INFP Relationships

INFPs present to the world a tranquil and calm outer appearance. They have simple desires when it comes to forming connections with others. All they really want is for somebody to see how special they are. How unique and capable they are. They don’t want other people to change them nor do they want to change those around them. They see each person as an individual that needs special treatment.

The INFP feels their connection with those they bond with very deeply. Their feelings are very intense which is not found so commonly in other types. They care very deeply about those around them and can have a habit of falling ‘in love’ with their friends. This doesn’t mean that they lust over everybody more that they very deeply feel connected.

Cautious, but Sensitive and Protective

They are very sensitive to other people’s feelings so they will help nurture those around them. They sincerely want to help them feel good about themselves and want the best for them.

The INFP is very cautious when forming new friendships and bonds. Once they are committed the INFP is fiercely loyal and can be very protective. They will open up their core and allow others to know how they are feeling. Through sharing feelings, memories, and dreams the INFP bonds with people. This makes them feel very connected to those they care deeply about as they do not share this with just anybody.  

When Things Go Wrong

The INFP is generally very relaxed in their relationships until somebody violates one of their values. When this happens the INFP will behave very uncharacteristically by becoming harsh and distant. This however upsets the INFP a great deal.