the conversation now that he’s had his morning coffee.

“Really? That’s wonderful! Getur þú talað íslensku??” Sportacus finds himself leaning forward in his chair, suddenly even more enthralled by Robbie than he was before.

Robbie smiles shyly. “Um, not really. I used to a little bit. I can only understand it - if it’s spoken slowly.”

“You’re amazing,” Sportacus says softly.

Robbie blushes furiously and breaks eye contact. “So… what brings you and, uhh, your family to LazyTown?”

Sportacus’ face drops and he slowly leans back in his chair. He takes another sip before responding carefully. “It’s… just me and Stephanie now. We needed… a new start. After…”

He trails off, deep in thought. Robbie suddenly has a horrible feeling he’s just stepped on some sort of emotional landmine.

“I’m sorry.”

Sportacus glances up, “Hm? Oh, it’s alright,” he offers a small smile, “That’s all in the past now.”

They sip at the rest of their coffee for another few minutes, but Robbie can only taste his own foot. He glances at his watch as he finishes his cup.

“Ah well, I should start getting ready for work soon.”

“Oh, of course!” Sportacus tips what’s left of his drink back quickly. “This was very nice Robbie, thanks again for the coffee,” he smiles brightly up at Robbie as they stand together.

“Anytime Sportacus,” Robbie replies clumsily, caught off guard again by his dazzling smile.

“Be careful, I may take you up on that,” Sportacus smirks as he slides his coat back on.

Robbie tucks his chin, smiles, and blushes once again, managing to place the mugs in the sink without breaking anything.

They move into the foyer together and after Sportacus quickly ties his boots, Robbie opens the front door for him. On the porch, Sportacus grabs his snow shovel and turns around thinking there’s more he has to say, but can’t figure out how to word his feelings.

“I like your slippers,” he eventually remarks, lamely.

“Um,” Robbie quickly glances downward and smiles timidly, “hah, thanks. Perhaps next time I can try to be properly dressed.” He looks back up to see that nameless sparkle in Sportacus’ eyes again.

“Next time,” he smiles warmly at Robbie.

Robbie watches the other man make his way down the cleared path and turn towards his house. He sees a small snowman wearing a pink knit hat in Sportacus’ yard and hears a young girl laughing at something Sportacus says. Robbie gently closes the door with a distracted smile. Next time.

A couple days later Robbie wakes to his alarm blaring. Another restless night. He trudges to the kitchen like a zombie to turn on the coffee machine. He checks the temperature on his phone.


He groans and looks up at the ceiling, wondering if he could induce the next chinook through sheer willpower alone.

He prepares for work quickly, but seems to be running late again as he runs out the door, ice scraper in hand. However, just as he’s finished locking the door he notices another blue post-it in front of him. Robbie grabs the note and turns around, realizing belatedly there had been a heavy snowfall that night and the walkway and sidewalk in front of his house had already been cleared once again. He stares down at the note with a half-smile and small butterflies in his stomach.



Next time? :-}) -S

smackins  asked:

OKAY SO I came to this realization (that I'm not sure if people have talked about it before or not) and I thought IMMEDIATELY I needed to share it with you but: WHAT IF THE DIGIDESTINED CRESTS CORRESPOND WITH CHAKRAS?

not sure if I’ve ever seen this talk point be addressed but IT SOUNDS GREAT!!!


taken from the straight google definition:

“Chakras are, (in Indian thought) each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number.”

And those seven are

  1. Root Chakra, representing foundation and feeling of being grounded. Located in the base of the spine in the tailbone area.
  2. Sacral Chakra, our connection and ability to accept others and new experiences. Located in the lower abdomen, about two inches below the navel.
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra, our ability to be confident and in control of our lives. Found in the upper abdomen in stomach area.
  4. Heart Chakra, ability to love. Center of the chest right above the heart.
  5. Throat Chakra, Our ability to communicate, found in the throat
  6. Third Eye Chakra, our ability to focus and see the big picture, located on your forhead between the eyes. And finally we have the
  7. Crown Chakra, the highest chakra, representing our ability to be fully connected spiritually. Found at the very top of the head

names representations and locations found from the 7 chakras for beginners

NOW A FEW OF THESE ARE EASY MATCHES, heart going for love is the biggest no brainer, but lets see if we can’t match up the rest!!!!

