Stuff the signs need to hear right now
  • Aries:You can be everything you want to be.
  • Taurus:You deserve happiness.
  • Gemini:Your face is super great.
  • Cancer:Ignore the naysayers.
  • Leo:Punch those negative thoughts in the face!
  • Virgo:Your body is amazing! Seriously. It keeps you alive!
  • Libra:Stay safe. Don't be too reckless.
  • Scorpio:Your future looks amazing!
  • Sagittarius:You are the master of your own fate.
  • Capricorn:You are worthy of love.
  • Aquarius:Forgive yourself.
  • Pisces:Your mistakes are in the past.
your attitude towards life is

Aries: straightforward
Taurus: systematic 
Gemini: curious
Cancer: emotive
leo: passionate
virgo: efficient
libra: thoughtful
scorpio: reflective
sagittarius: energetic
capricorn: responsible
aquarius: visionary
pisces: creative
(also rising signs)

Signs as The 100 characters
  • Aries:Marcus Kane
  • Taurus:Abby Griffin
  • Cancer:Jasper Jordan
  • Leo:Bellamy Blake
  • Aquarius:Raven Reyes
  • Sagittarius:Monty Green
  • Pisces:John Murphy
  • Capricorn:Commander Lexa
  • Scorpio:Cage Wallace
  • Libra:Clarke Griffin
  • Virgo:Nathan Miller
  • Gemini:Octavia Blake

Moon Night Mushroom (Tsukiyotake) - Omphalotus japonicus

A spectacular photo of the bioluminescent fruiting bodies of the mushrooms scientifically named Omphalotus japonicus (Marasmiaceae), glowing in the darkness.

The glowing fungi grow on wood and their light is visible at night. Luminous higher fungi emit greenish light with a maximum emission in the range of 520–530 nm. A luminous taxon emits light in only a certain period of its life cycle; before and after that period, it generally does not glow.

Omphalotus japonicus is known from Japan and other sites in East Asia, where it is regarded as a poisonous mushroom. 

Synonymous: Lampteromyces japonicus

References: [1] - [2]

Photo credit: ©Jun Kobayashi | Locality: Toyota-shi, Aichi Prefecture, Japan (2014)

The Signs: What You're Excited For 2015
  • Aries:Troye's next album
  • Taurus:Troye's next album
  • Gemini:Troye's next album
  • Cancer:Troye's next album
  • Leo:Troye's next album
  • Virgo:Troye's next album
  • Libra:Troye's next album
  • Scorpio:Troye's next album
  • Sagittarius:Troye's next album
  • Capricorn:Troye's next album
  • Aquarius:Troye's next album
  • Pisces:Troye's next album
Zodiac signs as Harry Potter Characters

Aries: Severus Snape
Taurus: Neville Longbottom
Gemini: Ron Weasley
Cancer: Sirius Black
Leo: Harry Potter
Virgo: Bellatrix Lestrange
Libra: Luna Lovegood
Scorpio: Draco Malfoy
Sagittarius: Ginny Weasely
Capricorn: Rubeus Hagrid
Aquarius: Hermione Granger
Pisces: Albus Dumbldore

The Signs as Types of Potatoes
  • Aries:Tater Tots
  • Taurus:Curly Fries
  • Gemini:Waffle Fries
  • Cancer:Mashed
  • Leo:French Fries
  • Virgo:Baked
  • Libra:Hashbrowns
  • Scorpio:Tornado Fries
  • Sagittarius:Sautéd
  • Capricorn:Home Fries
  • Aquarius:Potato Chips
  • Pisces:Raw Potato