Legacy (Post-Kings Rising)

They found the child in a border village, cared for by a kind but overwhelmed nursemaid who was relieved to have someone take responsibility for her charge.

“You want to make sure he’s well cared for,” Laurent said, the sentence almost a question, his body held tense and uncertain as he watched Damen lift the baby from his cradle.

“Of course.” Damen settled the baby in his arms, and gave him his fingertip to hold; it looked enormous and very dark in the tiny, lighter hand. He knew he was smiling foolishly; how could anyone do differently? The baby was too darling, curly-haired and dark-eyed, sleepy and trusting in his arms.

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Sad Ian Deleted Scene

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They shouldn’t have taken this scene out! Showing that the culture at Ian’s job is kind of apathetic towards the mentally ill would’ve been an important part of the storyline. It also showed Ian realizing that he’d come in contact with people with the same issues as him on the job, which I would imagine could be a hard thing for someone in Ian’s position to face. This scene would’ve added a great amount of complexity to Ian’s storylines. I’m upset they thought other things were more important than this. 


Shameless Season 7 (2016) | Official Trailer | William H. Macy & Emmy Rossum SHOWTIME Series


Mickey awoke to the sound of rain hitting the window. It wasn’t heavy, but he could hear it slapping the ground in a steady fall. He couldn’t tell what time it was because of the overcast, but Ian was still in bed next to him so he didn’t really care. His knee stuck to the back of his thigh from the heat of the sheets, and he could feel his hand pressed to his back.

Mickey turned slowly, not wanting to move the tiny bed too much, and came face to face with Ian. He was still asleep; shallow breaths warm against Mickey’s face. He reached up and touched his face, tracing his freckles like drops on a window. The sound of rain completely faded away against the sound of Ian dreaming calmly. Mickey ran his hand down Ian’s neck to his chest, feeling the beginnings of hair there. He moved even closer, pressing his front to Ian’s side until there was no room between them. His eyes flicked around the room, at Carl and Liam not up yet and unaware of his sudden urge to wake Ian and feel him and taste him. It was getting stronger the longer he watched him sleep.

Mickey turned his gaze back to Ian, deciding that if he actually succeeded in waking him, he wouldn’t feel too bad if he had the same idea. He leaned in and kissed Ian on the lips lightly at first, then with more pressure. Ian was slow to react but his breathing visibly changed. Mickey licked down his jaw to his neck and around his ear. Ian shivered when his fingers trailed down below the cover. When Mickey kissed him again and pulled away, a lazy smile was on Ian’s face. Mickey nosed at his neck and slid his hand further down, getting him to smile more.

“You’re making me hard.” Ian’s voice was raspy and deep, and it went straight to Mickey’s dick pressed against him.

Mickey grinned when Ian finally opened his eyes and looked at him. He bucked his hips, and Ian’s eyes flicked from his to his sleeping brothers and back. Mickey cupped Ian’s face and brought his finger to his lips.


It didn’t take Ian much to ignore that they weren’t alone. He pulled Mickey on top of him and deepened their kiss.


rainy morning sex, amiright?

You know what i want? I want Mickey to get out of prison for whatever reason and have nowhere to go but to the Gallaghers bc his house had been thought to be abandoned and it was sold. I want Fiona to let him stay there despite Ian’s protests. I want it to be hard for them to live together without being /together/ I want Mickey’s PO to get him a job somewhere where he meets a smart mouthed girl who becomes his best friend. I want him to make work friends. I want Mickey being Fionas support system. I want Mickey to kick Lips ass for starting to become like Frank. I want Lip and Mickey to become friends. I want Mickey helping Debs with her baby. I want him forming some kind of bond with Carl. I want Mickey to visit his son. I want Ian to come around and offer Mickey his friendship. I want them slowly falling back in love. I want them hashing out their shit. I want Ian to take Mickey out on a real date. I want them hopelessly in love again. I want Mandy to come back for her brother. I want Mickey and Mandy to find their footing again as brother and sister. I want Mickey admitting that marriage isn’t just a piece of paper and maybe proposing to Ian. I JUST WANT MICKEY TO BE HAPPY OKAY?!

So I don’t write on here often, but after watching 4 seasons of Shameless and rematching the Jerome episodes of Gotham, I’m in a Cameron Monaghan kind of mood. I’m thinking of writing a fanfic about the “reader” I guess who begins to rob stores and blow up buildings after Jerome’s death. They get a following, and when Jerome comes back to life, he wants to meet this fan of his. Anyone interested? Like this if so…

I don’t want to and I won’t defend the writers, or at least certain ones but at least some of the writers genuinely didn’t wanna “end” Mickey’s storyline like it did and they do have a lot of interest in continuing Mickey and Ian’s story.

The writers hinting that Mickey would come back and that they’d wanna bring him back isn’t as simple as just baiting, there is some truth to it, as far as I know. There is only one person who makes the decision at the end. It’s not for the writers to decide whether they can write him back or not.


Shameless Season 7 Official Trailer