(Now of course you can agree or disagree but here’s the ones I’m thinking match best)

Heart - Love

Third Eye - Knowledge

Sacral - Friendship

Crown - Hope 

Root and Solar Plexus I’m finding the most personal trouble with, they could honestly either work for Courage and Sincerity/Purity if not in the case of the crests then in the case of the kids who own their crests.

The emotional issues tied in with these chakras are  “Self-worth, self-confidence, and self-esteem” for Solar Plexus, and “Survival issues such as financial independence, money and food.” for Root

and while at first glance you may think well shit thats a perfect fit of first for Mimi and second for Taichi, she didn’t go through as much of a struggle with herself over her outward appearance to others as much as the dub liked to have pushed it. In fact she doesn’t necessarily express these feelings up until recently with Tri. Whereas Taichi on the one hand constantly struggled with the realization that others looked up to him in his necessity to be their leader. It wasnt that often to warrant it being as noticed but he did question his abilities when he wasn’t able to be 100% for whatever task was at hand. Be it being brave to help rescue Sora, or be it his need to be quick and resourceful so he can help Hikari go through her reoccurring sickness. He wasn’t always doubtful in his abilities that caused him to mess up, but when he did question how strong and capable he really was as opposed to how much he realistically was the kid did go through a big breakdown. Losing Sora and almost hurting Hikari again really did a number, and recently all the damaged loss he’s realizing in Tri? These are the things he needs to overcome which (and after typing this out/essentially saying it outloud to myself to be able to think it over) I think the Solar Plexus Chakra matches him more. If not his crest then him as a character overall. 

Which then leaves Root, and while I’d love to type up another paragraph for Mimi this one fits her crest more in the dub sense of being sincere. She’s grounded and learning to be more independent as the years go by and she learns more and more about herself and others.

So again!!

  • Root - Sincerity/Purity - Mimi
  • Sacral - Friendship - Yamato/Matt 
  • Solar Plexus - Courage - Taichi/Tai
  • Heart - Love - Sora
  • Throat - Reliability/Sincerity - Jou/Joe
  • Third Eye - Knowledge -Koushirou/Izzy
  • Crown - Hope - Takeru/TK

Now as for what you wish to do with these connections/comparisons is up to you! PERSONALLY I’d love to see a tattoo series with these placements

though when you get to very top of the head location crown over there is when it gets a little confusing lmao

EDIT: forgot to un-cross out parts lmao

anonymous asked:

This is stupid it's just I can't get a straight answer from Google; what is a psychotic episode exactly and what does it entail? Sorry I know it's either me or google being stupid and if it's me I'm sorry

To clarify, it’s like, my therapist showed me some really upsetting things, and now I need to know because I think I have had a couple psychotic break, but, now I really need to know for sure and nobody’s helping

this question isn’t stupid,..

well, a psychotic break is a loss of contact with reality. so you get stuff like positive symptoms –

  • hallucinations
  • delusions
  • paranoia
  • disorganized speech + disorganized thoughts (racing thoughts, very slow thoughts, mixing up words, relating one topic to another completely different topic even though it makes sense in your head, gibberish??)
  • difficulty to concentrate
  • catatonia (inability to move) or motor dysfunction

  …and negative symptoms, similar to symptoms of depression –

  • anhedonia (loss of interest in things you usually liked)
  • apathy
  • decrease of emotion or inappropriate laughing/crying/emotion (eg: laughing at someone crying, laughing at someone hurt, crying when someone tells you a joke, crying at happy/cute things, like puppies, etc)
  • executive dysfunction (wanting to do something, but you can’t)
  • and decrease of pleasure. 

feel free to message me if you want to talk or have questions !! (x)

anonymous asked:

Just a friendly reminder that Adele out sells TS, too, and if the link I added isn't proof for the Swidiots, there are tons more where that came from! (IIRC, Adele has sold more total albums with fewer releases--Adele's 3 albums to TS's 5). nypost()com/2016/01/04/adeles-25-album-sales-make-taylor-swift-look-like-a-nobody/

Perfect article for today’s Daily Snake! Needless shade, taking a page straight from 🐍book 😂


Frozen Feelings (a Joe Sugg imagine)

Requested by omfg-its-laura: where Joe tells you he loves you for the first time when you were filming a video for his channel. Like it was out of the blue, maybe because you said or did something cute.

