i’ve fallen so far out of bandom that i have no idea what any bands are even doing anymore. like what is ptv up to?? sws?? atl??????? what are they all doing???? someone fill me in on the latest bandom drama

Internet buddies?

I hate my first name, so you can call me Aniah. I live in the USofA, so i speak english (barely tbh idk how its my first language), and im also learning Japanese and Spanish.

I really like TØP and PTV, and im a new Melanie Martinez fan so if you’d be so kind as to helping me get into her that’d be great. As for other things, i love reading, writing, youtube (my favs are shane, danisnotonfire, amazingphil, kickthepj, markiplier, threadbanger, connorfranta, and more), and i also love questioning my existence and freaking out about the mandela effect.

im super awkward but if your vibe is great i’ll get more talkative. Time zones are kinda the reason i lost my other internet friends, so if you live in America that’s a plus. (Not saying that you can’t message me if you dont live in America, you still can.)

I’m 14, so 12-16 is good for me. I prefer girls, but if you’re a guy and dont have bad intentions, i dont mind.

I know i sound super boring but its only bc i havent drinken my coffee yet so im low on energy.

If you wanna talk to me, bless. You can inbox my tumblr (@yikesimsh00k) or DM my twitter (@babypandapaws13)

I hope to hear from you soon.


first day of school playlist
  • 1: before you start your day - twenty one pilots
  • 2: dive in - pierce the veil
  • 3: house of gold - twenty one pilots
  • 4: where do we belong? anywhere but here - frnkiero andthe cellabration
  • 5: bohemian rhapsody - queen/panic! at the disco (whichever you prefer)
  • 6: monster -paramore
  • 7: teenagers - my chemical romance
  • 8: thank you for the venom - my chemical romance
  • 9: kitchen sink - twenty one pilots
  • 10: mama - my chemical romance
  • 11: joyriding - frnkiero andthe cellabration
  • 12: my heart - paramore
  • 13: clear - twenty one pilots
  • 14: goodnight socialite - the brobecks
  • 15: face down - red jumpsuit apparatus
  • 16: famous last words - my chemical romance