Throne of Glass characters as Hamilton lyrics
  • Aelin: I probably shouldn't brag but dag I amaze and astonish
  • Rowan: When I fight I make the other side panicky
  • Nehemia: I will lay down my life if it sets us free
  • Aedion: No one has more resilience or matches my practical tactical brilliance
  • Lysandra: I never had a group of friends before I promise that I'll make y'all proud
  • Dorian: Life doesn't discriminate between the sinners and the saints
  • Manon: Turn around, bend over I'll show you where my shoe fits
  • Elide: He looked at me like I was stupid I'm not stupid
  • Asterin: If they dont reach a peace that's alright, time to get some pistols and a doctor on site
  • Nesryn: I joined a rebellion cause I know it's my chance to socially advance
  • Fenrys: Give me a position show me where the ammunition is!
  • Rolfe: Boom goes the cannon watch the blood and the shit spray
  • Erawan: They say the price of my war's not a price that they're willing to pay
  • Maeve: I'm never gonna stop until I make em drop and burn em up and scatter their remains
  • Chaol: So what'd I miss?

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Inquisition companions react to witnessing the inquisitor punch someone in the face for badmouthing them? Romance included?

Sorry, couldn’t figure out romances for all of them, bc for most of them it’d probably go to “hey babe let me kick their ass with you” with the exception of Josephine and a few other romances.



Iron Bull:

(If Romanced):


(If Romanced, she helps kick ass with…)










The High Lords (+ High Lady) of Prythian: Solar Courts

“There are different kinds of darkness,” Rhys said. I kept my eyes shut. “There is the darkness that frightens, the darkness that soothes, the darkness that is restful.” I pictured each. “There is the darkness of lovers, and the darkness of assassins. It becomes what the bearer wishes it to be, needs it to be. It is not wholly bad or good.”

His brown skin and hair were kissed with gold, as if the sunrise had permanently gilded them, but his upswept eyes, rich brown of freshly tilled fields, were his lovliest feature. 

My equal in every way. She would wear my crown, sit on a throne beside mine. Never sidelined, never designated to breeding and parties and child-rearing. My queen. 

Spell-Cleaver. That was his title. She surveyed him with her usual disdain. But Helion gave her the same bow he’d offered me—though his smile was edged with enough sensuality that even my heart raced a bit. No wonder the Lady of Autumn hadn’t stood a chance.

…but all I could hear was that last I love you, which had not been a declaration but a good-bye.
—  Feyre Acheron, A Court of Wings and Ruin
Two Black Women Embrace Their Chance to Be Hockey Role Models
Kelsey Koelzer of Princeton and Sarah Nurse of Wisconsin were both selected in June by teams in the National Women’s Hockey League. Koelzer was the first overall pick.
By Seth Berkman

Koelzer and Nurse, a forward at Wisconsin, are two of college hockey’s top players and rising stars in their national-team programs. With increased visibility, they recognize their capacity to motivate a generation of young girls from similar backgrounds.

“I personally don’t know that I’ve played against many African-American people growing up,” Koelzer said recently after a game at Princeton, where she is captain. “I really do take pride in the fact that I could be a mentor and a model for other young girls, to see it really is possible if you put the work in no matter your situation or where you’re from.”


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