Yo I'm going to explain something about Korean age that most of you guys don't understand

Okay so you know how in Korean age you are a “year” older than what you are in the rest of the world? You actually turn a year older on New Year’s Day.

Say you were born in March 30th, you would be born “1 years old” in Korean age due to the time in the womb is considered a year (I think, not sure about that part please tell me if I’m wrong) but when January 1st comes around you turn 2 automatically. You still celebrate your birthday on March 30th though because that was the day you were born but you don’t “turn” a year older on your birthday.

But say you were born on December the 31st, you are still automatically 1 but this time since the next day is January 1st you are only technically 1 for a day and you are 2 the next day.

This isn’t like in most of the world since we celebrate people getting a year older on their actual birthday, and in other parts of Asia it’s slightly different because in some places it takes part on the lunar new year and not January 1st.

So just remember when you’re writing an idol/anyone for that matter’s Korean age they aren’t “turning 20” they already are 20, just because their birthday hasn’t come up yet doesn’t cancel out the fact that they are already a year older by Korean standards.

I understand if most of you don’t know this since I only found out recently too but please try to refrain from doing this in the future because it can be confusing.

A confession, not a request. If you have time, please read it.

Request: hey, i just read your rules and i was thinking, in support of you and your recovery a BTS reaction(or anything you prefer) to Y/N being a past rape victim and starting a charity or something that helps victims of it to come forward (: if not its totally fine! obviously, under your circumstances. if you do thank you, i love you ❤❤

Rather than doing a reaction, I will tell you a story. I’m sorry darling, but I really take those matters seriously and I just couldn’t bring myself to write it. Every time I started, my eyes teared up and I just couldn’t. But for you I’ll tell a story that’s very close to my heart and that will make you guys understand why I protect the kpop fandom so eagerly.

I was 14 when I was raped. Also it was January 2014. Until August 2014 no one and I really mean no one could talk normally to me, without my hands to shake or my voice.If they were able to talk to me at all. My connection to the world was stopped, I didn’t go to school, I took my exams,of course and went in the next class. However, until August, I was almost uncommunicating. I was suicidial and depressed. So, I was almost always thinking about just ending it all.

My mother knew that since I was 5 *my cousin was a first genaration kpoper* kpop made me move to the rythym and love the world. She gave me her phone and shepressed the play button of the video. And a melody started. “Sometimes you’ve gotta be bold, just rock the world. BUUYA!” It was Red Velvet’s Happines. Unlike all the other attempts to make me feel something, this one just hit home. I watched the music video in awe, amazed by the fact how beautiful they were and how happy they looked. I wanted to be happy too, but how could I? I was dirty, a whore, a no one. And after the music video ended I looked up to my mother and asked her if she’ll give me her phone tomorrow to watch the live performance. She couldn’t believe that I first talked to her after such a long period of time and of course she gladly agreed. And so on, day after day I watched Red Velvet evolving as I myself started being a new person. They introduced Yeri in the group, I went to a new school. Ice cream cake and Automatic thought me that family is all I have and I shouldn’t lose it. Dumb Dumb made me want to dance again. One of these nights made me remember the pain, but also come to terms with it. Russian Roulette made me confident and feel good about myself again. And Rookie helped me find the people I belong with.

I am very greatful to them. Those girls made me who I am today. The five hearts of the Kpop community. The underrated queens wiht music I always hear people calling childish, but let me tell you. Thanks to them I am alive. I am alive thanks to the power they gave, the fact that they told me that everyday I should be happier than yesterday, because something good will happen. 

So, don’t be afraid or ashamed to listen to kpop, because this “Chin Chong” as people call them, save and inspire people lives. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself, to tell your story.

My biggest dream is to have five minutes in my whole life in which I’ll be able to meet the girls. To tell them how grateful I am, what they did for me, how they are for me. I want them to know that they saved my life and that they are precious. And that girl groups can also be a big influence in someone’s life.

Red Velvet 언니들이, 고마워. 너때무네 나 한국어 공부해요. 너무 너무 감사합니다. 사랑해요. <3 

Irene, I write this for you. Happy birthday darling.

Love, Li.

SNSD Reaction to: One of the Members Getting Married

Taeyeon: Thinks back to SNSD’s debut stage, remembers the enormous weight on her shoulders of being the leader to all these beautiful, bright girls. Their baby faces have faded and times have changed but that bond would never be forgotten. It felt like watching a family member get married. As the vows are said, she can’t stop smiling.

“Doesn’t our friend look so pretty?” she’ll whisper to Tiffany. “Aah, time goes by so quickly.”

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Jessica: Seeing her former friend grow up and find love made her so nostalgic of the old days, of when she was not only a member but of pre-debut, when they were practicing and nervous, feeling anxious about the future. She would follow the media closely, happy to know that her former band mate was happy and doing well :)

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Sunny: Gets drunk and feels so emotional about the day. She tries to make a speech over dinner, congratulating the newly wed couple, but makes a mess of it. And no one lets her live it down.

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Tiffany: Feels like a proud mom, watching as they exchange their first kiss as a newly married couple. Will probably cry the hardest, maybe even more than the members real family.

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Hyoyeon: Takes full advantage of the dance floor. Watching her friend get married just made her long for her own special day. And there was no better way to capture someone’s eye than by strutting her sexy stuff.

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Yuri: Her heart feels like it’s in her throat during the entire service. The girls were like her sisters so this genuinely felt like a family member getting married.

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Sooyoung: “Wait, someone wants to marry you? Do they know about that time you - “ Will joke and tease them but in actual fact, she’s so happy for them. Her speech over dinner starts off with gags but by the end she’s in tears and so is everyone else. “I wish you the best in life but y/n, don’t forget that we still want to spend time with our friend. She may be your wife but she was ours first!”

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Yoona: “Congratulations!” Gives them a handwritten card, that conveys the depth of her joy for that member. Writing it down made it easier to gather her thoughts and truly show her pride in them.

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Seohyun: Wishes the happy couple well and will probably buy them a wedding gift. And not just a blender but something genuinely great, that they’ll love and that’s what she’s remember for. Not for her well thought out words but her great present lol

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