All the little birdies on Jaybird Street
Love to hear the robin go tweet tweet tweet

So we already know that Cass and Tim take pictures using Cowl-Cam now so let’s imagine one night Tim is up really late and is browsing the Hell that is the Gotham Forums, and he sees like no good photos of Batman?? And he's like ?? What ??? So he drags Cass out of bed (she wasn’t really sleeping she was dancing but eh) and they round up some nice/funny pics of Batman and create an account (untrackable cause you know) and make a thread:

Bcst Batman Picz Ev3r


This is a piece I’ve been working on mostly today. I’m doing an art trade/collab type of a thing with my friend @marsutaiteilee and she’ll be coloring this piece! I’ll get a FE themed drawing to color myself from her as well.

Grima!Robin might be a new obsession of mine to draw, just slightly..

Also for fun and comparison I added the initial sketch on which I based the piece.

Balance | Damian Wayne x Reader

Description: “I heard Selina clipped your claws,” Damian said. It’s surprising to hear the lack of taunt in his voice. He takes a step forward, and the lights of Gotham city stretch all the way from their origins to stroke his face. The tan color of his skin deepens and becomes a richly smooth caramel. Curiously, he inquired,”What happened between the two of you?”

Words: 1632

Notes: …When you should be writing requests but you had a good idea.

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Tonight, the layers of mist over the tops of Gotham city are grape-flavored cotton candy before it’s wrapped around the cone, blanketing the skyscrapers and business and apartment complexes with a thin sheet of purple. Silver lights blink beneath the damp clouds.

When you look skyward the clouds and the mist match in hue. The fog had once been a part of the mass, until it could no longer latch on and fell to the Earth. That makes Selina Kyle the nighttime sky and you the mist beneath her. Beneath her.

The chorus of a song can be heard through the brick exterior of the building, muffled in the manner that you wish your emotions could be; so what? You weren’t Catgirl anymore. Was that really that big of a deal? Not like going out on patrol in the East end of Gotham city was the best part of your entire day or anything. The freedom and liberties that costume gave you certainly didn’t matter… even if when you pulled the goggles over your eyes you felt more you than ever before. Oh yeah, it definitely didn’t matter.

…Note the sarcasm.

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