What’s A Ship Got To Do With It?

Pre Dean x Reader (They are not together, and don’t get together in this fic, but there is an underlying notion that they have feelings for one another.) 

Request By @permanentlylostinthought :  Alright! First of all I love your writing it’s fantastic! I have a one shot request, how about a pre Dean x reader in the episode (that I can’t remember the name of) where the boys find the books. In this the reader has been with them from the pilot and they find out she is the character the fans ship with everyone.

Summary: While working a case, the reader and the boys stumble upon the Supernatural books. After leafing through them, they decide to look the series up online, and well turns out she’s been shipped with just about everyone. 

Warnings: A smidge of language. Reference to Dean watching porn. References to smutty fics. Mention of a Sam X Y/N x Dean fic. 

A/N: I hope this is okay :) I started writing and it just took a turn, and I decided to run with it to see where it went haha. As always, if you see something I missed in the warnings, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Also, requests are open. Feel free to send in requests for one shots, imagines, and or a fic series you want to see updated. 

I don’t even know what happened in this one… 


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There is still exists in our world the concept of the “Gentleman”.  A gentleman is required to be cultured and educated. By cultured, we mean knowing something of art, music, history, philosophy, and literature. A gentleman knows how to dress and use proper etiquette. A gentleman uses proper grammar and syntax. A gentleman can defend himself. The upper classes had a monopoly on the use of weapons in times gone by. A gentleman was required to keep his word and to be concerned with honor. He is cool under pressure and always reserved.

This may seem like a legacy of former times and it is to a degree. However, people will still defer to a man who exhibits these characteristics.

Heeeeres Sammy! It’s not the best quality, I know, but that’s because he’s made out of blue-tac and water column paint. He originally had marker pens used on him but that didn’t work out and then I smashed in his eye a little but I fixed him and he’s much happier now; fixed to my desk, watching me work with that weird blue-tac balloon next to him. Sam belongs to @therealjacksepticeye and I hope he’d like him if he ever were to see this.

Oh my god my Memoria fans look at this absolutely beautiful banner @zoesmama2024 made for me…she had me so messed up last night lol I still can’t get over how amazing it is thank you so much 😭😍


Little Sunshine

Word Count: 933

Category: Fluff

Rating: Literally so innocent.

Character(s): Sam, Dean (mentioned), Mary (mentioned), Castiel (mentioned).

Pairing(s): Sam x Reader (kinda? More like friendship)

Warnings: Tiny talk of Death?? Castiel. This is mainly fluff though so..

Overall Summary: Sometimes it’s the small things that can cheer someone up.

Authors Note: I’m sorry this is a day late! I was really busy Yesterday and when I got home was way too tired to edit this. Anyway… Hope you enjoy! This is based on an awesome art piece by @hangsabove

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