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Always made in the A.M.

Quiero a alguien que me escuche,aunque la mayoría de las cosas sean tonterías o estén equivocadas. Quiero a alguien con quien quedarme hasta tarde hablando de la misma nada. Alguien con quien contemplar el smog. Alguien que le de la mano a mis pensamientos.  Alguien que este ahí, apesar de todo. Alguien que aguante mis “ya no” “ya si” mis “aveces”. Alguien que me haga sentir que no soy una falla de persona y que me haga entender que yo si puedo hacer y sentir cosas. 

anonymous asked:

Are they on tumblr? You should have a couple name, please tell us your story. I LOVEEE stories about how people came to be a couple eeeeeeeeee 😍😍😍😍

They are on tumblr anon, her name is Maddie aka @s-wiftlie

Story goes, we unknowingly met through Taylor’s legs in December but it was another month or 2 before we first started talking and it was one of those rare instances people just click and I’m so grateful for it. We share more than just a love of Swift, we share a love of all things geek, food that is probably awful for us and the never-ending search for the perfect Insta post that has taken us on many adventures. She was the one who made me easily the most special birthday presents ever by making the custom Taylor Swift pop vinyl. She was my virtual date when I went out for dinner on my birthday when I was travelling NZ on my own. She’s someone who makes me giddy when in her presence at all times and its the greatest feeling. 

We’ve had something going on for maybe a couple of months now but have just recently decided it to label it as a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and I have honestly never been happier.

Funny you ask the couple name. We did a livestream in a FB group earlier this week and had people screaming ship names at us (unaware of our situation) and it was a choice between JADDIE or MAMES and as Maddie pointed out to me we’re always sharing memes with each other so we decided to settle with MAMES.

Hope this is cute enough for you. Thanks for giving me an excuse to write this and make her smile!