My words have returned to me! I think… Sorry it took me SO long to finish this request. I had many ideas for the prompt, but this one was the only one that I was happy with. You are your own worst critic, right?

Hope you enjoy it. Sorry again for the wait, and thanks for the request :)

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Joe asked you for what seemed to be the millionth time.

You were currently wrapped in your bathrobe, cherishing your last moments of warmth before partaking in Caspar Lee’s infamous Brain Freeze Challenge.

“It’s just a bathtub of freezing cold water, babe. It’s not like I’m stepping into a tub full of venomous snakes or anything,” You replied, lightly patting his cheek. “How bad could it be?”

Joe took hold of your hand on his cheek, planting a kiss on the back of it. “Take it from someone who’s done it, love. It can be pretty bad.”

After three months of dating him, his concern and need to protect you were two of the many qualities that made it impossible for you not to fall in love with him.

But you weren’t sure if he felt the same way, so you kept your growing feelings to yourself.

“Or maybe I have a higher pain tolerance than you do,” You countered, getting an eye roll from your boyfriend right when Caspar finished setting up his equipment.

“Ready to go, Y/N?” Caspar called, from your bathroom.


Despite the uncertain look in Joe’s eyes, you grabbed his hand, pulling him towards your supposed impending doom.

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Below the cut you’ll find a list of 35 UNDERUSED ACTRESSES that are (or could play) SIXTEEN TO EIGHTEEN YEAR OLDS. Their nationalities are listed, as well as their actual age. PLEASE “LIKE” IF YOU FIND THIS USEFUL OR “REBLOG” IF YOU’RE AN RPH. 

*NOTE - The nationalities listed are straight from Google, therefore, if they’re wrong please don’t take offense! I’ll be more than happy to correct anything. Secondly, I attempted to avoid Disney/Nickelodeon and sort of succeeded. 

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Hi guys! So I’ve tried making a few printables and here’s my first attempt in uploading one.. Please do check them out!! I hope you guys would like it!! Reblog this to spread the word.. Send me an ask to let me know if you guys downloaded my printables & what you think of it! :) Excited!! x

So here goes….. 

  • 2016 Calendar (Coloured) (download straight from my google drive here)
  • 2016 Calendar (B&W) (download straight from my google drive here)
  • January 2016 Overview & Planner (download straight from my google drive here)
  • February 2016 Overview & Planner (download straight from my google drive here)

P.S guys this is my first attempt, please send me an ask if there is any improvements or any requests to be put on my future printables & if i should continue making these!! Hope you guys find is useful !! x


