An eighteen year old art student who has been a devotee to photography from the age of six, I shoot exclusively in film format, using unorthodox methods to achieve unique results. (that usually make other photographers wince)  Such experimental methods could be distressing negatives, leaving rolls of film in the dishwasher, and altering hues with various concoctions, special films, and Photoshop. I find it intriguing to photograph vast, picturesque landscapes and alter the hues to make the space appear smaller using colour psychology. (i’m such a hoot at parties as you can imagine) Sentimentality, surrealism, escapism, and nostalgia are the key themes I convey in my photography. http://kerensamorris.tumblr.com


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I didn't know it's possible to promo fanfics by submitting them to The Sun...I wonder what's the author's account name, the writing style is poor, the characterization is vague and the story lacks originality, but I see space for development, devotion and ability to research details that would support their credibility. Zayn/OFC is not my favourite pairing though, hope they start printing larry soon.

F for them, A+ for you.


Toni Kroos’ press conference | March 28, 2015

"Those who know me a bit better know I’m not like a flag that moves with the wind, as they sometimes do in the Spanish media; when you win a game, everything is good, and when you lose, everything is negative."

Physical state
"I’ve played many games this year and haven’t had a winter break. It’s normal that you feel a little tired sometimes but, at the moment, I feel very well and very happy at Real Madrid."

Some days you have days where you’re like, “Wow. … I’m really glad they don’t have paparazzi in Nashville,” because they’ll analyze if one of your socks is like an inch higher than the other, and they’ll be like, “What was the meaning behind that?” It’s like, “Is she trying to tell us something?” I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that at home because I can handle it when I’m traveling. I can get used to that, but home is wonderfully paparazzi-free, and I like it.