Aries + Sagittarius: Piggy back rides and loud singing in public,
Taurus + Cancer: Love cuddle and cooking together.
Gemini + Aquarius: Fall asleep on the phone with each other everyday.
Leo + Libra: Spending every second together is a bliss.
Virgo + Pisces: Stare at each other timidly and bond deeply.
Scorpio + Capricorn: you two are ready to take over the world.

The Signs & the amount of fucks they Give

Says IDGAF and makes sure everyone knows it because they secretly care too much: Leo, Aries  

Everyone thinks they DGAF while they’re internally screaming: Taurus, Gemini, Capricorn, Virgo, Aquarius

They give too many fucks and everyone knows it: Cancer,  Libra, Scorpio, and Pisces

Doesn't give a fuck: Sagittarius 

the signs as assholes
  • Aries:the asshole that turns everything into an aggressive competition
  • Taurus:that asshole that refuses to accept they're wrong so they just ignore what you're saying
  • Gemini:says something really mean and bogus and just laughs about it asshole
  • Cancer:the "i'm in a bad mood so now i'm going to put you in a bad mood" asshole
  • Leo:that asshole that turns your story into a story about them
  • Virgo:the asshole that criticizes everyone
  • Libra:that asshole that acts super nice and won't admit they're being an asshole
  • Scorpio:that asshole that destroys your life over a little incident
  • Sagittarius:the brutally honest asshole
  • Capricorn:the "i'm always right" and bosses you around asshole
  • Aquarius:that god-complex asshole who thinks they're the greatest person ever
  • Pisces:tries to seem macho af to hide their sensitivity asshole
The signs when someone says they love them
  • Aries:love?? what is that??
  • Taurus:????
  • Gemini:wha t the afUCKCJA FUCK
  • Cancer:is this real life
  • Leo:of course you do!!
  • Virgo:i love you too... i think?
  • Libra:awwww i love you too ;)
  • Scorpio:bruuuuuh
  • Sagittarius:REALLY???
  • Capricorn:ummmm
  • Aquarius:*fist bumps the person*
  • Pisces:lol they don't mean it, still just friends