-JENNA IS RED COAT & BETHANY’S TWIN- Red Coat must be a brunette. We saw Wren (Charles) drawing in a red coat on a brunette. The blonde wig. It wasn’t for Charles so it must have been for Red Coat. Why would someone who’s already blonde need a blonde wig? Alison as Vivian Darkbloom- She was pretending to be someone else… a brunette. Jenna was at the top of Ali’s list as an A suspect but she ruled her out simply because she got that text “Bitch can’t see you, but I do. Tonight’s the night I kill you.” Now that we know Red Coat and A are a team, we can’t rule her out simply because of that. (But I just don’t believe Charles or Mona sent that… do you? So who I wonder?) Why why why did Garrett pretend to kill Ali in front of Jenna? Was Ali planning to fake her death? There’s an overwhelming amount of evidence to support that. Which means… Ali is guilty of much more that went on that night. If the girls know a lot more about that night than they think they do, and Ali knows it, what the hell did they do while drugged and drunk? Something bad enough to deserve the torture they’re getting now if we’re supposed to feel sorry for A. This is why I think they must be somehow responsible for Bethany’s murder. As much as I want to, I don’t trust Mona. Mona must know everything. Or at least the reason for A torturing the girls. I believe the note Ali got in prison, “Mona told everything” means Mona told everything she knew to Wren (and/or Red Coat) while heavily medicated in Radley. This is why he stole the game and started torturing the girls. Mona told him something that gave him reason to. Let’s not forget about Mona having a little meeting in the woods with Jenna, Sydney, and an unknown person. And the fact that she’s said “These bitches are finally gonna get what they deserve.” What? Wth did they do to deserve this? Mona knows. Twin theory- There have been numerous clues that Red Coat is a twin. The fact that we haven’t seen Bethany’s face leads me to believe she is somebody’s twin. Since I believe Jenna is Red Coat, I’m going to go with Bethany being her twin. There are a hundred different ways this story could go if so. I won’t even try to put it together. The blonde/brunette thing confuses me but I’m sure that could be explained. The fact that Tammin dyed her hair blonde a while back and looked damn good interests me. Ali DID tell Jenna, “If you ever come back to Rosewood… I’ll bury you.” Think about how interesting that is if Bethany looks just like Jenna and ended up buried. Never realized this before but Jenna seems to have been connected to just about everyone who has died on this show. Ian, Garrett, Wilden, Maya, Shana… The fact that Melissa didn’t look at Bethany’s face not only explains her not realizing it wasn’t Alison, it also means it could have been a twin of somebody she knows. The people who would recognize Bethany Young (Eddie Lamb, Big Rhonda, Mrs. D) have never had scenes with Jenna. Actually… Mrs. D did. She asked the girls why Jenna was at Ali’s funeral and said she didn’t know they were friends. Did that concern her? And if she didn’t know Jenna through Ali, how did she know her? Through Bethany? analyzinga addictedtoprettylittleliars aisintheair all-things-pretty-little-liar bitchcankeepasecret blackveiltheories bigaendgame bethanyisbiga confusedpll chela-429 dangerous-g-a-me game-over-charles i-bet-you-remember-me ishouldreallydosomethingabout-a jenna-cant-hear-us-shes-blind jungle-red-lipstick-lies killerariaisa lamer-leprintemps-lesfleurs monasvanderballs manna-vandermarin monariaisa monas-army myworkmyreason mylittlestar18 my-pr3tty-littl3-th3ori3s prettylittleliarsxxxx prettylittlesecrethints prettylittlethe0ry rosewoodsecret rosewood-clues rosewoodclown redcoatblackveil rosewoodtheorys spencerslakehouse spencersbarn thebestplltheories troiancoolsario tremolux welcomebackmona wrenischarles whitemothtoaflame whyima

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Okay y'all this is to answer several questions in my inbox….

Everyone now has their panties in twist cause they think that Google changed RK’s relationship status on their bios…

I don’t have a way to get info straight from google, so if there’s anyone out there that reads my blog that works for google feel free to correct my speculation about what is going on…

  1. They removed their relationship status from the main info
  2. Kristen is now listed as Rob’s companion on her main link
  3. Rob is still listed as Kristen’s partner
  4. Both are listed as each other’s partners when you open the full bio and look at “people also search for” (see blue squares above)

Some ppl are saying that companion is a “step up” from partner, I’ve no fucking clue where this is coming from and if this has any validity!

com·pan·ion1 kəmˈpanyən/ noun noun: companion; plural noun: companions; noun: Companion
  1. 1. a person or animal with whom one spends a lot of time or with whom one travels. “his traveling companion” synonyms:associate, partnerescortcompatriotconfederate
    • a person who shares the experiences of another, especially when these are unpleasant or unwelcome. “my companions in misfortune”
    • a person’s long-term sexual partner outside marriage.

So…here’s what I think is going on.  Our lovelies that hate the very idea of RK still being together are making a coordinated attack on Google.  Google knows that the information that they have is legit hence the information is still there but somewhat hidden.  So in a effort to stop the fuckery they’ve removed their relationship status from the bio so it’s not obvious at first glance.

But if you google Kristen and or Rob along with spouse, partner, girlfriend, wife (for some reason at least for me it does not work when googling Kristen with boyfriend or husband *shrugs*)  the other is listed as either companion or partner.  Why they changed Kristen to Rob’s companion…no fucking idea…do they feel that this is a gentler term is less offensive to some???  Maybe…

But rest assured that google is still recognizing that RK are in each other’s lives…So please, please, chillax…

I’m sitting pretty in My Happy RK World, why don’t you join me here….

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