Eren: Mom, I want you to meet my boyfriend Levi!

Carla: Him!? Are you serious?

Levi: He`s serious.

Eren: What`s the big-

Carla: Son, little league, major league, little league, major-

Eren: I get it! He`s out of my league, damn!

Carla: I mean it, you are dating a bad bitch Eren! Don`t fuck it up.

Levi: I fucking love your mother.

Eren: Of course you do.


Jeanmarco Week Day 8: Ice/Fire

Jean is an aspiring ice-skater, who looks up to his idol, Marco Bodt, a Professional Figure Skater. In a performance where he attempts to impress his idol, Marco is enraptured by Jean’s lithe figure and agile movements, he ends up being Jean’s instructor when he sees the potential in him.

remember when my wildest fantasy for “canon eruri” was like...

levi for a split second instinctively protecting erwin when the more pro-humanity action would be something else, or erwin giving levi subtly special treatment… then yams just goes “lol, u of little faith”

and so we got a whole arc eruri doing this fucking molotov cocktail of emotions from screaming desperation, quiet tenderness, hope, despair, dramatic panels, immense sacrifice etc like what the fuck is this tragic star-crossed lovers shit??

so yeah imo eruri fucked me up extra hard bc despite knowing early that they had a ~CONNECTION~ the quality & intensity of it was so unexpected??? levi & erwin were both initially presented as these super serious military adults in a shounen manga so all i thought we’d get was solid Bonds of Men type stuff. you know what i mean like, if we got emotional moments they’d feel more comradely, not this…. painful month-long pining, sweet soft gazing, ~my personal feelings~ stuff???? wtf?????

not to say friendship between men can’t be tender/vulnerable/devoted without being gay or anything like that! but as a whole the eruris’ development/dynamic actually feels kinda familiar to me…?? as a romance…? even besides the umm history of the ackerbond, yam’s shit about levi’s type, or editor’s comments.

for example that “don’t fight, you’ll die” “but love i MUST go…. bc of Reasons” “fine i will support you but also feel Pain” is sorta…. THE cliche pre-war scene between husband and wife in the films my dad watches. stuff like that?? im not that good at analyzing stuff so its hard to articulate but it just really comes off as romantic.

idl what im saying anymore tldr eruri is gay look how far we’ve come my baby


When the lights are turn to low for me
In the dark I feel you close to me
You’re the one that I want to see

Dedication for @prosotankutu and @erwinsalive for your beautiful drawings (1, 2) which you made for me! You are amazing, thank you for being in my life! ♥

But I wanted to give this drawing also to other amazing people: @deaddrabbit, @descats, @tamaliaa, @pwnyxpr3ss, @xcommanderhandsome, @chuulain, @eruri-rp, @prosotankutu, @erwinsalive and many other artists. Thank you. I love your art made with so many emotions. I want you to know that you’re making eruri/erwin fandom incessantly with your every little sketch. Without you this fandom wouldn’t be so warm, full of love and happiness. Thank you, guys. Don’t stop develop yourselves, we - fandom - need you.

Ymir has her people. And you are MY people.

I love all of you. ♥

Eremin Basics Part II.

This part will be focused on Eren being Armin’s safety.

We all know Armin lacks a copious amounts of confidence and self esteem one would need to feel emotionally sound, especially compared to his other comrades. More often than not, he is not capable of seeing himself as a valuable asset alone, much less part of an integral part of a team. He is always striving to be “useful” even when he has been more than a saving grace to the Survey Corps. He is not physically strong but he is a certifiable genius. Everyone knows this but Eren is intent on making Armin see it.

Eren knows that in a dystopian society where man eating titans are terrorizing livelihood inside the walls, that he has to defend Armin from everything to the best of his ability -  even if that person that is himself.

Here, we experience Armin coming to terms with their first encounter with titans in Trost.

He rambles on about the possibilities of the human race being eradicated by the titan population that breached the wall.

Only to have Eren just quell his fears by the sound of his voice. Eren is not just willing to stop there. Here he gets to the core and figures what underlying narrative will comfort Armin even more:

He shares with Armin that if they’re able to defeat the titans here and now that they’ll become higher ranking officers. Something that he knows tickles Armin’s need to feel “useful.” And thus Eren singlehandedly snaps Armin out of his morbid trance. (with a smile and a wealth a healthy eye contact…)

Eren takes responsibility for the solidity of his best friend and takes every opportunity to confront Armin’s insecurities and turn them into something positive. Eren accepts his best friend as an extension of himself. Therefore he feels the jarring hurt when Armin becomes irrevocably self-deprecating. Like we see here in these painful panels:

Eren feels the tension of the pressure of Armin’s dedication to proving that he can do something important - that he can commit to the ultimate sacrifice. That he’s just as much of a soldier as his peers.

He feels it because he loves Armin and doesn’t understand that why his affirmation of this is never enough. Why Armin doesn’t believe him here:

Where Eren believes that Armin can change the tide of the situation and convince the military that they should not be neutralized. He believed in Armin’s cognitive ability to explain the situation tactfully and successfully get them out of this bind. He certainly believed it. But he needed Armin to believe it.

Or here:

Where Eren explains that Armin is brilliant and that he is needed in this world - just as much as he, and Mikasa, Levi and all the others. He wants to protect and preserve Armin’s confidence - build it up to where he thinks it belongs. Sky high. 

Or here:

Yes, this is a discussion of the dream - but this is also another layer of validation. Eren says to Armin in so many words: ‘Even if you don’t think that this world needs you, I still need you.’ Because Eren feels the need to share that while Armin is a brilliant tactician, he’s also his motivation, his salvation, and that he brings him great comfort. Eren says, “Thank you.” Which is a thank you for giving me a dream to inspire me - but also a thank you ‘for being here and being you.’

And in this series, Eren continues to make it his mission to not only be a physical fortress for Armin but an emotional one as well. He’ll continue to prop Armin on a pedestal and flaunt how strong Armin is until he believes him.