For reasons I have yet to understand, @gouguruheddo has challenged me to write an Eruri fic with the prompt of Levi yelling, “I’m a damn grilled cheese sandwich!” Here is that fic:

“Stop staring at me,” Levi grumbled. It was six in the morning. Too early for Erwin to be ogling him.

“Can’t help it,” Erwin said dreamily.

“I don’t like it,” Levi snapped.

“Shouldn’t you take it as a compliment?” Erwin asked, immediately regretting his words.

“Listen,” Levi said. “I know I have sex appeal. I’m very fucking appealing. I get it. I’m hot.”

“Dammit. You know, you don’t have to raise your voice, Levi,” Erwin said, raising his.

“Erwin! It doesn’t matter how sexy you think I look! I know I look good! I’m a goddamn grilled cheese sandwich at 3 AM!”

“Levi, I’m—wait, what?”

“You know. I-I…” Levi faltered. “Like when you really want something in the dead of night and you decide to make a grilled cheese sandwich. With tomato soup?”

“So…in this analogy…I’m making…you?”

“No, you’re the tomato soup.”

“So you’re…dunking yourself in me?”

“No! Fuck! I mean you’re the one who’s eating me.”

“I don’t under—“

“STOP EATING ME, ASSHOLE!” he yelled, remembering that before his confusing analogy that they were, in fact, in the middle of a heated argument.

Erwin sighed, then put his arms around Levi. “I won’t eat you if you don’t want me to,” he said softly.

“Thank you,” Levi huffed. “Do we…have any tomato soup?”

“Yes, but we’re all out of bread.”


“I know, Levi,” Erwin said, kissing him on the head. “I know.”

The Stag in the Dark - Chapter 17 - shulkie - Shingeki no Kyojin | Attack on Titan [Archive of Our Own]
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The stag at dawn.

TW: animal death, gun use

The weather had the promise of a bright and clear day, but at the moment, Eren was looking at nothing but snow covered trees, bleached white birches whose wild eyes followed him with their gaze. The evergreens creaked under the added weight. The only sound was snow falling from the leaves and onto the ground below. Several thick branches of dogwood arced in front of the blind, their limbs frozen and beaded with ice. Eren’s eyes trained on the only patch of color on the landscape, bright red berries encased in glass.

Eren felt as if he were being watched. Armin and the others’ presence did little to shake that sensation. Perhaps there were other hunters out there. Or maybe the wood itself was watching him, the entire forest sensing the presence of man the predator. The grey trees in the distance cast long shadows that stretched towards him, many fingered hands grasping at his coat. He attempted to shake off sleep and the whole world tilted on its axis. The shadows appeared to move and Eren thought of Armin’s book of ancient druids assembling. Men and women gathering here in the wood for some sacred ritual. Red drops in the snow. I heard him yelp and I thought I must have caught an animal by mistake.

Then something moved. Eren felt it before he heard it. He felt the change in the air. The cardinals and chickadees quieted their song. He heard the cautious step over the snow. And then he saw.


anonymous asked:

That meme with zeke scratching his ear reminds me of the meme you cant x if you dont y with that dude touching his head

I actually made some Roll Safe memes of Zeke already and am thus well aware of the meme itself.

Of course, the “When you hear” or “The Scratch” meme fits in as well! …Though..