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Thank you for responding to my question on how History was doing on the charts. You are always so sweet. I guess it makes sense that it has done so much better in the UK. I do wish they had kept with releasing Infinity as a single. I know there are many in the fandom that don't care for that song, but I feel that song has a much broader appeal. I have several friends that are not 1D fans but really like that song. There are so many amazing 1D songs that could have been singles but never were. 😰

i completely disagree with infinity being the single choice. i think that history does have wide appeal, and i’ve had numerous friends that are not 1d fans really enjoy the song. but, i can tell you why i think that single flopped.

  1. complete lack of promo. the only time they promoted it in the usa was when they did their appearances for the album back in november. other than that, they didn’t have anything in the usa to promote that single. they didn’t do any pre-recording to air when the single was dropped. they didn’t do anything promo-wise, because they are on break, but they didn’t put in any effort to have any sort of promotional push stateside.
  2. let’s talk about their twitters. complete lack of engagement from the band themselves. show me an artist that doesn’t even bother to tweet their own music video from their social media accounts. look at zayn’s twitter. look at his instagram. it is ALL about pillowtalk. what did we get from 1d? one tweet. from harry. “history.” that was it. the one direction twitter account, of course, did a lot more. but, niall, liam, and louis didn’t even bother to acknowledge the video.
  3. let’s talk about the video itself. they had an opportunity to release a ton of unseen footage that would have had fans excited to see more, but they recycled clips that we’d seen over and over again. they were clearly biased in the clips that they did choose, and it reflected with outrage from fans who refused to even watch it. also, that ending? yeah, that was a real good decision there. they had the clip recorded to give it the ending fans wanted, but they didn’t put it in. instead, they ended on a note that made fans upset and angry, and they’re clearly not going to keep refreshing when that was the moment they are left with.
  4. no lead-up to the video at all. no buzz about the video prior to its release. no screencaps leaked from shady accounts. no one knew it was coming. no one had time to prepare. it was just out of nowhere, on a random day of the week, in the middle of the day. worst timing possible.
  5. also, in regards to timing, they released it at a time that the views would not be able to be leveraged for a good charting position. that was why friday releases are a thing, because you get an entire week to accumulate streams to help the position in the charts. they released it at a time where we would only have 2 days to get the streams we would need. no time to start streaming from other services. no time to make a dent in radio airplay. no time to make a real difference at all.
  6. think about when they released the single. the fandom was on fire. no one could even spare a thought to a music video because they were being bombarded with tabloid gossip at a rate that made everyone’s head spin.

they didn’t want this single to be a success, so it wasn’t.

I was never good at talking about how I felt, when I met you I started to change. I forced myself to change, to talk about my feelings and to embrace them. It only took a little longer than I expected, I think that’s what broke us. I know I could talk to you about everything, but I never did. I can’t promise you that I’ve changed because it’s hard and I’m trying but I’m not so good at talking about what’s going on in my mind.
—  Me to you. I’m trying to forget you #9

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160207 Official, MBC King of Masked Singer with Kangin - Identity Revealed

When I heard Kangin was on Masked Singer I litterly jumped out of my chair in excitement. My feelings were all over the place because yes I’ve seen Kyuhyun and Ryeowook on the show before, but Kangin is different. He’s not K.R.Y. He is not part of the main singers in Super Junior. Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung are known to be good at singing, their voices are recognized on the show because they are unique and stand out the most in Super Junior. But no one has ever heard Kangin sing alone, without the members, on tv so when I saw this video my heart just swelled up and I have never been more proud of and happy for him. He was able to show his singing skills to everyone and put the haters who always said no one in SJ could sing back in their seats. No one recognized his beautiful voice because no one expected that voice to be his. I love all of the SJ members voices, they are all unique and absolutely breathtaking. When they sing together their voices are heavenly. If you listen closely to them singing a chorus together you can individually pick out each member’s voice, yet they sound as one and each voice compliments the others. Their chorus in songs like Evanesce and This is Love is proof of that. It’s beautiful! Kangin wanted to prove himself and he did. You can see the tears in his eyes when he continues to sing after his identity is revealed and how happy he is with all the comments he gets after. I cried so much seeing this. I am proud to be ELF. I hope all SJ members can come on this show one by one and show everyone just what they have been misjudging. 

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Is it possible the cluster is put in the earth's core like that not for just heat but for pressure, to compress all the gem shards? With that much pressure, time, and heat conductivity, is it possible they're trying to make a fake diamond?

okay you know what, this would tie into the theory of ‘rose quartz is a quartz who killed her diamond’ REALLY AWESOMELY. like ok you killed your diamond, have that planet you killed her for be the egg that hatches out the next pink diamond. maybe that’s what’s up with the timing of making steven— rose didn’t think she could defeat pink diamond a second time, or doesn’t want a second/third war to play out just like it had the last time/s, and she’s spent the last five thousand years trying to think of a way, without involving or risking the last few loyal remnants of her army, who’d die for her no matter how little she wants them to. and then along comes greg, who changes everything, and gives her the idea that a human gem, a fusion, a combination of her power and greg’s perspective, couldn’t just solve the conflict but actually flip the whole game board. 

in an interesting way, steven is just as much a conversation as garnet. but in his case, we’re still figuring out what rose’s part of the dialogue says