Harlequin (Opal)
Fusion of: Moonstone (monstgrr) and Emerald (maddisart)
Gem Type: Harlequin Opal
Weapon(s): She summons crystals to form around her hand which increases the strength of her punches and can slice people with its sharp points! 
Skills/Powers: When she yells, she emits “waves” from her mouth that can break/harm things (similar to Steven’s Lion). With this, she can also sense objects with echolocation (like bats). Also, when she kisses someone on the forehead, she can heal them. 
Personality: Extremely obnoxious. Loud, stubborn, and difficult to convince. She is protective and loyal (especially to the human race). She enjoys jokes and being goofy, thus, can be enjoyable to be around. However, do not make her angry, it is not a wise choice. 

also while i’m working on commissions tomorrow, i’ll take a few requests for favorite fictional characters! so reply to this post or send in an ask with one of your favorite animated characters and i might end up drawing it as part of my warm-ups tomorrow.